Sunday, 24 February 2013


So today I have my first diy on how to stud a t-shirt. This would work I guess on most materials but you may want to vary the studs if you use denim!

What you'll need... 
  • a t-shirt, or whatever item of clothing you're using...
Mine is a mens, primark oversized tshirt which cost £2.50!

  • Studs, obviously - mine were from and I really reccomend them, I got them the day after I ordered them (on standard delivery, not 'next day delivery;), they were cheap, and they are great quality!

  • You may need a knife, just a eating one - nothing dangerous!!!

I don't have many pictures for this but I'll try my best at explaining... here we go!!

  • Position your studs where you would like them, I used a ruler and pencil to mark but its up to you!

  • Then take your studs and push them through the material! Turn it over, so you see the sharp 'things' sticking out the other side, take your knife or whatever utensil you find easy to fold them over, so they won't come loose. Make sure its tight! - I was using the edge of a screw-driver but then found out that using an eating knife was easier and gave a better finish!

Excuse my nail...

  • Then continue until you've done one side, then do the other side exactly the same!

Unfortunatly my camera deleted the pictures of the finished top.. so all I have are this :(

Hopefully when I next wear this i'll do an ootd, or just add a photo onto this post!

That's all the steps, pretty easy eh? Give it a go, amazing way to bring your old cheap rags back into style just with a few studs. Ebay sell some pretty good ones, and defiantly check out that website where I brought mine!
I hope you've enjoyed that post, and had a nice half term! I did, but now I have a huge cold and am ill, great! Well with school starting up posts will be less frequent but there are more to come! If you have any ideas on posts, let me know - they'd be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading, oh and thank you so much for getting me to 20 followers! Next aim 30...

ps - anyone got any good cold remedies? I hate being ill...

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