Friday, 18 January 2013

Everyday makeup...

Longtime no speak.. I kid.. I posted like 2 hours ago! I won't be posting like this everyday, but I took advantage of the lighting so I decided to do a post on my everyday makeup.. I will insert the pictures, and then below tell you what I do... Enjoy... (oh btw, please don't judge me if some of the prices are wrong..I tried my best!)

All my everyday makeup...

This is my everday eyeshadow palette if I can be bothered to wear eye shadow, along with my eyelid primer.
Both from MUA. Palette 'undressed' £4, Primer £2.50

Everyday lips (They do vary, as I do wear lipstick, but at the moment this is my go to lip products)
The little blue tin - No clue on price probably 99p
Revlon just bitten kissable lip stain, in Honey - £7.99
Natural collection lip gloss in 'Vanilla' - £1.99

Everyday face products,
Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation, £7.99 (originally £10.99, I got it on offer in Boots)
Collection Sheer Loose Powder - £3.99 I think...
Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer - £4.49

MUA 'undressed' palette - £4
MUA eyelid primer - £2.50
Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara - £5.29
Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara - £7.99
 This is how I do my everyday makeup for school, or going out etc...
First of course I make sure of course my face is freshly washed and moisturised. I then squirt a pea sized amount of my foundation onto my hand and then dot it around the area's where I need it then I blend in using my fingers. Occasionally I will use a stippling brush. I then take my concealer and conceal any imperfections or redness, I find putting concealer on after foundation gives the concealer something to stick to. After blending in all of my concealer and foundation I then take my loose powder which sets my makeup and use my big kabuki brush and then I dust my whole face lightly with it, without making it look and feel caking as I find some pressed powders do.
-READ THIS - I'm so sorry I have completly forgot my blushers and bronzers. *ANNOYING MOMENT* I use MUA mosaic bronzers and blushers. I apply blusher to the apply of my cheeks, and bronzer to define my cheekbones. I apologise for my stupidness, i'm annoyed now... grrrr.. ahaha! anyway....
I then move onto eyes, if I have time to do eyeshadow (preferably I do), I take my primer and apply that all over the base then take a mid-brown colour and apply that all over, then a darker brown to the crease for a subtle smokey eye, I then take a thin eyeshadow brush and apply a little to just below my bottom lower lash line for extra defintion. Then I take the white shade of the palette and apply it to the inner corner and below brow bone area. Of course no eye look is complete without mascara, I take my Scandals eye mascara and apply 2 coats onto my lashes to make them thick and long, then to get rid of clumps and to make them even longer I take my waterproof mascara and apply it over the top and then to my bottom lashes to open up my eyes. EYES = DONE.
Hello lips... If my lips are feeling dry I will take a my 'little blue tin' and just apply that first and let that sink into my lips, then I take my Revlon lip stain and apply that evenly, then I apply my natural collection lip gloss and BAM, beautiful lips.
Then to finish I will usually leave it at that but if I'm going on a really long day, or an important occasion I will use a setting spray, but in theory thats it! Typing this has taken forever, but this only takes me a maximum of just under 10mins! AMAZING!
I don't know whats go into me posting so much, I'm just in a blogging mood, If you want to see an specific posts or pages leave them in the comment and I shall reply asap! Thanks for reading, please follow and comment!
Love Ellie x


  1. The MUA palette looks so pretty
    And I've nominated you for an award: xxx

    1. Oh my godness, thank you so much *Speechless*, thank you! xxxx

  2. Scandal eyes is such a good mascara. Looks like you have great everyday makeup xx

    1. I love that mascara, its amazing! Thank you, its really easy and quick and I dont look like a cake in the end so it's all good! ahah:) xx (going to check your blog out now)