Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lana Del Ray -Inspired makeup.

Inspired makeup..
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I have had 'bloggers block' for ages now, and haven't known what to post, so please leave your ideas in the comments!
In the end I decided to do an 'inspired makeup' look for Lana Del Ray. I love her style, her makeup, her hair, EVERYTHING. So thought, why not copy her makeup look? So here you go..
The process - 
- Apply an even coat of foundation all across the skin and blend down the neck. You of course have the option to set it with powder.
-Now take your eye-liner and start just on you upper lash line (enough to see it, but not enough so you leave a patch of skin showing), then line your top lash line and form a slight flick at the end. Then gradually increase the thickness of your line till your happy with the final product. By this time you should be looking very Lana-ish and like you've just walked out of the 60's. 
-you could now highlight your brow bone and inner eye with a white eye shadow or eye pencil. But if you're in a rush its not compulsory. Another step you could include is forming a light smokey eye, and then applying your eyeliner. To do that just take a light brown and apply that all over the lid, then a medium colour brown to the outer 1/3, then take a dark brown to the crease. But that's an optional step!
-After your eyeliner, its time for mascara wooo! Take whatever mascara you feel comfortable with and apply several coats, as in the end Lana Del Ray's lashes always look incredible. Aim to make the look long and luscious, or if your going the whole way you could use fake lashes! After applying several coats to the top lashes, go onto the bottom lashes. Applying mascara to your bottom lashes opens us your eyes, and really makes your eyes stand out!
-After that take your nude lipstick and apply evenly across your lips! 
TIP - When applying lipstick sometimes we can get too carried away and apply too much, to remove any excess lipstick take your finger and just put it in your mouth and just apply a little pressure to it then remove it from your mouth and thats it! The excess lipstick should be all on your finger, simply wash your finger and your ready!
Your done! It's that simple,  adapt it to waht you have and what you like and soon enough you'll be looking just like Lana Del Ray. Who wouldn't want to look like her after all?
I hope you've enjoyed that, and I think I may do a monthly favourites soon! So follow for all my posts and if you think I should make my 'inspired makeup' a series then leave it in the comments!
Love Ellie, x

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    1. thank you and sure! I don't usually do these, as i end up following adn they don't but hey!!
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