Monday, 14 January 2013


So I'm sorry about the lack of posts this weekend, I was so busy with homework and we had visitors.. so it was pretty hectic..
Anyway, getting on with the post... I have an obsession... DOC MARTINS. It's official, Look at these bad boys...

(excuse the dodgy pictures, I didn't have time to edit them, and really wanted to post this today!)
 These are my matte black Doc martins, I'm not sure of the specific name of them, as when I got them they didn't say, but they may be the 'broken in' style, but I have no clue. Oh, but they do have bouncy souls, and were £100 (if that helps!).
Anyway moving on from what they are, they are so comfortable it's like your walking on clouds covered in marshmallows. I got these for Christmas, but sadly they were too small so a few days later we went and got the right size (size 5). They  were quite easy to break in, which was a plus. I had heard that they were horrible at breaking in, and would cause my feet to swell up, so I was pretty apprehensive about that, but they were fine. They needed a tiny bit of walking in the house just to loosen the stiff leather but after walking about a bit in the house, I then wore them to town and on days out and they just felt like normal shoes, apart from the fact that it felt like walking on clouds covered in marshmallows.
I tend to wear my Doc's with my topshop thick leggings (there really thick and warm, and don't show your pants, and I'm obsessed with them), and a bit over sized jumper tucked in, or a shirt tucked in, just anything really. But all I would suggest is make sure that you have tight fitting trousers on, or really really skinny jeans, otherwise it may look a bit.. odd..
When it gets to 'short' weather, (but not flip flop weather!!) I will probably wear them not done up for a more casual 'thrown on' look, with a over sized shirt, statement necklace and just go for a chilled out look.
For events and posh occasions I would wear my topshop high-necked, green, Aztec dress, with black tights, a leather jacket and of course a statement necklace, and most likely high messy bun to show off the neckline more. (I actually wore that outfit on new years eve...)
So yeah, I had to do a post on my Doc's as I'm in love with them, and really want more, so I imagine by next year I will have another pair *fingers crossed*.
I apologise again for the lack of posts over the weekend, but yeah I have a lot planned for January, and even a collaboration with Imogen off 'eloquenceandflair' (check her blog out!).
That's it for now, please follow for updates of my posts etc...
Love Ellie x


  1. Ahh you're making me want them now!
    I was never a huge fan of Doc Martens but I've seen a few pairs of those matte black ones and I could definitely see myself wearing them...
    Lovely blog, new follower x

  2. We must meet up so i can see them, *steal them* ahahahaha. COLLABORATION.

    1. Ahaha, naaaah there MINE. kaaaay?! BRING ON THE COLLABORATION.