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another tag, but this one if defiantly beauty related! This tag has been everywhere so I thought its about time that I do it. In case I forget to do this at the end I tag EVERYONE. Enjoy....

1 - what is your favourite makeup brand overall?

RIMMEL. I think there products have gone up so much in quality and there still just as affordable. You can get them in most places, and there just a great brand to have in your collection or everyday routine.

2 - Favourite Lip, Cheek and Face product?

Bourjois healthy mix serum - shade 51
Revlon 'just bitten kissable' - Shade 01, Honey Dolce
Natural collection blusher - Peach melba
Face - I'm in love with this foundation, I don't want to go on about it too much as I do have a review on it. But its great, it blurs perfection, stays on, its a great product. Click 'here' to read my review.

Lips - Everyone raves about these, and I will join in. The colour pay off is great, very pigmented, love love love it. I even really like the smell. It's a great colour, and can be worn casual or posh. Everyone needs some of these in there makeup collection. AMAAZZZING.

Cheeks - I have had this blusher for a few months and just rediscovered it at the back of my collection. I am now officially obsessed. I gives a gorgeous natural looking flushed look, and is perfect. Especially if you don't want to look over done. perfect.

3 - Least favourite makeup product?

Natural collection green concealer - eurgh. I was wanting a green concealer for ages, so I thought I would go ahead and buy one. I'd read alot of reviews on them saying how the hide alot of redness and there really good. Since the majority of my problematic skin is redness I thought 'waaaaheeeey, score, something that'll help'. But no. This concealer is terrible. It leaves green marks (unattractive...) and is a horrible consistency. It doesn't blend easily, its just a no no. BUY A HIGH END ONE, NOT A CHEAPY. If you have a good green concealer please tell me it?
4- best makeup bargain?

For £4 you cannot go wrong, the mua eyeshadows and palettes are a all around great product. Pigmented, great colour choice, long lasting, and cheap. Perfect. They do all sorts of palette combinations so you'll find one suited for you! There a great size, and just amazing quality! Everyone needs one of these!

5- Favourite underdog product?

Rimmel's Hide The Blemish Concealer.
I never hear people talk about this, but I don't know why! I love it, it covers easily and blends perfectly. The colour matches me perfectly and I just love it. It does what it says, and I love how compact it is. great product. People should rave about it more!!!!
6 - Overpriced makeup?
It's a basic, so you have to have it. But come on, £10? I know it's not that much, but if your a teen girl who doesn't get that much money, £10 for a basic is annoying.
7 - Drugstore dupes?
I apologise, I don't really have any. I guess my mua lipsticks are amazing, so you could compare them to higher end. But I don't know... sorry. If you have any dupes tell me please? I'd love to see!
8 - Product not worth the hype?
Maybelline BB cream. So many people were in love with it, so I thought that I'd give it a try. I hate it. It slides around on my face, when I pour some onto my wrist its like water. It doesn't give good coverage and I just prefer other face products. Eurgh. I just don't like it. Sorry, it's my opinion!!!
So that's all of my tag questions. I hope you've enjoyed reading that! Leave any links of your blogs in the comments, and make sure to follow! + I'll be sure to check your blog out!
Love Ellie,x


  1. Mua is unbelieveably good, it's so cheap and good quality,I honestly don't know how they make money!
    great post!
    Imogen <3