Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to be an organized blogger!

So as a 'newbie' in the blogging world I have realised how important it is to be organised when blogging and know what you're doing. Theres nothing worst than having an hour free to write a post and then spend half of it thinking 'what could i do'. So these are my top tips for being organised!

1. Keep a book/journal
If i made the picture any bigger it was blurry - images from weheartit
Having a book/journal/scrap book to stick any interesting pictures or blogging reminders in can really help. Its good to have one which is small enough for you to carry around in your handbag. For example for in a coffee shop and see a really fashionable outfit and you either want to recreate it or post about it, or even it may be that you come up with a blog post but by the time you get home you have forgotten. We've all done it. When I first started that was exactly how I was but now I keep a small journal in my handbag along with a pen, and it has become so handy!!

2. Be camera ready and prepared

Image from weheartit
 Having your camera with you most of the time helps a lot also. Obviously its not always convenient when you're at school, or doing more active things. But if you go shopping or on a walk it always good to take pictures so that when you do a post you could include them or simply just carry your camera round for a week and then at the end do a post on 'my week in pictures', another post idea for you! Having good lighting though is a must have, no one likes to look at fuzzy, dull pictures!
By having your camera and being prepared with writing down your blog post idea's it enables you to be able to take all of your necessary blog pictures all in one! Therefore you don't need to be rushing around at silly hours trying to take blog photos, instead you can do it all in one!!

3. Write monthly posts
Writing a post which happens each month can be a great help. For instance doing a monthly favourites, or a monthly look is a great way to fit in another post, yet you can plan for it. What I do for a monthly favourite is when I find a product I love I write a quick paragraph about it in my journal and then when it comes to writing the post, I have a bit of 'back up' on what to write. The same goes for monthly look (one which I haven't done, but I may do - leave a comment saying you want one ((if you do)) ahah), writing down what outfit you've worn alot can be a real help.
Monthly posts are very good, your followers and readers have some sort on continuity and something to look forward to!

4. Planning when your going to post
If your sitting at work or at school and thinking 'great, I've got nothing to do when I get home!!' make use of that time and blog. Instead of then going to sleep and thinking 'I should have posted', because what will  probably happen is then you have a next few busy days and you try and fit in posting but it's all a rush and doesn't work out! Or if you post say 1/2 times per week you could at the start of the week think 'I'm going to post on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning'. Just think ahead.

5. Don't feel pressured
This kind of leads on from the last paragraph, but don't feel pressured to write a post everyday of the week. If you enjoy and have the time do it. If you don't, it doesnt matter. Blogging is fun and for most people a hobby. It's not like school and getting an essay in on time, if you don't post your usual amount of times a week it doesn't matter.
Some thing that Elise Dopson (who is an ammmmaaazzzing blogger, who you should all go check out and follow) told me was that its 'quality not quantity' and she is absolutely right.

That's the end of my tips, and I hope these have helped at least one person! Leave your tips, or tell me if these have helped you or inspired you in the comments! Thanks for reading, please comment and follow!!


  1. These are great tips and really helpful, I'm definitely going to start keeping a little notebook just for my blog! xxxxx

  2. Ahh, good. I glad it helped xxx

  3. Aw, I love this, the first photo is absolutely gorgeous, and such a good idea!

    Imogen <3

  4. I agree with your tips! I also think that people always feel pressured! Any who! Great post!x

    Heva -

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