Sunday, 17 February 2013

Every girls beauty essentials

Back again and today with a 'every girls beauty essentials' which I believe every girl should have. Enjoy:)




I'll start with eyes. Mascara is a key product to have, it opens your eyes, makes them look amazing, and just makes your eyes pop! It can be quite expensive, but don't be sucked in. There are plenty of good quality mascaras out there which are just as good!! Eyeshadow palettes are also a great item to have. They contain alot of different colours and you can get different combinations to suit you and your skin tone, and you don't necessarily need to splurge on £30 palettes, as MUA do amazing ones for £4. how could you resist that? Eyeliner is one of the next product which I believe everyone should own. Eyeliner isn't that expensive and is amazing to make your eyes pop. It can be pencil, liquid, gel, felt tip, anyone will do a great job. You can line your water lines, create flicks, define your eyes, its amazing plus its not that expensive!

Next up... lips. Lips can really make or break a look. Too nude and you'll look as pale as a vampire, too bright and you'll look like a clown, too dark and you'll look odd. It's all about just finding what works well for you. It's good to have a wearable mixture of glosses, lipsticks, stains, just so you can vary. It's not all about buying a £20 lipstick, its all about getting the right shades, and most importantly shades which you would wear and would suit you. Having a wide colour range of all of your lip products all together is very useful. A dark shade may suit your best friend but not you so try and find whats right for YOU.

Your face is obviously what people look at most so no one wants to look like they've just walked out of TOWIE, or have got hypothermia so you have to get the face right. Every girl needs some sort of foundation or BB cream for coverage, whether its light or heavy coverage your looking for. A foundation/BB cream will cover/blur redness and flaws and will leave you with a more even skin tone. It's a great product to have and theres so many out there at different prices, different coverages and different strong points. Go to your local drugstore and see what you find! Whats the point in having a foundation without something to set it all day? Powder is another key item whether its pressed, loose or translucent. You can wear it by itself or on top of something, its great. It can also reduce the appearance of shiny skin, and just make it look overall better.
Blush and bronzer are also great for contouring and making your face come alive and just giving the illusion on your face of amazing cheek bones, and making your skin look amazing. If you wanted to be extra fancy you could even use a highlighter, but thats another story...  Concealer is great. You can cover dark circles, blemishes and any imperfections you have. Obviously finding the right shade is key because you don't want to highlight it, you want to blend and camouflage it. Concealer is a key product.

Woa, that was a lot of typing. I wanted this to be a quick post, ahah! Please follow and comment as it makes my day, every follower and comment counts!

What are your essentials?


  1. Love rimmel apocalips. :)

    1. They're really good, I really want to go back and get more;)

  2. The Rimmel Apocolips look great! Can't wait to buy one. xo

    1. DO IT, you will not regret it. I'm hooked, and defiantly going back for more xxx