Saturday, 16 February 2013


long time no speak. I have been so busy and haven't been able to post unfortunately, but now half terms here expect more frequent posts! Lets get on with the haul...

Looks better on believe me...

*celestial, galaxy, luna

Sorry for the mixed up order, and the bad photos of the dress, the full length shots didnt turn out great

So I didn't get to much but what I got i'm in love with.
Rimmel Apocolypse lip thingys have been on my 'must buy' list since they came out. So first thing I did when I went to town was head straight for boots and pick up a colour. As I spotted them I tried them all out on my arm (swatches, not on my lips aha), and couldn't pick between two. Then I noticed the 3 for 2 sign, and it was my lucky day so I got these three shades. I absolutely love all of them, and can't wait to review them and see what they're like. Have you tried them?

H&M dress (£7 BARGAIN). I was searching the sale rails forever hoping to find something that caught my eye, and all of a a sudden this dress did. It a dipped hem, striped dress, with a stitched in waist and is perfect. My only doubt was the size, it said XS, and I'm usually a small. But it did look big, so I thought 'hey, why not try it on'. So I did. Its perfect. I fits in all the right places, its a perfect length on both hems, and the colour compliments my skin tone so much. I'm in love. Come on summer, hurry up, I need to wear this asap.
I already have decided what I will wear it will - Brown tanned wedges, sunglasses. You don't need much else, it amazing. I cannot express my love for it.

Before I end, I know its not January sales on at the moment, but I found that topshop actually has still got  a pretty good sale on, and so does H&M. So go to town and go through every single sale rail, you're bound to find something.

Some more exciting news is... I'm getting my makeup done at Benefit, and cannot wait. I asked wether they had any samples of some products, and they said no, but then offered a free makeover to try some of them out. I cannot wait, I really just want to see what the products are like, and may even end up having another beauty splurge. Have you got an benefit products? What's your favourite?

That's it for now, sorry for the lack of posts this week. *slaps wrist*. Please follow, eveytime I get a new follower I smile waaaay too much! Please??? Anyway leave your comments and I'll be sure to read and get back to you.


  1. ooo the lip laquer from rimmel looks really good! you should try the NYC Colour products too, they're amazing and so cheap!:)


    1. i love the lip laquers, i would wear them to sleep if i could ahah;) Ooo, i'll have to try them, thank you xxx

  2. Gorgeous blog! Now following. I love that Lasting Perfection concealer. that's the one i personally use, in the same shade :) - Lilie xx

    1. Thank you so much. Ahah it's a great concealer!!! Thanks again xxx

  3. I envy your clean concealor tube haha! I love this post, thinking of picking up the Luna apocolips tomorrow, looks to good to resist:) xx

    1. ahaha, its new so its really clean but i can imagine within weeks it'll have been destroyed. GET IT. noone understands my love for these lip products. ahah xxx