Tuesday, 8 January 2013



I'm a teenage girl who is obsessed with fashion, photography, makeup, vogue, writing and being creative! I've tried to write a blog so many times and just given up, but scince having decided as my new years resolution to write a blog and never give up, i thought i'd give it a go! I have also been inspired by a friend, who has an amazing blog called- eloquenceandflair.blogspot.co.uk - who you should all look at and follow!

I have dreams of being in the fashion industry, but in the creative aspect of the industry. I think fashion is a way to express yourself, so I think a fashion/makeup/random blog is perfect.

oh, and the name is about (strangly) a part of my room. I have a small part of my room is like a cave (I think) and I have my beauty desk where I keep all my makeup, hair stuff etc... therefore I call it my beauty cave, and thats how the name came about...

I hope you all enjoy reading my blog,

Love Ellie x

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