Sunday, 17 March 2013


Long time no speak! but I'm back... I have discovered an new obsession which is hair bows. Not just the little clip ones, like the ones which are attached to hairbands or the big ones like they sell in American Apparel. Here's my one...

Sorry about the quality, it was late at night when I took these!

I purchased this hair bow for £3 from Matalan, and they also had a creamy colour but I didn't like that so much. I really love hair accessories as I think they add a really cool vibe to your hair. This hair bow looks super cute and preppy, and lets just say I'm in love. I haven't yet worn it to school, but I sure will be. Next mission is to buy one from American Apparel. I need one.

So at the moment I am currently saving up so my big spring shopping spree in the Easter holidays, but failing as I only have £20. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, and I'm sorry this is a short post but homework is calling me! Make sure to follow, and if you do I'd love it if you followed via Bloglovin'!

What have you been up to at the weekend?


  1. this looks lovely :)I have lots of hair bits, but i'm not very adventerous, have to try this! x

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous, really suits you too!
    Imogen <3