Monday, 21 January 2013

Favourite mascara's...

I cannot contain myself much longer... there is so much snow at the moment where I live and I'm acting like a 3yr old on Christmas day about it! Plus school is shut, which is just sheer bliss. School being shut is just an opportunity for blogging, sleeping, messing about in the snow and of course putting off tidying my bedroom! I really wanted to blog today (again!), yet didn't know what to talk about. I then was searching through my makeup draw and was like 'ummm.. what should I review..' and then it hit me 'MASCARA'. I am obsessed with buying mascara's and trying them out and have waaaay too many! So here you go.. my all time favourite mascara's!...
All of them...
Rimmel Scandal eyes
Rimmel Day 2 Night
Rimmel 100% waterproof

Scandal eyes brush.

100% waterproof brush...

day 2 night brush...

So these are some great mascaras and I'll start with the Scandal eyes..
I posted about this mascara in my everyday makeup along with my waterproof mascara, as this mascara is amazing. It is slightly clumpy as you may be able to tell from the images, but I love it. The brush is huge, i'd say its about an inch long and quite thick, its certainly the biggest brush i've ever had! I brought mine from boots but I have seen it in Superdrug and I imagine you'd be able to get it in supermarkets as it is rimmel! I always apply two coats and within the first coating I can already see the difference it makes my eye lashes look a million dollars, and really opens my eyes up! I sometimes find I don't even need to curl my eye lashes! RESULT. Basically I love this mascara it makes your eyelashes look long and thick and is great for everyday!

Rimmel 100% waterproof - This is a great mascara for those days you can't be bothered. We all have those days when we wake up and can't be bothered yet don't want to look like a zombie all day. This mascara is great for making your lashes look so long, but not so much for making them thicker. I tend to apply this everyday over my Scandel eyes mascara - but for those days I cant be bothered, I just put one or two coats on of this mascara and BAM your eyes look imense, this is a great mascara.

Lastly but definatly not least is the Rimmel Day 2 Night. This has two almost seperate wands, one of volume and the other one for length. Unfortuantly this mascara ran out a few weeks ago, but I kept it (no clue why!), I loved this mascara to death so I thought it had to be included. I used to apply the volume wand first then the length wand to de-clump and make them look extra glam. The first time I wore the mascara I noticed a difference and I got loads of compliments on it, I love love love it. I found it was so unique having the two different thickness of the wand for your lashes, and I loved it. (I think i've said love waaay to many times..) Overall great mascara, does what it says and is very long lasting.

That's all my favourite mascara's! There seemed to be a running theme of Rimmel, but what can I say, I just love there mascaras?! I have tried other brands of mascaras but Rimmel's always exceeded my expectations and they seemed better in my opinion! If you have any mascara or in fact any makeup you'd like me to try out or know of leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading, please follow and comment!
What's your favourite mascara?
Love Ellie x 


  1. I like the brush on the Day 2 Night mascara x

    1. Same, its a good brush and overall great mascara aha!:)xx

  2. scandalous is definitely a really good one, yet i've found the NYC Colour mascara to be amazing for just the fraction of the price!:) cute blog, keep posting!


    1. Ooo, I'll definatly try that mascara out! thank you so much!x

  3. They sound great :) x

    1. Thank you, they sure are! - Make sure to follow for updates and posts x