Friday, 18 January 2013


I seem to have posted loads, and tried to resist posting today.. but as you can tell I couldn't. I have recently been obsessed with the whole 'collar-out-of-jumper' look, and anything to do with peter pan collars, then I found COLLAR TIPS.
not my own photography credit to
not my own photography, credit to
omg, I'm obsessed, I could have had sooo many pictures, but thought I'd stick to two. But type into google images 'Collar tips' you will be overwhelmed with the beauty of collars. I'm going to be buying about 2 million different types of collar tips (slight over exaggeration. probably more like 10 pairs..), and just customising any shirt with a collar on I can find. I think the whole collar look is so easy to do, yet looks amazing and like you've spent ages on what your wearing. It can be dressed up or down so is perfect for any occasion! It just makes me happy thinking about it! Any materials work, and colours, ANYTHING. I JUST LOVE COLLARS.
*calm down ellie...* So yeah...I thought I would share my love for collars, and collar tips with you. So if you have any other tips on how to style collars, or customise them or whatever leave them in the comments, and I'll be sure to read and reply to them!
Thanks for reading, I have another post I'm working on, so that should also be up today or tomorrow as well because this was meant to be up yesterday but I ran out of time!
Thanks again, follow and comment!
Love Ellie x

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