Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pamper evening!!

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts! I've been really tired, and just didn't know what to post. Anyway, you don't want to read that, lets get on with the post!
Pamper evenings... ahhh, we all love them. A time to unwind, chill, forget everything and just focus on the lush bath or tightening facial mask! These are my steps for the perfect pamper evening...
Sorry for the picture size, they wouldn't go any bigger without going blurry!
Image from weheartit

Any pamper evening can not be complete without a bath. It's relaxing, quiet and a great way just to forget everything.  Everyone enjoys a bath! 
Image from weheartit
Of course a bath can't be complete once again without candles. They keep you cosy and are mesmerizing! Pick a nice scented one, like a your favorite yankee sent! I don't know about you but I'm already feeling like tomorrow is going to be a pamper evening.
Image from weheartit
FACE MASKS. Who doesn't like them? Amazing for you skin, calming, and they tend to smell lush as well! Imagine sitting in your bath, candles lit and a face mask... nice.... you could even add cucumber or tea bags to your eyes for extra effect. Are you feeling inspired to pamper?

image from weheartit
You've just had your bath, what do you do next? NAIL PAINTING. You can totally go free when painting you nails! Pink, blue, yellow or even black. ANY COLOUR! If you're really going for it include your toes, why not?

image from weheartit
Once letting your nails paint, or if you're extra skilled and can cope with having wet nails and making a drink go ahead. But be careful. You can have a hot or cold drink but my personal favorite is a hot chocolate! A nice drink can be refreshing especially after all the pampering, after all it is 'hard' work! aahahah!

image from weheartit
To finish off, watch a film. Nothing tops a girly pamper sesh, than with a nice chick-flick! Pick your fave, and grab some popcorn, and your set!

That's it! Of course you can add in different steps, and of course I missed out the minor ones like moisturizing and cleansing, but they're fairly obvious! I hope you all feel inspired to pamper!

Please leave any post ideas in the comments, or tell me what your favorite pamper things to do are! Make sure to follow, I'm aiming for 30! Almost there!!

Love Ellie x

Monday, 25 February 2013

February Favourites

It's that time again when another month has flown by *bye bye february! and its time for another monthly favourites!
They're all beauty favourites, apart from an extra one at the end... ENJOY!! (oh and excuse bad quality images, its still pretty dark early on!)
excuse my spelling also, auto correction thingy spell checker won't work, and I can't spell the month Febuary to save my life! Not sure whether its right or wrong! ahaha, oh well! Bare with it!

Rimmel apocolips
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer
Rimmel Stay matte powder
Chanel nail polish in blue satin 461
Elf  makeup mist and set spray

The writing has slightly worn off, sorry!!
I purchased this at the beginning of the month but completley forgot about it! This basically sets your makeup, without clogging your pores as it is filled with lovely stuff! This works amazing, No joke. I've tried a lot of different setting sprays, and this is the bee's-knees. It stays on for aggggggggggggggggeeeeeeesssss. I never need to reapply my make-up apart from lip products! Go and order this, now.
This wouldn't be a favourites without these bad boys. Everyone from the moon and back has raved about these. I have three colours, but need all of them. There an amazing product! I wear them all the time, and the colours are so wearable. I did a seperate review on these so won't ramble too much but if you want to check out my full review click here.

I am late to join the 'i use lasting perfection concealer and love it' crew, but i'm now in it. I love this. It gives amazing coverage, yet looks natural. Doesn't wreck my skin and block my pores; Easy to apply and it is a thick and creamy consistancy! I could rave forever about this product, but all i'll say is go and buy this. Leave right now, drive to boots or superdrug, and get it. This is the best concealer ever.

Perfection in a bottle. This colour, wow. It's perfect. The consistancy of the varnish; once on it doesn't chip easily and it drys quite fast, but most importantly the colour. oh my. I can't remember if this was in my last months favourite, uhoh. Well i'm still wearing it this month. I love it, the day this runs out will be incredibly sad. These are on the more pricey side, but of course worth it! Treat yourself!

A classic, and yes i have had this for more than this month but had a break from using it, and then realised how much I really did love it. This is great for stopping getting me shiny throughout the day, as i have really oily skin! It completes my foundation and concealer routine,  and is overall a great classic product. Once again if you haven't tried this, go now.


This was hard as there are so many good songs at the moment but one of my favourites is ' Flaws by Bastille'
Its amazing, search it in youtube. You'll get addicted. I looove it, and listen to it 24/7.

That was my favourites, I hope you've liked them! I thought I'd do it now, as there only are a few days left of february and I may forget if not! Don't forget to follow, my aim is 30! Comment your favourites, and leave any blogs for me to check out but make sure to follow first!

By the way I have found an amazing blog called she's a lovely girl, with an amazing blog, so I know she would be so grateful if you checked her blog out and gave her some feedback and even followed!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


So today I have my first diy on how to stud a t-shirt. This would work I guess on most materials but you may want to vary the studs if you use denim!

What you'll need... 
  • a t-shirt, or whatever item of clothing you're using...
Mine is a mens, primark oversized tshirt which cost £2.50!

  • Studs, obviously - mine were from and I really reccomend them, I got them the day after I ordered them (on standard delivery, not 'next day delivery;), they were cheap, and they are great quality!

  • You may need a knife, just a eating one - nothing dangerous!!!

I don't have many pictures for this but I'll try my best at explaining... here we go!!

  • Position your studs where you would like them, I used a ruler and pencil to mark but its up to you!

  • Then take your studs and push them through the material! Turn it over, so you see the sharp 'things' sticking out the other side, take your knife or whatever utensil you find easy to fold them over, so they won't come loose. Make sure its tight! - I was using the edge of a screw-driver but then found out that using an eating knife was easier and gave a better finish!

Excuse my nail...

  • Then continue until you've done one side, then do the other side exactly the same!

Unfortunatly my camera deleted the pictures of the finished top.. so all I have are this :(

Hopefully when I next wear this i'll do an ootd, or just add a photo onto this post!

That's all the steps, pretty easy eh? Give it a go, amazing way to bring your old cheap rags back into style just with a few studs. Ebay sell some pretty good ones, and defiantly check out that website where I brought mine!
I hope you've enjoyed that post, and had a nice half term! I did, but now I have a huge cold and am ill, great! Well with school starting up posts will be less frequent but there are more to come! If you have any ideas on posts, let me know - they'd be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading, oh and thank you so much for getting me to 20 followers! Next aim 30...

ps - anyone got any good cold remedies? I hate being ill...

Friday, 22 February 2013

How to: Store your favourite nail varnishes!

I wasn't sure what to post on, but then thought 'lets to a whats on my beauty desk', then I look at it and it is soooo messy, so this is then the idea I had, ahah enjoy...
This post is going to be about how to store your favourite/most commonly used nail varnishes. We've all had those moments where we want to paint are nails and can't find that one nail varnish. So hopefully this quick easy storage tip will help you be more organised!

Birds eye view...
 What is in it...

These are my favourite nail polishes atm, the chanel nail polish is amazing the colour is outstanding.

Nail pads are really easy, cheap and convenient along with Cotton buds (please excuse the one dirty one *slaps wrist*).
I keep Cotton buds in this section for little mistakes and as this nail varnish holder is on my beauty desk, its just easy and cute! I actually took the Cotton buds out of there plastic container and put them in this glass jam jar, I think they look really cute like this!

What you need:
A container - I used the lid of a Jo Malone perfume, you could use anything you have!
Nail polishes - duh? just take your fav's and pop them in!
Optional - Cotton buds - Really helpful, cheap and a beauty essential, and this is just a sensible place to put them!
Optional - Nail varnish remover (pad or liquid) - It's great to store your remover in here as you'll know where it is and its just a helpful place to put it.

It's obvious, put them all in there! Then place your container where ever you like!

DONE! Its that easy, you can probably find all these things in your home! It looks cute, and is neat!

I have plenty more DIY's coming up, as I have just ordered a bunch of stud's and am going to be studding a t-shirt, and most likely anything I can get my hands on! So I think i'll do a 'how to' on that! Comment if  you want anymore storage ideas, I have plenty!!

I hope you liked this post, it is a bit different but yolo (can't believe i just typed that). Please follow if your new, you won't regret it, plus i'm trying to get to 20 followers!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to be an organized blogger!

So as a 'newbie' in the blogging world I have realised how important it is to be organised when blogging and know what you're doing. Theres nothing worst than having an hour free to write a post and then spend half of it thinking 'what could i do'. So these are my top tips for being organised!

1. Keep a book/journal
If i made the picture any bigger it was blurry - images from weheartit
Having a book/journal/scrap book to stick any interesting pictures or blogging reminders in can really help. Its good to have one which is small enough for you to carry around in your handbag. For example for in a coffee shop and see a really fashionable outfit and you either want to recreate it or post about it, or even it may be that you come up with a blog post but by the time you get home you have forgotten. We've all done it. When I first started that was exactly how I was but now I keep a small journal in my handbag along with a pen, and it has become so handy!!

2. Be camera ready and prepared

Image from weheartit
 Having your camera with you most of the time helps a lot also. Obviously its not always convenient when you're at school, or doing more active things. But if you go shopping or on a walk it always good to take pictures so that when you do a post you could include them or simply just carry your camera round for a week and then at the end do a post on 'my week in pictures', another post idea for you! Having good lighting though is a must have, no one likes to look at fuzzy, dull pictures!
By having your camera and being prepared with writing down your blog post idea's it enables you to be able to take all of your necessary blog pictures all in one! Therefore you don't need to be rushing around at silly hours trying to take blog photos, instead you can do it all in one!!

3. Write monthly posts
Writing a post which happens each month can be a great help. For instance doing a monthly favourites, or a monthly look is a great way to fit in another post, yet you can plan for it. What I do for a monthly favourite is when I find a product I love I write a quick paragraph about it in my journal and then when it comes to writing the post, I have a bit of 'back up' on what to write. The same goes for monthly look (one which I haven't done, but I may do - leave a comment saying you want one ((if you do)) ahah), writing down what outfit you've worn alot can be a real help.
Monthly posts are very good, your followers and readers have some sort on continuity and something to look forward to!

4. Planning when your going to post
If your sitting at work or at school and thinking 'great, I've got nothing to do when I get home!!' make use of that time and blog. Instead of then going to sleep and thinking 'I should have posted', because what will  probably happen is then you have a next few busy days and you try and fit in posting but it's all a rush and doesn't work out! Or if you post say 1/2 times per week you could at the start of the week think 'I'm going to post on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning'. Just think ahead.

5. Don't feel pressured
This kind of leads on from the last paragraph, but don't feel pressured to write a post everyday of the week. If you enjoy and have the time do it. If you don't, it doesnt matter. Blogging is fun and for most people a hobby. It's not like school and getting an essay in on time, if you don't post your usual amount of times a week it doesn't matter.
Some thing that Elise Dopson (who is an ammmmaaazzzing blogger, who you should all go check out and follow) told me was that its 'quality not quantity' and she is absolutely right.

That's the end of my tips, and I hope these have helped at least one person! Leave your tips, or tell me if these have helped you or inspired you in the comments! Thanks for reading, please comment and follow!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


As you can guess by the post name today its all about rimmel apocolips. Literally every blogger had read or has these, and if you haven't got any go now and buy one. This is why...

Celestial, Galaxy, Luna

Perfect for summer
There colour pigmentation is incredible, and feels so light on your lips. The applicator is really easy to use and is really accurate. The colour range is amazing and it goes from nudes to complete full on reds. Theres one for everyone. They're also great because there only around  £5.49  BARGAIN.
I must admit you do have to be light-handed with these because believe me its so easy to put TOO much product on. On my first time of applying them I applied it just like I would if it was a lip gloss and it looked like i'd stuck my lips in paint. Not a good look.
You couldn't class these as a lip gloss nor a lipstick, so rimmel class them as 'lip laquers'. They're amazing. The colour stays on for i'd say 2 hours which isn't that long but once you get the hang of applying them you could do it in your sleep!
If you don't have any of them leave now, and go to boots or superdrug and buy some. You will not regret them, I'm going back soon to buy 'big bang' and another one!!!
This was just a quick review because otherwise I would ramble on forever about these so to sum it up...
  • Amazing pigmentation - one of the best pigmented lip products I've ever tried
  • Colour range it amazing and will suit anyone
  • Really affordable
  • At the moment on 3 for 2 on all rimmel in boots!!
  • Easy to apply once got the hang of
  • Easy to travel with and just pop it in your bag
That's it, really short I know but I'm about to go out and really wanted to post about these!
If you have any product reccomendations let me now as I love trying out new products, and also if you have any post suggestions I'm more than willing to do them!

Monday, 18 February 2013

London Fashion Week '13


Today I have a post which is about an event which every blogger, youtube guru, fashion lover looks forward to wether they go or not. Thats is.... LONDON FASHION WEEK. My dream one day is to go, but till then I'll watch all the live catwalks, read all the articles and check out all the up and coming trends. So for you today if you haven't had the time to check out the up and coming trend or LFW heres a post just for you. I've bee scouring the internet for the best trends to tell you about so I hope you like it....
That one word just says it all. Just like most blogs and articles out there talking about LFW, Burberry complete smashed the trends of metallics. With some amazing pieces, when will you get your metallic coat?
Sorry about the size, if I went any bigger it was blurry.
Not my own image -

Floral prints are really easy to get hold of in high street shops in whatever form, wether its jean, tops, jumpers, scarfs. So as its an up and coming trend you can be stylish yet affordable. If you're really going for the 'wow factor', make it 3D. Use some of those DIY skills you've got hiding, wether its making flowers out of material and sewing them onto an item of clothing, or just adding sequins. This style is easy and can be found really easily, and you never know you may have a floral print dress hiding in the back of your wardrobe?
btw, my computer is messing about and wont let me upload the pictures, so I will attempt to upload them again later!

This is a simple trend of oranges and yellows, LFW was covered in zesty colours and with brands such as topshop unique to designers such as Antipoduim.  The trend is basically just wearing yellows and oranges, so simple you could just buy a orange blazer and say a yellow color jean. Or even just a dress combining the two colors. Whoever thought of that trend was very clever, because me personally would have never paired those colors, but now I will. Give it a go, see what's lurking in your wardrobe?

I've seen so many people wearing 'bomber jackets' and they look amazing. If you're not looking to spend £100's on designer jackets, places like topshop and river island are doing great bomber jackets, and i'm sure if you search the internet your bound to find designer dupes! Bomber jackets are easy to wear, simple and can come from a block color to baroque theme. You could even combine to trends in one... A yellow bomber jacket.... oh yes. ahaha, its just a easy piece of clothing to pull off! Go for it.

Prints are something which are everywhere wether there a trend or not. From printed blouses, to shoes, to jeans. Anywhere will sell them. But now there a big trend so expect to be over loaded with prints just like the military theme, this may be the 'new' thing. One of my favorite pieces to do with prints was a 'take of a tesco bag' style jumpsuit created by Maarten Van Der Horst. As I said before my image aren't working so I will try a insert a picture later, but if not seriously type it into google images. It's such a clever take, and is actually wearable in my opinion. Enjoy the print season...

This is one of my favorite trends. I personally love dungarees, and I know there not for everyone, I just think they're cool! They remind me of when I was little and wore bright colors with horrendous hats and tights. Well anyway on with the trend... Dungarees are effortless to style, simply slip a blouse underneath or cool shirt and your set to go. Easy. H&M do great dungarees if you're wondering were to get a high street version. Now go and enjoy the inner toddler in you and buy some dungarees.

There just some of my favorite trends, of course they're more but after hours of searching I decided on these. Please follow and comment, I haven't gained any followers in ages and if YOU followed it would make my day. I would love to get to 20 followers! Comment if you like it, or what's your favorite trend?

Do you have any post ideas? Leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Every girls beauty essentials

Back again and today with a 'every girls beauty essentials' which I believe every girl should have. Enjoy:)




I'll start with eyes. Mascara is a key product to have, it opens your eyes, makes them look amazing, and just makes your eyes pop! It can be quite expensive, but don't be sucked in. There are plenty of good quality mascaras out there which are just as good!! Eyeshadow palettes are also a great item to have. They contain alot of different colours and you can get different combinations to suit you and your skin tone, and you don't necessarily need to splurge on £30 palettes, as MUA do amazing ones for £4. how could you resist that? Eyeliner is one of the next product which I believe everyone should own. Eyeliner isn't that expensive and is amazing to make your eyes pop. It can be pencil, liquid, gel, felt tip, anyone will do a great job. You can line your water lines, create flicks, define your eyes, its amazing plus its not that expensive!

Next up... lips. Lips can really make or break a look. Too nude and you'll look as pale as a vampire, too bright and you'll look like a clown, too dark and you'll look odd. It's all about just finding what works well for you. It's good to have a wearable mixture of glosses, lipsticks, stains, just so you can vary. It's not all about buying a £20 lipstick, its all about getting the right shades, and most importantly shades which you would wear and would suit you. Having a wide colour range of all of your lip products all together is very useful. A dark shade may suit your best friend but not you so try and find whats right for YOU.

Your face is obviously what people look at most so no one wants to look like they've just walked out of TOWIE, or have got hypothermia so you have to get the face right. Every girl needs some sort of foundation or BB cream for coverage, whether its light or heavy coverage your looking for. A foundation/BB cream will cover/blur redness and flaws and will leave you with a more even skin tone. It's a great product to have and theres so many out there at different prices, different coverages and different strong points. Go to your local drugstore and see what you find! Whats the point in having a foundation without something to set it all day? Powder is another key item whether its pressed, loose or translucent. You can wear it by itself or on top of something, its great. It can also reduce the appearance of shiny skin, and just make it look overall better.
Blush and bronzer are also great for contouring and making your face come alive and just giving the illusion on your face of amazing cheek bones, and making your skin look amazing. If you wanted to be extra fancy you could even use a highlighter, but thats another story...  Concealer is great. You can cover dark circles, blemishes and any imperfections you have. Obviously finding the right shade is key because you don't want to highlight it, you want to blend and camouflage it. Concealer is a key product.

Woa, that was a lot of typing. I wanted this to be a quick post, ahah! Please follow and comment as it makes my day, every follower and comment counts!

What are your essentials?

Saturday, 16 February 2013


long time no speak. I have been so busy and haven't been able to post unfortunately, but now half terms here expect more frequent posts! Lets get on with the haul...

Looks better on believe me...

*celestial, galaxy, luna

Sorry for the mixed up order, and the bad photos of the dress, the full length shots didnt turn out great

So I didn't get to much but what I got i'm in love with.
Rimmel Apocolypse lip thingys have been on my 'must buy' list since they came out. So first thing I did when I went to town was head straight for boots and pick up a colour. As I spotted them I tried them all out on my arm (swatches, not on my lips aha), and couldn't pick between two. Then I noticed the 3 for 2 sign, and it was my lucky day so I got these three shades. I absolutely love all of them, and can't wait to review them and see what they're like. Have you tried them?

H&M dress (£7 BARGAIN). I was searching the sale rails forever hoping to find something that caught my eye, and all of a a sudden this dress did. It a dipped hem, striped dress, with a stitched in waist and is perfect. My only doubt was the size, it said XS, and I'm usually a small. But it did look big, so I thought 'hey, why not try it on'. So I did. Its perfect. I fits in all the right places, its a perfect length on both hems, and the colour compliments my skin tone so much. I'm in love. Come on summer, hurry up, I need to wear this asap.
I already have decided what I will wear it will - Brown tanned wedges, sunglasses. You don't need much else, it amazing. I cannot express my love for it.

Before I end, I know its not January sales on at the moment, but I found that topshop actually has still got  a pretty good sale on, and so does H&M. So go to town and go through every single sale rail, you're bound to find something.

Some more exciting news is... I'm getting my makeup done at Benefit, and cannot wait. I asked wether they had any samples of some products, and they said no, but then offered a free makeover to try some of them out. I cannot wait, I really just want to see what the products are like, and may even end up having another beauty splurge. Have you got an benefit products? What's your favourite?

That's it for now, sorry for the lack of posts this week. *slaps wrist*. Please follow, eveytime I get a new follower I smile waaaay too much! Please??? Anyway leave your comments and I'll be sure to read and get back to you.