Monday, 25 February 2013

February Favourites

It's that time again when another month has flown by *bye bye february! and its time for another monthly favourites!
They're all beauty favourites, apart from an extra one at the end... ENJOY!! (oh and excuse bad quality images, its still pretty dark early on!)
excuse my spelling also, auto correction thingy spell checker won't work, and I can't spell the month Febuary to save my life! Not sure whether its right or wrong! ahaha, oh well! Bare with it!

Rimmel apocolips
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer
Rimmel Stay matte powder
Chanel nail polish in blue satin 461
Elf  makeup mist and set spray

The writing has slightly worn off, sorry!!
I purchased this at the beginning of the month but completley forgot about it! This basically sets your makeup, without clogging your pores as it is filled with lovely stuff! This works amazing, No joke. I've tried a lot of different setting sprays, and this is the bee's-knees. It stays on for aggggggggggggggggeeeeeeesssss. I never need to reapply my make-up apart from lip products! Go and order this, now.
This wouldn't be a favourites without these bad boys. Everyone from the moon and back has raved about these. I have three colours, but need all of them. There an amazing product! I wear them all the time, and the colours are so wearable. I did a seperate review on these so won't ramble too much but if you want to check out my full review click here.

I am late to join the 'i use lasting perfection concealer and love it' crew, but i'm now in it. I love this. It gives amazing coverage, yet looks natural. Doesn't wreck my skin and block my pores; Easy to apply and it is a thick and creamy consistancy! I could rave forever about this product, but all i'll say is go and buy this. Leave right now, drive to boots or superdrug, and get it. This is the best concealer ever.

Perfection in a bottle. This colour, wow. It's perfect. The consistancy of the varnish; once on it doesn't chip easily and it drys quite fast, but most importantly the colour. oh my. I can't remember if this was in my last months favourite, uhoh. Well i'm still wearing it this month. I love it, the day this runs out will be incredibly sad. These are on the more pricey side, but of course worth it! Treat yourself!

A classic, and yes i have had this for more than this month but had a break from using it, and then realised how much I really did love it. This is great for stopping getting me shiny throughout the day, as i have really oily skin! It completes my foundation and concealer routine,  and is overall a great classic product. Once again if you haven't tried this, go now.


This was hard as there are so many good songs at the moment but one of my favourites is ' Flaws by Bastille'
Its amazing, search it in youtube. You'll get addicted. I looove it, and listen to it 24/7.

That was my favourites, I hope you've liked them! I thought I'd do it now, as there only are a few days left of february and I may forget if not! Don't forget to follow, my aim is 30! Comment your favourites, and leave any blogs for me to check out but make sure to follow first!

By the way I have found an amazing blog called she's a lovely girl, with an amazing blog, so I know she would be so grateful if you checked her blog out and gave her some feedback and even followed!!


  1. I really want to try a Chanel polish!

  2. I also love the collection 2000 concealer x

    Heva -

  3. I've got the apocolips too and luv them! I'll write a review when I can! and that elf spray sounds good, have to check that out! x

  4. I need to try more ELF things! lovely post!

    1. elf is a really great affordable brand, just like mua but slightly better quality! thank you very much,xx