Sunday, 20 January 2013


So today is going to be my first wish list, I tried to create my own wish list but I don't understand how people get it to look for professional, so leave your tips in the comments! I'm not going to ramble on so here you go...
1. Topshop Lipstick -I have heard so many raves about there lipsticks and really want to try them out! The shades I really want to try out are 'Rumor has it', 'Innocent', 'Brighton rock', 'Hazard' oh and Whimsical... basically all of them... They're £8 each so defiantly not as much as MAC or Nars, but I've heard so many people rave about them!
2. Topshop cat face dress £28 - I don't know why I love this dress so much, but I do. Every time I go into my local topshop it stares at me and I have to resist, one day I'll crack. It has a skater skirt (which I love.), and a huge cat on the front..some people may not like it as I do think its quite a 'marmite' piece, but I like it!
3. American Apparel hair bow £12 - I've been loving these hair bows for ages, yet my hair isn't quite long enough to wear one yet and its upsetting, I think they're adorable and I know as soon as my hair grows another inch or so I will have thousand. Hair bows can make an outfit or can simply break one, but I think as long as you accessorise right it'll look amazing. Anyone with long hair, go buy one, you'll never regret it.
4. Sugar Crush body scrub, soap and glory £8 -I have heard everyone rave about this from the big names like Zoella to smaller blogs, after hearing so many people rave a ran into boots (literally) and smelt it, omg, its beautiful. It smells like heaven in a scrub, it has all the smells of sugar yet with zesty hints. I don't think I can resist much longer unfortunately, at the time I smelt it I was certain I was going to buy it, then left it and went into topshop, bad choice ellie... I spent all my money and couldn't buy it. I'm sure I will crack soon though!
5. Starbucks mug type thing £5 - I've always been intrigued about these types of ceramic mugs, yet I only started really wanting one when a friend/blogger got one, she raved about it for ages! I love love love hot chocolate and this would mean I could not only drink it in the house but when I'm shopping or on a train journey, PERFECTION. + it says Starbucks, and come on who doesn't love Starbucks?

I hope you liked it, if you have any tips on how to make it look more proffesional tell me, I'm more than happy to find out! Please follow and comment!
Love Ellie xx


  1. Yay, my (dead) travel mug...:( bring on the meet up ellsss. xxx great post.
    Imogen <3

    1. ahaha, R.I.P and yes, cant wait.. aww thanks, ly xxxx