Monday, 11 February 2013

Febuary Wishlist

It's that time of another monthly wishlist, and you may notice one of the same products but the rest are new, and I'm determined to buy them!

^click on the above images for links to each product.

1 - Real Techniques Face brush, around £10.
I've heard people rave about real techniques brushes, so I believe its my time to get some. I've heard that the face brush is a great all around brush, and is much like there buffing brush but of course you can use this one for all sort i.e blusher, bronzer, concealer. I really would like there full £20ish big kit one, but for now I think i'll attempt to find this bad boy!!

2 - Benefit Porefessional, £19.
First of all I think the name is very clever, Pore-fessional as in professional. Clever, huh? Secondly people rave about this, and some even say its there all time, ever ever ever favourite face product. It says that it fills and perfects (not fixes, just blurs) pores, making them less obvious and its also a primer! woah, that sounds like a great product. Plus it supposidly works!! But I can't bring myself to the price, so I may see whether they do samples just incase I don't like it.

3 - Mac Mineralize skin finish powder, £19.
I've heard once again alot about this powder, and I am looking for a new powder. The only thing holding me back is the price. I'm a cheapy, and don't get that much money so like to spend my money wisely but somehow I think I may end up just getting it. It supposedly gives a natural finish, and just a great powder.

4 - Topshop grey tie dye stud velvet leggings, £25.
Just typing that ^ made me smile. Topshop, tie dye, stud, velvet, leggings. ahhhhh. perfect combination. I think they look sooooo cool, and call me 'hipster' but I love galaxy leggings. Yes I have a green coat, and doc martins and love galaxy print, and what? anyway... I think they would look amazing with plain tops and its such a cool and easy way to make an outfit 'pop'. On the plus side I hate wearing jeans, so these would be great!

5 - Topshop lipstick, £8.
Anyone who has read my last wishlist or follows me, may know that I have been wanting a topshop lipstick since they came out. But unfortunately my local topshop doesnt stock there makeup *sad moment*. Therefore there quite difficult to get hold of unless you order online, which I can never be bothered to.

Theres my wishlist, and hopefully I will be buying some of it *fingers crossed*

Please leave comments, and whats in your wishlist, and don't forget to follow!

Love Ellie,x

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