Wednesday, 20 February 2013


As you can guess by the post name today its all about rimmel apocolips. Literally every blogger had read or has these, and if you haven't got any go now and buy one. This is why...

Celestial, Galaxy, Luna

Perfect for summer
There colour pigmentation is incredible, and feels so light on your lips. The applicator is really easy to use and is really accurate. The colour range is amazing and it goes from nudes to complete full on reds. Theres one for everyone. They're also great because there only around  £5.49  BARGAIN.
I must admit you do have to be light-handed with these because believe me its so easy to put TOO much product on. On my first time of applying them I applied it just like I would if it was a lip gloss and it looked like i'd stuck my lips in paint. Not a good look.
You couldn't class these as a lip gloss nor a lipstick, so rimmel class them as 'lip laquers'. They're amazing. The colour stays on for i'd say 2 hours which isn't that long but once you get the hang of applying them you could do it in your sleep!
If you don't have any of them leave now, and go to boots or superdrug and buy some. You will not regret them, I'm going back soon to buy 'big bang' and another one!!!
This was just a quick review because otherwise I would ramble on forever about these so to sum it up...
  • Amazing pigmentation - one of the best pigmented lip products I've ever tried
  • Colour range it amazing and will suit anyone
  • Really affordable
  • At the moment on 3 for 2 on all rimmel in boots!!
  • Easy to apply once got the hang of
  • Easy to travel with and just pop it in your bag
That's it, really short I know but I'm about to go out and really wanted to post about these!
If you have any product reccomendations let me now as I love trying out new products, and also if you have any post suggestions I'm more than willing to do them!


  1. Embarassed to say i haven't bought any of these yet, they look so cool though, and really different to other lip products out there! Love you bub, x
    Imogen <3

    1. ahaha, just buy one. do it, otherwise i will drag you to town kay? love you to bubba xxx

  2. These look really fab! I really want to try them out, going to purchase one next time i go shopping! xx

    1. You really should, i have an addiction now. I would wear them everywhere and even to sleep if that was possible ahah!!! xx

  3. I really like this post x
    could you check out mine?