Saturday, 9 February 2013

50 facts...more like 32..


I have read soooo many of these '50 facts' on so many blogs. And thought, 'why haven't I done one...' and voila... Lets get started...

1. Hot chocolate is my favourite hot drink. Forget tea and coffee... hot chocolate all the way!

2. I don't actually own that many pairs of 'winter shoes'. Like boots... I have my babies (doc martins), some primark boots, another pair, and that's kind of it.. Shocking I know...

3. Summer is my all time favourite time of the year. SHORTS, SKIRTS, DRESSES. WOOOOO.

4. I hate flying, I have a big fear of it.

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping in London.... (Big topshops, forever 21....)

6. I get embarrassed when people talk about my blog...

7. I don't own any topshop lipsticks. *cries. My local topshop doesn't sell makeup..

8. I love France, I would happily live there:)

9. This is harder that I thought...

10. I get so excited about going to primark... Pathetic I know...

11. I don't own any mac, I'm hoping on getting some...

12. I don't actually wear alot of makeup to school.

13. Right now I haven't been shopping for about a month, and I need to go badly. Ahahah!!!

14. I spend most of my time on the computer, bad I know...

15. I could eat haribo eggs for the rest of my life.

16. I never used to eat creme eggs, because I thought they had actual egg in... Now I know that it's not real egg, I'm addicted to them!

17. I get embarrassed easily, and go bright red.


19. I haven't brought anything from new look for ages... I don't like anything in stock at the moment.

20. I've never brought anything from asos

21. I wish we had a target in the UK.

22. Boots is one of my favourite places to buy makeup. But superdrug has mua....

22. I watch so many cheesy things on tv

23. I don't get ill very often.

24. I love photography.

25. My heart stops every time I see my 'Internet not responding' doesn't everyone's?

26. I would happily wear my onesie all day

27. I would happily shave all my hair off somedays

28. My wardrobe was so full. I had to put clothes in air tight bags, above my wardrobe. *sad momento

29. I have a curling wand but I've only ever used it 3 times.

30. Only 20 more to go...

31. My carpet eats my bobby pins

32.Oh gosh, just realised that its only actually 20 facts.

I did just make a fool out of myself. I genuinely thought it was 50. Great. Embarrassment.

So, that's that. I am going to be doing the 'I <3 drugstore makeup' tag, blogger style. So if you want to read that make sure to follow as that will be up ASAP.

If you have a blog, leave a link and follow, and I'll be sure to check you out and follow:) if you don't have a blog, tell me some random facts, or whatever! I just love reading all your comments.

I apologise for making a fool out of myself. Ahahahaha! Thanks for reading!:)

Love Ellie, x


  1. omg! I can relate to soo much of this! It's kinda scary actually.. I really want a topshop liptick, and I havn't told anyone I know personally about my blog, cringeyy! I love creme egga, and they are only around till the 31st of March :( :( When I was about 11-13 I spent ALL my money on generation915 clothes, but I havn't brought anything in there for years, I think their prices have gone up loads too:( I got a curling wand a couple of years ago and used it a couple of times, then I got another one and I feel really bad because I use them about once a month max! And finally, *touch wood* I never get ill omg! Its soo nice haha, I swear I'm like the only person in my school with 100% attendance, lol nerdd!

    Okay thats enough now Laura, whoops long reply :S xoxoxoxoxo

    1. awwww, Thank you so much for the long comment! at least im not the only one, horrraaay!! aaawww, this made me smile!
      Thank you sooo much, much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx