Monday, 4 February 2013


it's that time when I can finally do a monthly favourite, woo! I was in a bit of a rush, so I grabbed the products I love and thought of first, so theres not that many! I personally love reading monthly favourites and seeing whats out there, so I hope you enjoy mine...

Firstly, I apolgise for the odd mixture these photos are in. It took over an hour to upload them, and they have just got a mind of there own!

Lets get started...

Firstly this month I have really loved the Hollister spray in 'Silver strand beach'. I'm not really a big fan of hollister, but I must admit there sprays are amazing. I love love love love the smell, it's kind of tropical yet sweet and just smells amazing. It stays on for a decent amount of time, but by far one of the nicest things my nostrils have smelt in a loooong while. I believe there sprays are £14, but I'm not sure, it was a gift.

Next I'm going to talk about is 'Elf mist and spray'. I have had this for ages, but it's one of those things you put at the back of a draw and discover months later! it's still on the website, so dont panic! I use this spray for setting my makeup and just refreshing my face, it had all lovely stuff in it so it doesnt clog up your skin, and really does set your makeup! My makeup now stays on forever! Definitaly worth getting this, and for about £3.75 its really worth it!

Nex thing is a simple moisturiser. I love simple so much, its a really good brand for your skin and its not that expensive. I find it makes my skin so smooth, and hydrated. I don't really know what to say about it, its just one of my all time favourite moisturisers!

One word. Chanel. omg. This had to be included. I recently got given a chanel nail polish from my aunt, and I have not stopped wearing it. The colour is a rich, dark blue and I have loved it for winter. It only need one or two coats and its an amazing colour. Everytime I apply it I instantly wish everything was this colour! I have know clue how much it costs, but it is chanel.. so expect a higher cost than most nail polishes. But so worth it.

The cheapest thing on my 'favourites' is my MUA lipstick in shade 2. Everyone raves about these lipstick, and i'm going to join in. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. There highly pigmented, stay on for a great amount of time, colours choices are great. I just think they're amazing, and for £1 everyone should at least own 1. And then you'll all become addicted like me and own about 10...

My final favourite product I actually forgot to take an individual photo of it, but i'm sure it will come to you as no surprise if to read my blog daily, it is the Rimmel scandal eyes mascara. This mascara has been featured in my everyday makeup routine post, I wrote a review about it. I just love it. It gives amazing volume, and length, the brush is great. It's just a great all rounded, and gives you the effect of false lashes, woooo!! I am majorly addicted to Rimmel mascaras, and I am really wanting to try the new rocket one, and there new apocalypse lip glossy things. So you never know maybe they'll be in my next favourites... Whoa, I just realised I got off the topic of mascaras fast... Lets continue with scandal eyes... I love the packaging and the colour, and every time I wear it I don't feel worried about wether it will fall off and crumble during the day (some of my previous mascaras used to crumble and leave me with weird looking panda eyes, not a good look). I'll leave that one there, and if you want to know more you can go read my review on it!
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  1. love hollister spray and that lipstick looks so good :) thanks for the recommendations! x

    1. Ahaha. I agree!! No problem, make sure to follow for updates