Wednesday, 29 October 2014

hellllooooooo, i'm baaack

wellll.... hello there. Long time, no speak. Where do I begin? As you can tell, my blog has been rather quiet recently (stating the obvious ahah). This is for many reasons, which im not going to go into, but I've recently been thinking about how much effort I put into this blog and how much I genuinely love to write, and don't want to neglect/loose my blog.
Therefore, I am back. I'm not going to promise to post twice every week or tell you a schedule which I shall never keep. All i'm going to promise is that I am back and ready to fill my blog with juicy content, some months I may post 5/6 times; others I may post only twice, but I will never give up with this blog.

Ahh, that's all the boring stuff out of the way now onto a bit of a ramble I guess. I'm currently sat in a sea of warm fuzzy blankets, on a reclining sofa listening to the sea and with the smell of fish and chips wafting around, I am in heaven. This halfterm, me and my family have ventured on holiday to the seaside and are staying in the cutest cottage right on the beach. All this week has consisted of is: crabbing, long walks, relaxing, eating way too much, playing with the puppy, chocolate and reflecting on everything. It's been rather perfect. It's moments like these, where you realise that your happiness is so important, and that everyone needs time to themselves.

Halloween is 2 days away, 2 whole days, 48 hours away. I am so excited. I adore Halloween. Everything about it: the pumpkins, which never turn out how you expect it; the decorations, which cost a fortune every year; the costume, which takes me forever to decide and every year I end up being some sort of vampire or gothic character; the makeup tutorials, which make deciding your costume harder and you end up trying out all of them to decide on the first one; and finally, the food. of course. can we talk about the Halloween 'Fiendish fancies'? they are the heaven in cake formation.
This year I'm actually being sociable and not scoffing all the sweets meant for the trick or treaters, and instead going to a party.  I'm going as a vampire, and of course being a beauty addict have tried out the makeup at least 3 times, I have even gone and brought liquid latex for wounds. Fannncccy.

After writing all of that, in between watching numerous youtube videos and eating (of course), I am now ridiculously hot and stripping the 6 thick blankets one by one off me. I hope you liked the pictures, which are from this week, I couldn't resist not including some of the puppy. She is adorable, and is loving the sand and sea, and especially trying to eat other peoples crabs and bait when we go crabbing.

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Thursday, 4 September 2014


I'm bacccccckkk. After a 2 week break to the south of France, I have returned with my batteries recharged and a lot of motivation to get back blogging.
This summer has been fabulous. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I am now the proud owner of a Labrador puppy (meet Brodie)...
So this summer has been about watching Brodie grow and develop into a little monkey. Her personality has come out so much, and she is a mischievous little puppy who has a thing for water and digging!
 I also had my birthday this summer which I celebrated with a group of my closest friends. It was a lovely day full of laughter, and I received so many amazing presents. 
As mentioned before, I went to the South of France for 2 weeks with my family. It was so hot, and very relaxing. We spent most days lounging around the pool reading, but occasionally venturing out to visit local towns and markets. We also visited the historical town of Carcassonne, it was absolutely beautiful and was filled with restaurants and unique boutiques. I definitely recommend visiting, and eating in the restaurant square which is full of ambience and smells amazing! Overall, I had an amazing time and for once I actually got bikini tan lines. Which for me is amazing, I envy all of you who can tan easily!
I hope you've all had a lovely holiday/break from school or work. I am sat here in my PJ's, with Brodie laying on my feet writing this and editing photos for future posts. It's moments like these, where my love and passion for blogging makes me want to sit here and write till I fall asleep here haha!
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Monday, 11 August 2014


Long time, no speak. I won't bore you with excuses and why I  haven't been blogging a lot but I'm here today with my August favourites.

Nail polish makes such a difference. It makes your nails look 100x better, and very seasonal depending on the colour. It also adds to your outfit. My favourites at the moment are 'Profound' (the purple/pinky one), 'Buff' (the light blue), and 'orange your life - 200' (from Rimmel). Both Profound and Buff are from Topshop.

Ahhh Body Shop, my guilty pleasure. I could be in that shop forever, smelling everything in sight. It just smells sooo good. I am obsessed at the moment with their body washes, particularly 'Satsuma', 'Strawberry' and ' Early-harvest raspberry'. They all smell like heaven in a bottle, they are definitely coming with me on holiday!

Next I have a few random beauty/accessory bits. As it is summer (although the weather today suggests otherwise), I've been wearing more bright pink lips and the shade 'pink nouveau' from Mac is the perfect pink. Its long-lasting and doesn't dry my lips, puuuurrfect. I also have been wearing blush a lot more, and this Collection blush is by far the best blush I own surprisingly. It's pigmented, looks natural and is long-lasting. Mines in the shade 'Bashful - 02' and I seriously recommend you go out and try it.

I have been reading a lot more than I usually do, and have been really enjoying getting sucked into another world and forgetting about everything. Reading is so relaxing, and a great distraction from everything.

Summer clothes. A bit vague I know, but all the patterns and colours are my favourite. I love being able to just chuck on a playsuit and I'm done. I have been loving this gorgeous coordinate from FDAVENUE*. It's soo colourful, and all the colours just scream summer. It's perfect for when you want to look like you've put in effort, but you've literally woken up 10 minutes ago. Check out FDAVENUE for more easy, affordable summer pieces -
I have also had a big obsession with biknis this summer, there are just so many pretty patterns and styles. I show one of my favourites in a haul recently, but I've been loving this coral 'top' which I surprisingly found in the Sainsburys sale for only £3! and although the blue bottoms don't match I got these blue and white bottoms for a £1 from Primark. Absolute bargain.

I hope you have enjoyed this favourites post! I am planning on blogging a lot more regularly, as I have definitely missed it. Although I go on holiday this Friday for 2 weeks and a few days to the very bottom of France, so I won't be posting then. Soowwwy.
Anyway, this summer holiday has been so good so far. As well as the new addition to the family with the puppy, I have seen all of my friends (which is rare, because i'm so anti-social aha) and had some fabulous days out with them. I've had my birthday partaay which went really well, and my birthday is this Wednesday and then we go away on the Friday so it's all go go go! I hope you've been having a great break from work or school!

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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Summer is my favourite season for many reasons: the sun; going to the beach; lounging around a pool; going abroad; spending time with friends, I could go on forever. But I also loooooove shopping in summer. So of course, I have done a lot of shopping, in fact this haul isn't even half of it (so expect another one)!

If you've read my blog before, you will know that i'm a shoe-a-holic. So when I saw these in Primark, I fell in love and I was at the checkout ridiculously fast. They're just tan coloured sandals, although they remind me a bit of t-bar shoes. They are so comfy, and you can wear them with anything. Plus they were really cheap at only £10!

I wear black a lot, so I was immediately drawn to this cropped lace top. It is pretty short, and the lace detailing does show off your skin a little, but the perfect amount. It's super flattering and makes your stomach look toned (if that makes any sense?!), and looks great with mom shorts and some sandals. I picked it up in H&M for only £12.99.

H&M at the moment are on point. The picture really doesn't do this top justice, but it's a really flowy cotton top, and it's also cropped. I tend to role up the elasticated band, which looks a lot better in my opinion. I will be featuring this in a ootd at some point, as it is perfect for hot summer days and looks great as a bikini cover up for your 'top half' with white bottoms. This was only £12.99.

Once again, I brought these trousers in H&M. I brought these for work experience, as they're a cigarette style and also ankle grazer so they can be dressed up or down. I am obsessed with these, they look really good with a  white crop top and brown sandals, or a blouse and pumps for work. I believe these were £14.99.

I love bikini shopping. It's my favourite 'type' of shopping in the summer. There are so many styles and patterns, there's almost too much choice! I brought a few, but i'm going to feature one in each haul). This one is a gorgeous mint green, and has frills on the top which gradually get longer at the back (high low effect). The bottom are just you're regular string bottoms. It also has detachable straps, which are very useful when you are going to be swimming and don't want to be pulling your top up all the time! I am in love with this, and I think this will be my go to bikni. I brought this off Misguided, for £17.99, and I must say the delivery was amazingly quick (I ordered using the standard delivery which was meant to take 5 days+, but it came in 2 days!!).

I hope you've enjoyed my first summer clothes haul, and let me know whether you would be interested in seeing my other items. Summer is almost here, which means i'll be able to post  A LOT more, which i'm super happy about. I feel as though I've neglected my blog a little, which is something I definitely don't want to happen on a regular basis. Yesterday evening, I went to the races for a mates 21st birthday party, which was so good but i'm also ridiculously tired. Therefore today has just been full of more puppy preparations (we get her on Wednesday, eekk!!). I apologise in advance people who follow me on twitter, I will be bombarding your feeds with adorable pictures!

Saturday, 5 July 2014


July is here. That is crazy. It only felt like yesterday I was saying 'woah, its June already'.  A lot has happened this month and so I  thought  would tell you guys my favourites for June!

Batiste dry shampoo has been my life saver this month. With coursework deadlines and exams, I have been staying up too late and waking up too late to wash my hair in time (woops!). Therefore for days when my hair could do with a wash, I spray this into my roots, rub it in and perfecto. It also gives your hair volume and texture, love love love this product.

Seventeen miracle matte powder I wrote a review on this in my last post, but this powder has been my staple product this month. It has kept my oily skin matte for loooong periods of time as well as giving a lovely smooth finish to my skin. For only £3.99, this is the perfect powder for anyone with oily skin.

Mac paint pot in Painterly is the perfect base/primer for eyeshadow. It doesn't crease and it definitely prolongs my eyeshadow not creasing. It also covers the veins/redness in your eyelids, which for me is perfect if I'm just wanting to wear mascara and not have red eyelids aha!

H&M sunglasses are cheap and cheerful. Although this picture doesn't do them justice, they're more rounded and have a vintage feel about them. I love the way sunglasses can transform a look and make it look 10X more chic. H&M have a great selection, and I picked these up for only £6.99!

Primarks sandals are on point. They have the  best selection, and prices start at £2. yes, two british pounds. Crazy. I own several pairs, but this pair is one of my favourites. I love the detail of the cutouts and how festivaly/boho they look.

Those were all my favourites for this month. I hope you liked this post, and let me know whether you want more monthly favourite posts!

Ahh, summer is almost here. I am so excited for this summer, so far I have organised so many days out with my friends and most exciting of all... we're getting a puppy. Ahhh!! I think i'm going to do a whole post all about her, so I won't talk about it a lot! So this summer is definitely going to be one to remember. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and have a great week!

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Monday, 16 June 2014


I am back. Before I start this post, I must apologise for being absent from my blog for so long. I've had exams, deadlines and courswork filling up all my time so blogging has had to take a back seat. But I am back, feeling motivatiated and ready to step up my blogging game!

Beauty is something that I feel has been neglected on my blog recently, but believe me I am still well and truly addicted to makeup. I went into Boots the other day, to replace a few firm favourites (collection loose powder and seventeen blemish balm - both amazing products), and after looking at each stand for a good ten minutes came to the conclusion that they don't sell them in my local boots anymore or they've been discontinued/improved with newer packaging. I was pretty upset, as those two products together were my perfect summer combo and kept my skin matte for a looooong time. In the end I came out with what I believe is the newer/improved version of the original bb cream, and a mattifying powder, and because I brought two seventeen products I got a free lip crayon, booonusss.

I am so pleased that I picked up all of these products, because they all surprised me and they're great products, and I therefore wanted to dedicate a post to them.

In the summer I never want to wear a full on face of foundation, so bb cream is my best friend. This bb cream is my new best friend, it has incredible coverage yet feels light on the skin. It has a nice finish and keeps my skin looking matte (even without a powder), and it also doesn't cling to my dry patches (which is a big bonus for me). I would definatley recommend this if you're looking for a affordable (£6.99), amazing bb cream.

I then purchased this powder, which is now a staple product within my makeup collection. It doesn't make your skin look cakey and make it obvious that you're wearing powder. It gives a lovely finish to the skin, whilst keeping my skin matte. I have very oily skin, and I used to be constantly reapplying powder but now I don't need to do it at all (although I still do sometimes out of habit *slaps hand*) throughout the school day.

There was a deal on at Boots (which I believe is still on) which is that if you buy two products from Seventeen, you get a free lip crayon. Unfortunatley there wasn't many left, so I was limited as to which shade to get. I ended  up picking this orangy pinky colour (great description Ellie). I have been pleasantly surprised with the lasting power and pigmentation of this lip crayon. It's veeeery pigmented, and lasts for a good few hours. Although I still prefer my Revlon lip crayons (is that what they're even called!? you can tell I haven't blogged in a while!), as I feel they have a nicer finish. But for a freebie, you can't complain!

I hope you've enjoyed this beauty post, I was really impressed with these Seventeen items and wanted to make you guys aware of these amazingly affordable and great products.

Ahhhh, it feels so good to be back blogging. You don't realise how much you love it, until you're unable to do it! I am aiming to make my blog as best as I possibly can, and I have so many post ideas which I want to do, if only school didn't exist...imagine all the time you'd have to blog...i'll keep dreaming!

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Summer is coming. Which is exciting in one aspect, because of the holidays and heat but also I wish it was a little bit further away so I could really tone up! But today I thought I would share with you my fitness motivation and just tell you about what i'm doing etc.

Throughout this post I will be talking about my experiences and what I am doing etc, but I am no health expert so this won't be 100% accurate and full of statistics, only my experiences!

My goal for this summer is to tone up in general, and feel comfortable when in bikinis or shorts etc. One thing I have been doing and have seen both physical and mental changes with is a running programme called 'couch to 5k'. It's a running app, and it is the best running app I have ever used. It basically builds up your stamina and distance that you can run. You go from doing one minute of running with a 90 second period of walking, and repeating that several times, to eventually doing 30 minutes of running. This 'training programme' lasts for 9 weeks and evolves three runs each week, but encourages you to keep up running after the programme ends. At first I could never of imagined me running 30 minutes straight, but as the weeks went on it challenged me but I never gave up and this week I ran 25 minutes. I can't remember what week I'm on exactly, but I'm pretty close to the end. I used to hate running, and could never see how people enjoyed it but now I actually enjoy running and the fresh air. It clears your head and makes you feel so much better about yourself. I recommend this app if you're looking for a way to excersize which has a structure and you would like to see both physical and mental changes. It is a challenge though, but it's not impossible! One of my favourite quotes is 'Without a challenge, there is no achievement'.

Everybody knows that water is amazing for you and we should all drink tons of it a day blah blah blah, although sometimes it can be boring or not taste as nice as Fanta (yummm) or Coke. Especially when at the end of the school day your water is warm, which is lush (not). So I have turned to detox waters. It's basically water with fruit in. Simple. You just chop up some fruit of your choice and add it to your water (it tastes a lot better when the water is cold). There are some many yummy combinations but my personal favourite is Lemon and Lime, but if i'm feeling snazzy I'll add some orange aha. If you're looking for tons of different fruit combinations, pinterest is full of them!

I have been trying to find a lot of healthy alternatives to my favourite foods recently (would you be interested in a healthy food recipies post?!), and have found quite a few yummy ones. I love pancakes but they're not very good for you, especially when you add all the sugar etc. So I found a recipie for banana pancakes, and they are the amaaaaazing. I have also switched some things in my lunch, for example replaced cake with a banana etc. It's small differences which have a big impact!

I have also come to realise that most of the time I'm not actually hungry, I'm just bored. So instead of eating between meals, I'm trying to either just wait or have fruit instead or a yoghurt.

I hope this post has maybe motivated you! You can do it, just don't give up. One quote often runs through my head when working out (or even revision) is 'Short term pain, long term gain'. If you want something so badly, you will and can achieve it. Be continuous and even when you've had an awful day, chocolate will make it better for one minute, but later you will regret it!

I have been rather busy recently with exams and all those wonderful things to do with school. But I have been really trying had with trying to get fit and healthy so I thought this post would be good to motivate maybe some of you guys as well as myself! Thank goodness half-term is next week, but I already have tons of art coursework to do and finish, so that will be what my holiday will consist of. Oh, and science revision! Although hopefully with it being half-term I'll be able to write and schedule more posts...I hope...
'Sore today, stronger tomorrow'
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