Friday, 15 March 2013


So as you all will know by now there are a lot of rumours about GFC getting deleted on the 1st July... So I am pretty confused.
So just in case it does basically I would love love love love it if you all went a followed me on blog lovin' as I'd hate to loose all my lovely followers. At the moment I'm going round all my blogs that I follow and following them on Bloglovin', and just to be on the safe side I'd recommend you to do that as well (you don't have to though!) Here's my link - - i think that should work. Or down the side bar there is an image which says 'follow this blog on bloglovin'.
If any one actually knows what is going on about this whole GFC getting deleted, please let me know!

I hope everyone is having a great comic relief day, and getting involved! I'm sorry for writing one of these really annoying posts which everyone is writing, but like many other bloggers we don't want to loose our amazing followers!

I have a few exciting posts coming up, and just need the time to write them so expect them up soon! Make sure to follow via bloglovin' or GFC if you're brave ahaha! Trying to get to 40 followers!

Wow, I've rambled on... I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I'm spending mine with a friend and attempting to buy everything in topshop  to save my money, which isn't working.
Thanks for reading...


  1. Thanks for the link, followed!
    it'll be annoying if gfc does go x

    1. That's okay - thanks for being loyal and following! I know it'll be so annoying, I know not everyone in my followers will have a bloglovin' account or bother following, so it'll be ashame as i worked hard!
      Thanks for the comment,
      Ellie x

  2. Followed love x

    1. thank you, i believe i follow your on bloglovin as well now!x