Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Express yourself.

I'm ill at the moment and don't have the energy to take any pictures but I still wanted to post. What I'm about to post about is something which affects us all.
Nowadays there's so much pressure to be 'perfect', in the magazines all you see is size 6 models and perfect looking girls. I think we all loose perception of reality and get caught up with what society thinks of us. People think you have to follow trends to be fashionable or popular, you don't though. Being yourself will gain you more friends than being fake, people will like you for who you are, not who your pretending to be.

Fashion and appearance is a huge part of girls and women's lives now. Many teenagers think you have to be head to toe in hollister or superdry, because that what everyone wears. I like most people had that phase of 'I must have that top from hollister, everyone has it, pleeaaaaaseeeeeee?!' And of course I spent way to much money buying things from hollister which I wore once and are now at the back of my wardrobe - If I think of the amount of money I spent in brands like that I could probably buy the whole of primark!!
Eventually I came to the realisation that I don't have to dress like everyone else and that's wear my personal style came in and I shouldn't have to justify what I wear to anyone. Of course when I go places and I wear my doc martins and my signature oversized jumpers, people look but I don't care!

I get frustrated with the magazines who publish adverts with size 6 girls who are airbrushed to death and you would barley recognise in the streets. Something has to change.
I don't want to go on forever (I could), I got inspired to write this by Imogen at eloquenceandflair, check out her post its amazing as always!

love Ellie x


  1. Aww ells, i totally agree, I'm a size 8 and some models in magazines are atleast 3 sizes smaller than me!! Great post, get well soon and thanks for mentioning me!! Can't wait till next Monday. Xxx

    1. There sizing is ridiculous, aha! Thank you, xxxxxxx Can't wait till monday, thanks again, xxxxxxxxxxx