Friday, 22 February 2013

How to: Store your favourite nail varnishes!

I wasn't sure what to post on, but then thought 'lets to a whats on my beauty desk', then I look at it and it is soooo messy, so this is then the idea I had, ahah enjoy...
This post is going to be about how to store your favourite/most commonly used nail varnishes. We've all had those moments where we want to paint are nails and can't find that one nail varnish. So hopefully this quick easy storage tip will help you be more organised!

Birds eye view...
 What is in it...

These are my favourite nail polishes atm, the chanel nail polish is amazing the colour is outstanding.

Nail pads are really easy, cheap and convenient along with Cotton buds (please excuse the one dirty one *slaps wrist*).
I keep Cotton buds in this section for little mistakes and as this nail varnish holder is on my beauty desk, its just easy and cute! I actually took the Cotton buds out of there plastic container and put them in this glass jam jar, I think they look really cute like this!

What you need:
A container - I used the lid of a Jo Malone perfume, you could use anything you have!
Nail polishes - duh? just take your fav's and pop them in!
Optional - Cotton buds - Really helpful, cheap and a beauty essential, and this is just a sensible place to put them!
Optional - Nail varnish remover (pad or liquid) - It's great to store your remover in here as you'll know where it is and its just a helpful place to put it.

It's obvious, put them all in there! Then place your container where ever you like!

DONE! Its that easy, you can probably find all these things in your home! It looks cute, and is neat!

I have plenty more DIY's coming up, as I have just ordered a bunch of stud's and am going to be studding a t-shirt, and most likely anything I can get my hands on! So I think i'll do a 'how to' on that! Comment if  you want anymore storage ideas, I have plenty!!

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  1. Pictures massive!

  2. What did you do with top photo ahahah?! Lovely post, vair jealous of your Chanel polish!
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