Monday, 11 March 2013

Beauty tips + tricks!

Firstly, sorry for not posting I've had a lot and I mean a lot of homework to catch up on. But I thought I'd get back into the 'swing' of things with my beauty tips and tricks. I haven't seen many of these going around, but these are just my tips for makeup!

1 - Getting the right shade!

This may be obvious but getting the right shade of foundation or concealer or even powder is so important. If you're concealing a blemish you don't want to highlight it by using a too light or dark of a concealer. Same goes for powders and foundation.

Image from weheartit- once again couldn't make it any bigger otherwise it lost quality!
Often when we are bombarded with all these different shades we tend to think 'I'm pale, I'll get the lightest one' or 'I'm tanned today - I'm wearing fake tan, I'll buy the darkest one' But think about it, If its the summer you may need a darker shade but when your tan goes and your using the wrong shade of foundation, you won't look your best. Another side effect of that is the dreaded 'orange lines' no one likes them, they're highly unattractive and  they're one of my pet hates.

2 - Applying concealer

image from weheartit
When your bombarded with so many brushes sometimes when you're starting out (personal experience!) you can use all sorts of weird brushes to try and apply certain producs. But when you're trying to cover a blemish or dark circles or whatever its important to make the most out of the coverage and not waste it.
My favourite way to conceal when I want full coverage use my beauty blender or sponge to dab the concealer, or i will use a concealer brush.
Using your tip of your finger is also good, but make sure to dab/tap not smudge - especially if you're concealing a blemish.
We have been blessed with concealer therefore we must use it properly! ahaha!
3 - Less is more

I haven't put a picture on this 'section' due to the fact I didn't want to offend anyone and then they'll be like 'thats my sister, get it off' so for those reasons theres no picture...
But we all know what this means, we've all seen those girls with orange lines as thick as vogue, or such clumpy mascara you can't see there eye. Or just that stunning girl with far to much blush on.
I think we all know that less is more, whether its in art or anything! We all have that urge to apply just that little bit more foundation or just one more coat of mascara. STOP.
Less is more!

4 -Shine be gone!

I have incredibly oily skin so its always a big YES for me to carry blotting tissues! They suck up all the oil, but don't take your makeup off. Bonus!

not my own image all credit goes to
 These are really small and compact, and the elf ones are so so so cheap (£1.50) for 50. That's insane. These are a beauty essential. Especially if you're so oily like me they're a life saver!

5 - DIY tinted moisturiser!

Wanting a day off your full coverage foundation routine, or just wanting a change. Tinted moisturisers the way to go! If you don't want to buy one I have the easiest way to make it!
What you need:
Mix them together to the quantity you like then voila, you have a tinted moisturiser! Defiantly try it out, your skin will thank you!

6 - take your time!

image from weheartit
Everybody has those days when they wake up late and have a tiny amount of time to get ready, but still take your time. When you rush and panic things happen, but if you take your time then you're bound to look slightly more 'put together' and not like you had 10 minutes to do your makeup!
Me and mascara in a rush does not go well, therefore I know I have to go slower - find out what things your fast at and what your slow at and adjust your timings around that!
Don't panic though!

7 - Best tip by far

how cute? image again from weheartit
It's the most attractive thing in the world. It instantly makes your face glow, and you just look amazing. Whether you're feeling sad or happy, if you smile it will instantly make you happier. This picture is adorable, it just makes me smile to be honest.
People also warm to people when they smile, its just a natural thing, Smile = beauty.
Keep your head up and just smile. How easy is that?

They're some of my tips, they started off more beauty related but hayho! I may turn this into a monthly thing! Thank you very much for reading, make sure to follow (I'm aiming for 40!!!) and also comment your tips and whether you liked it!


  1. Lovely post ellie :) your so right about smiling as well! X
    Check out my blog? :)

    1. Yeah thank you, will check you out ahah xx

  2. i agree with the time part so much, love this post:) xo

  3. These are great tips, I defiantly agree with less is more!