Friday, 29 March 2013

Will we ever get spring?

Once again I'm apologising for the lack of posts, I have had so much work and I just haven't been in the mood recently! I was going to build the suspense for my haul (hopefully) when I go shopping on Tuesday but couldn't resist! These are just some images I got off the amazing website 'We heart it' which is one of my personal favourites. Whilst wasting my time scrolling through many pages productively looking for my spring inspiration I came across these and thought I'd share them with you, so here we go!

 My computer never likes to make the weheartit images that big, so we'll have to deal with that one! Anyway, all of these pictures I instantly fell in love with! I know its wish-full thinking here in the UK for hot weather and sunshine, but I am thinking it may start to come *looks out the window to see snow*.

-The first image is just a typical 'me' outfit for spring/summer on those hot days. Its chilled and fashionable and that necklace... I just went to heaven, If anyone knows where to get that or a dupe leave it in the comments!

-The second one is just cute, for days where its colder you can just chuck on this with maybe a pair of tights and your ready. This is just perfection.

-These short, wow. I would live in these, when I was younger I had a similar pair in lime green and I wore them to death, and I refused to get rid of them. Now they're sitting in my wardrobe in the hope that I'll be able to fit in them again, which I highly doubt due to the fact that they're size 7-8 in kids.

-Messy buns are my lifesaver, I'm wearing one now and I'm usually wearing them all the time in spring and summer. They keep the heat off your neck and they look so cute. I have medium/short hair and have figured out how to do a big messy bun so if you want a tutorial via pictures leave it in the comments and I'll be more that happy to do so!

These are just some uber-cute images I found, I hope you've enjoyed it, expect a haul hopefully sometime in this up and coming week as I'm finally going shopping, I don't have that much money but enough for primark, and may even be cheeky and head to mac. I haven't decided, what do you think save and buy more in primark, or go to mac? Tough choice!

Thanks for reading, make sure to follow and all that jazz...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

This or that tag!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have had a lot of things going on but i'm going to to do the 'this or that tag' which has been flying around youtube, so I thought i'd do it 'blog style'!!

Makeup -

- blush or bronzer


-lip gloss or lipstick

hard one... lip stain??

- eye liner or mascara


-foundation or concealer

Hard one again, I thought about this long and hard... I guess foundation.

-neutral or colour eye shadow


-pressed or loose eye shadow

Pressed eye shadow!

-brushes or sponges


OPI or china glaze

OPI all the way!

Long or short


Acrylic or natural


Brights or darks


Flower or no flower



perfume or body splash

Body splash!

lotion or body butter

Body butter!

body wash or soap

Body wash!

lush or other bath company



jeans or sweat pants

I hate the feel of jeans so sweat pants!

long sleeve or short

Short sleeve!
dresses or skirts


stripes or plaid


flip flops or sandals

Flip flops, I live in them in summer!
scarves or hats

studs or dangly earrings

necklaces or bracelets

heels or flats
Flats, I cannot walk in heels to save my life!

cowboy boots or riding boots
Riding boots!

jacket or hoodie

forever 21 or charlotte russe
Forever 21, I live in the UK and have never heard on Charlotte Russe!

abercombie or Hollister
Don't like either!

saks 5th or nordstrom
Don't have them in the UK.
curly or straight


bun or ponytail

Messy bun!!

bobby pins or butterfly clips

Bobby pins!

hair spray or gel

Hairspray, I go threw so much!

long or short


light or dark


side sweep bangs or full bangs

Side bangs.

up or down
Up because i'm lazy!


Rain or shine

Shine, who wants rain?

Summer or winter

Summer, if we ever get it. Its snowing so much now!

Fall or spring

Chocolate or vanilla

hard one... chocolate!

East coast or west coast

I don't even know what this means!

I hope you've liked this post, It's kind of different but with the easter holidays coming up and my big shopping spree coming up they'll be some more interesting posts!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spring Look/Wishlist

Spring Look/Wishlist

To me this outfit is perfection. This post is going to be a kind of look/wish list for spring! First I'll explain the outfit...
1 - Crop tops.
For me crop tops are a must have, I own so many and I think they look incredible with high waisted bottoms as they show off the amazing waist line (if thats what you call it). I think they go perfectly with this outfit.
2 - Disco pants.
Can we just take a moment to appreciate disco pants? Thank you. Disco pants are my all time favourite thing at the moment, I'm in love. They look incredible. Every person I've seen wearing them look incredible. They go so well in this outfit because the crop top shows the high waisted-ness (couldn't think of they word to describe it!) and makes your body look perfect.
3 - Wedges.
Wedges are one of the most comfortable heels I find to walk in, they have a bit more support and I think they look once again, incredible. These type of wedges show off your arch of your foot, giving off the illusion of longer legs. Who wouldn't want longer legs, or at least the illusion of longer legs? They are a essential for me in the spring/summer because when the weather warms up (if we ever get warm weather in the uk) then they look amazing with jeans or shorts and dresses. Anything. These shoes go so well because once again they are empathising what you already have.
4 - Statement necklace.
Statement necklaces make or break an outfit. It's that simple. I am in love with this blue one. I think it goes so well with the outfit as it's quite plain and colourless and then you add a pop of colour with this beautiful necklace. The colour is perfect for spring and summer, and well its just perfection.
5 - Lipstick
Mac lipsticks, I'm going to use that 'p' word again... perfection. I need some so badly, the colour range is perfect. I couldn't decide which shade to include in this outfit so I thought I'd include both, so here's an option. I actually have forgotten the shade names *slaps wrist. The deepest colour is my favourite, its a dark red, and I think would look incredible with this outfit. It would make the outfit come together (as long as you're not wearing a lot of over-powering eye makeup) and bring another pop of colour.
The lightest shade is a more of a 'your lips but better' colour. It's a gorgeous dolly pink, and it would make the outfit a little bit more toned down and subtle if red's aren't your thing! Either colour would be stunning
Wish list...
Topshop crop top - I'm in love with these, the colour range is amazing and for topshop they're only £10! Bargain! I will be buying some of these asap, you may see them in an up and coming haul!
Disco pants - As I talked about in my previous paragraph about them, I think they look amazing. They can be dressed up or down, with Doc Martins or heels. They are so versatile and I need some asap. My wardrobe is craving them.
Statement necklace - I already have a few, but with summer coming up as well as spring I will be wearing just plains tee's a lot so therefore want something to spice up an outfit. Therefore the statement necklaces is a life-saver.
Mac lipstick - Mac lipsticks I think were featured in one of my earliest wish lists, and they'll never be taken off till I get one. I am planning on buying one in the Easter holidays when I go on a big shopping spree, but that's if i haven't blown it all on primark! They colour ranges are incredible and so many bloggers rave about them, it's time I joined in!
I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post, and let me know wether you liked it! Please subscribe via Bloglovin' or GFC or both! Comment and all that jazz, byee!

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Long time no speak! but I'm back... I have discovered an new obsession which is hair bows. Not just the little clip ones, like the ones which are attached to hairbands or the big ones like they sell in American Apparel. Here's my one...

Sorry about the quality, it was late at night when I took these!

I purchased this hair bow for £3 from Matalan, and they also had a creamy colour but I didn't like that so much. I really love hair accessories as I think they add a really cool vibe to your hair. This hair bow looks super cute and preppy, and lets just say I'm in love. I haven't yet worn it to school, but I sure will be. Next mission is to buy one from American Apparel. I need one.

So at the moment I am currently saving up so my big spring shopping spree in the Easter holidays, but failing as I only have £20. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, and I'm sorry this is a short post but homework is calling me! Make sure to follow, and if you do I'd love it if you followed via Bloglovin'!

What have you been up to at the weekend?

Friday, 15 March 2013


So as you all will know by now there are a lot of rumours about GFC getting deleted on the 1st July... So I am pretty confused.
So just in case it does basically I would love love love love it if you all went a followed me on blog lovin' as I'd hate to loose all my lovely followers. At the moment I'm going round all my blogs that I follow and following them on Bloglovin', and just to be on the safe side I'd recommend you to do that as well (you don't have to though!) Here's my link - - i think that should work. Or down the side bar there is an image which says 'follow this blog on bloglovin'.
If any one actually knows what is going on about this whole GFC getting deleted, please let me know!

I hope everyone is having a great comic relief day, and getting involved! I'm sorry for writing one of these really annoying posts which everyone is writing, but like many other bloggers we don't want to loose our amazing followers!

I have a few exciting posts coming up, and just need the time to write them so expect them up soon! Make sure to follow via bloglovin' or GFC if you're brave ahaha! Trying to get to 40 followers!

Wow, I've rambled on... I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I'm spending mine with a friend and attempting to buy everything in topshop  to save my money, which isn't working.
Thanks for reading...

Monday, 11 March 2013

Beauty tips + tricks!

Firstly, sorry for not posting I've had a lot and I mean a lot of homework to catch up on. But I thought I'd get back into the 'swing' of things with my beauty tips and tricks. I haven't seen many of these going around, but these are just my tips for makeup!

1 - Getting the right shade!

This may be obvious but getting the right shade of foundation or concealer or even powder is so important. If you're concealing a blemish you don't want to highlight it by using a too light or dark of a concealer. Same goes for powders and foundation.

Image from weheartit- once again couldn't make it any bigger otherwise it lost quality!
Often when we are bombarded with all these different shades we tend to think 'I'm pale, I'll get the lightest one' or 'I'm tanned today - I'm wearing fake tan, I'll buy the darkest one' But think about it, If its the summer you may need a darker shade but when your tan goes and your using the wrong shade of foundation, you won't look your best. Another side effect of that is the dreaded 'orange lines' no one likes them, they're highly unattractive and  they're one of my pet hates.

2 - Applying concealer

image from weheartit
When your bombarded with so many brushes sometimes when you're starting out (personal experience!) you can use all sorts of weird brushes to try and apply certain producs. But when you're trying to cover a blemish or dark circles or whatever its important to make the most out of the coverage and not waste it.
My favourite way to conceal when I want full coverage use my beauty blender or sponge to dab the concealer, or i will use a concealer brush.
Using your tip of your finger is also good, but make sure to dab/tap not smudge - especially if you're concealing a blemish.
We have been blessed with concealer therefore we must use it properly! ahaha!
3 - Less is more

I haven't put a picture on this 'section' due to the fact I didn't want to offend anyone and then they'll be like 'thats my sister, get it off' so for those reasons theres no picture...
But we all know what this means, we've all seen those girls with orange lines as thick as vogue, or such clumpy mascara you can't see there eye. Or just that stunning girl with far to much blush on.
I think we all know that less is more, whether its in art or anything! We all have that urge to apply just that little bit more foundation or just one more coat of mascara. STOP.
Less is more!

4 -Shine be gone!

I have incredibly oily skin so its always a big YES for me to carry blotting tissues! They suck up all the oil, but don't take your makeup off. Bonus!

not my own image all credit goes to
 These are really small and compact, and the elf ones are so so so cheap (£1.50) for 50. That's insane. These are a beauty essential. Especially if you're so oily like me they're a life saver!

5 - DIY tinted moisturiser!

Wanting a day off your full coverage foundation routine, or just wanting a change. Tinted moisturisers the way to go! If you don't want to buy one I have the easiest way to make it!
What you need:
Mix them together to the quantity you like then voila, you have a tinted moisturiser! Defiantly try it out, your skin will thank you!

6 - take your time!

image from weheartit
Everybody has those days when they wake up late and have a tiny amount of time to get ready, but still take your time. When you rush and panic things happen, but if you take your time then you're bound to look slightly more 'put together' and not like you had 10 minutes to do your makeup!
Me and mascara in a rush does not go well, therefore I know I have to go slower - find out what things your fast at and what your slow at and adjust your timings around that!
Don't panic though!

7 - Best tip by far

how cute? image again from weheartit
It's the most attractive thing in the world. It instantly makes your face glow, and you just look amazing. Whether you're feeling sad or happy, if you smile it will instantly make you happier. This picture is adorable, it just makes me smile to be honest.
People also warm to people when they smile, its just a natural thing, Smile = beauty.
Keep your head up and just smile. How easy is that?

They're some of my tips, they started off more beauty related but hayho! I may turn this into a monthly thing! Thank you very much for reading, make sure to follow (I'm aiming for 40!!!) and also comment your tips and whether you liked it!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I have a boring life...

I don't know about you but I looooove looking at these kinds of posts so decided to attempt to have a go at my own! For the past week I have been collecting a few pictures of things that I've loved or done this week which as you may be able to tell, isn't much!
But when summer arrives, expect outfit posts and all that jazz! Enjoy...

1/Facebook  - I could spend all day on it
2/ I have a severe addiction to gum... I have soo many packs!
3/Ipad time wooo
4/Primark slippers (£3 - omg) sooo comfy
5/As you can tell I eat a lot of cereal... another one of my addictions *eats mouthful of cereal
6/Skin's improving woooo
7/Tanning season - oh yes. I was actually tanning here, love this garnier stuff
8/Primark wipes - have you ever tried them?
9/ Reading back through my old favourite stories...
 This week has gone so slow, or is that just me? These 7.30am get up timings are getting the better of me... bring on the weekend *fist pumps.
One thing I am looking forward to is my annual spend-up in... PRIMARK. I am going in the easter hoilday's therefore I'm attempting to save (failing though) so I imagine there will be a haul!
I'm rambling on so I think I will leave it there! Oh, and if you would like a skin care routine then let me know as I'm thinking of writing one but not sure!

Hope you've all had a good week!
Make sure to follow and comment as I'm aiming for 40 followers, and I read all comments and check out all your blog links if you leave them! So that's it... I should really learn to stop rambling on so much!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Another award!

I have been nominated again for the Liebster award but not just once, three times!! I'm so grateful to Laura from and Karina from  and finally  Lilie from they write some of my favourite blogs so check them out if you haven't already!
Let's get on with the award...
1. Share 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger has given you.
3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have under 200 Google Friend Connect followers and be told in a comment on their blog.
4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated.
5. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
Things about me -
1. I never can be bothered to change my earrings, yet own far too many!
2. I often resort to a messy bun with my hair when I can't be bothered - which is most days!
3. I LOVE cream eggs... yuuummmm
4.I get jealous really easily!
5. I don't have a boyfriend, topshop is my partner forever and always!
6. I love summer
7. I have too many clothes for my wardrobe!
8. My doc martins are my babies, if anyone steps on them they'll regret it!
9. I find painting my nails boring
10. I never know what to blog about when I have time, but when I don't I have like 10 ideas!
11. I've always wanted to try some American foods, they look so much nicer! If someone from America is willing to send me food, that would be very nice! ahahahahahha!
Questions from Karina!
1) If you were a celebrity for a day who would it be?
Cara Delevingne - Who wouldn't?
2) What's your guilty pleasure?
I don't actually know... glee maybe?
3) What did you want to be when you were younger?
A teacher! Not any more...
4) Do you have a style icon, if so who?
Oh yes... so many... one of them being Dakota Fanning or Rihanna! Two completly different styles, but I love them both!!
5) What is your least favourite make up brand?
That's hard... I'm not a big fan of miss sporty... noone really talks about them but I'm not overly fussed about there products!
6) What's your love/hate product?
Love - Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - amazing, nuff said.
Hate - Natural collection 'green' concealer - don't go near it.
7) Favourite current song?
One way or another/teenage kicks by One Direction!!
Yes, I will admit I am a slight directioner!
8) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Well I hate flying but I'd say America! We need a Target in England, and more forever 21's!
9) Do you have any pets?
3 Fish! Lennie, Betsie Boo, Sally!
10) If you were a animal for a day what would you be?
Fish - you would only remember things for 3 seconds - no point worrying about anything!
11) What is your favourite fashion/beauty magazine?
Company - I love it.
Laura's questions!
1. What is your best fashion bargain?
Umm... My new 'high low' summer dress for £7 from H&M!
2. Long or short hair?
Long... I'm growing my hair!
3. Favourite brand?
Rimmel for drugstore!
4. Favourite nail varnish?
Don't actually have one, I really like my Chanel one (can't remember shade name!)
5. Favourite subject at school (college or uni e.t.c)?
6. Favourite accessory?
Rings/Statement necklaces!
7. How long have you had your blog?
Not long at all - 2/3 months I think!
8. Favourite sweet treat?
The eggs you get in Haribo Starmix - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Or cream eggs! In fact I love most sweet things!
9. Favourite sport?
Football, I've played throughout my life!
10. Favourite LUSH product?
I can't remember the name of my favourite bath bomb, but I quite like the smell of the 'fun' in the colour blue!
11. Favourite scent (perfume)?
Hollister body spray - Silver Strand Beach!
Questions from Lilie!
1. What month does your birthday fall?
August - Summer baby woooo!
2. Can you speak more that 1 language?
3. Can you describe your perfect date?
Just relaxed, and cuddly!
4. What's your current ring tone?
Just a standard one, no fancy song!
5. What's your personal worst colour to wear on your nails?
Yellow, I shall never wear it again!
6. Where do you tend to spend your Saturday nights?
On a date with my computer!
7. How long have you had your blog?
Not long - 2/3 months I think!
8. Do you use any other website people may be interested in following you on?
9. What's your favourite pizza topping?
10. What has been your most expensive hair/beauty/fashion purchase or gift?
My baby's - doc martins! They were £100 reduced from £110! They were part of my Christmas present - I love them!
11. Is there anything you'd tell yourself if you could go backwards or forward in time?
Don't worry about what people think of you, it's only your friends that count!
Wow - that took a long time!
Nominations -
Well... I've been looking for over 20 minutes and everyones blog I like with under 200 followers has been nominated. But if you're reading this post, and you have under 200 followers then follow me and then do this post and leave your link in the comments and I will check it out + follow!
SO I NOMINATE YOU! With these questions...
1. Favourite Season and why?
2. Best fashion buy?
3. Most warn winter outfit?
4. Chinese or fish and chips?
5. Rimmel or Maybelline?
4. Favourite hobbies?
5. What camera do you take your blog pictures with?
6. Favourite junk food?
7. If you could live any where in the world where would it be?
8. Dream job?
9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
10. Would you ever post youtube videos/ favourite youtube guru?
11. Will you forever carry on your blog?
So once again, I'd love it if someone surprised me and did these questions! I'm also sorry if I have missed out someone I could've nominated!
I have a few reviews coming up also, but maybe not a haul for a while I'm saving up for a huge shopping trip hopefully! I have now also reach 30 followers including my Bloglovin' followers! YEEESS! Next aim 40... ahah! Follow and comment it makes my day!

Saturday, 2 March 2013


This was a very unexpected shopping trip! I had no money what so ever, but me being me felt the need to go into town! When rumaging through my purse I came across 3 new looks vouchers (oh yes), along with random buttons, rubbish and godness know what else! So  I thought 'why not see wether they've got money on'  I also got lent £5 of my parents (yesss), so off I went!
Anyway let's get onto the haul!

Rimmel lasting finish 1000 kisses - I didn't go in to boots to actually get this, I really wanted one of the Revlon lip butters, but the colours didn't appeal to me that much! So I spent forver trying to find the perfect shade from another lip product. I am going to a posh 'do' tommorrow and was looking for a pinky/berry colour and I love this.
The pigmentation is great and very moisturizing so far! It's just like a felt-tip pen so if you're not a big lover of applying lipsticks these are a great alternative! I will be going back for more colours (though I didn't think the colour choice was that good, I'll still go back!), especially as they are only £4.49!

The moment my eyes fell on these bad boys, I had to have them. Whatever, whether I had money on my vouchers or not! These are perfect for when your hair is up in a big bun and you want to make a statement!
I cannot express my love for these...
I hadn't found anything in new look for ages, but as I walked in I was in love with everything once again! As I rummaged through the racks I discovered a copy of the 'speckled' topshop skater dresses for... £12... I put it down *regret it already* and carried on, but I thought I would make you guys aware of the topshop copies they do! I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference at all between that dress and the topshop one!
Another thing which I have now fallen in love with is new look jewellery! I think they do some amazing peices and statment knecklaces and rings. I'm never a big fan of bracelets due to the fact that they annoy me but I do love statement knecklaces! New look jewellery have also got a huge selection of peter pan collars, but they have all sorts! Ones which look like they've just cut them off a regular shits, others with imense details, they're too die for. They even have one which looks just like my primark 'jaguar' collared blouse which was featured in my other post here go an check them out!

A summer staple piece is a bandeau, you can pair them under blouses, on top of bikinis, anyway you want! I brought this from new look and its a 'off white' colour! The picture doesnt really do it justice but it's actually really nice, though I would never wear it just on its own! For £3 it's well worth it, and once i've got more money I'll be going back to get other colours!
Turn's out I got to the till and all my new look vouchers had money on, so that was a plus!

This is a pretty small and unexpected haul, but I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave any post suggestions in the comments and I'll be sure to read them and get back to you! I also am looking for new lip products and colours, so if you have any suggestions or favourites - leave them below!

Make sure to follow and all that...