Wednesday, 16 January 2013

not another review...

So today I have another review! This time its on the 'Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation' which I recently purchased from Boots, and I love. One thing I must apologise for is the TERRIBLE photo quality and lighting, as you all know it's winter so therefore the lighting goes quicker, and my camera doesn't like dark weather, so I have to work around that. I WILL FIND A WAY. but, don't judge my pictures, hopefully they'll never be like this again!

The bottle.. I apologise for the flash, only way to get a half decent picture in this lighting!

Hand swatch, sorry about the pen on my hand...

My shade 51, the lightest shade.
  As you can tell from the amount of 'bottle pictures' its a gel foundation, I'm not too sure of the difference between gel foundation and normal foundation (I know you can get like different types, just I don't know what the difference is! aha) but anyway... I would say that its a light/medium coverage but if layered it could defiantly be a full coverage foundation.
I apply a thin layer all over my face evenly, and its blurs redness a little and imperfections. I wouldn't say that it completely covers imperfections but defiantly makes them less obvious. But like anything if you apply more you would get a fuller coverage.  I don't have perfect skin, and I do love makeup and never want to be restricted with what I can wear because of my skin so I do wear foundation but I never wear a lot, and I know from previous experiences some foundations and BB creams do irritate my skin, and cause me to break out, but this foundation certainly doesn't.
The smell is too die for, it doesn't have that weird 'you-know-its-makeup' smell, it smells incredibly fruity and delicious. On the front and back of the packaging it say that it contains litchi, goji and grenade, I'm going to be completely honest and say I have know clue what fruits they are but they smell amazing. I brought this product because I heard people rave about it and its smell and I have to agree.
One thing though is that they didn't have the best range of skin shades, so if you where of a darker skin tone, its hard to find the right shade. I'm very pale so shade 51 is perfect! Another thing is that the price is a little more expensive than most drugstore foundations, it was originally £10.99, but I paid £7.99 for it! RESULT.
This was just a quick review, so to sum it up. I LOVE IT, and will be repurchasing it again! But if you have anymore suggestions on any type of product you'd like me to review, leave it in the comments!
Must dash!
Love Ellie x


  1. I want to try this foundation now! I really need a good liquid foundation since at the minute I'm just using mineral and BB cream. Really good review <3
    Also love the header and button! What program did you design it on? (Photoshop, paint) If it was word/paint then can I ask you a quick question - How do you put a background picture in the font?
    Love Niamh x

    1. Aww thank you, it means alot! defintaly try this out, you wont regret it! I've used most BB creams, and although this is a foundation this is 10X better! ahaha, about the header and button, I didnt actualy make it, a girl called sophie did of a blog called 'sophiesaid', if you click my design page it will tell you all about her and what I did and her links, I defintaly recommend her, although I think she has a small fee now of £2.Thanks for reading, your my first proper follower, :) *happy moment! x

  2. Love this Ellie, i use really cheap foundation or just mineral as I'm so pale but now i know they have this shade i think i might give it a go, I'll test it when I'm next in boots!

    Imogen <3

    1. Aww, thank you imogen! Do it, i think its still on offer as well! ehe, xxx