Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spring Look/Wishlist

Spring Look/Wishlist

To me this outfit is perfection. This post is going to be a kind of look/wish list for spring! First I'll explain the outfit...
1 - Crop tops.
For me crop tops are a must have, I own so many and I think they look incredible with high waisted bottoms as they show off the amazing waist line (if thats what you call it). I think they go perfectly with this outfit.
2 - Disco pants.
Can we just take a moment to appreciate disco pants? Thank you. Disco pants are my all time favourite thing at the moment, I'm in love. They look incredible. Every person I've seen wearing them look incredible. They go so well in this outfit because the crop top shows the high waisted-ness (couldn't think of they word to describe it!) and makes your body look perfect.
3 - Wedges.
Wedges are one of the most comfortable heels I find to walk in, they have a bit more support and I think they look once again, incredible. These type of wedges show off your arch of your foot, giving off the illusion of longer legs. Who wouldn't want longer legs, or at least the illusion of longer legs? They are a essential for me in the spring/summer because when the weather warms up (if we ever get warm weather in the uk) then they look amazing with jeans or shorts and dresses. Anything. These shoes go so well because once again they are empathising what you already have.
4 - Statement necklace.
Statement necklaces make or break an outfit. It's that simple. I am in love with this blue one. I think it goes so well with the outfit as it's quite plain and colourless and then you add a pop of colour with this beautiful necklace. The colour is perfect for spring and summer, and well its just perfection.
5 - Lipstick
Mac lipsticks, I'm going to use that 'p' word again... perfection. I need some so badly, the colour range is perfect. I couldn't decide which shade to include in this outfit so I thought I'd include both, so here's an option. I actually have forgotten the shade names *slaps wrist. The deepest colour is my favourite, its a dark red, and I think would look incredible with this outfit. It would make the outfit come together (as long as you're not wearing a lot of over-powering eye makeup) and bring another pop of colour.
The lightest shade is a more of a 'your lips but better' colour. It's a gorgeous dolly pink, and it would make the outfit a little bit more toned down and subtle if red's aren't your thing! Either colour would be stunning
Wish list...
Topshop crop top - I'm in love with these, the colour range is amazing and for topshop they're only £10! Bargain! I will be buying some of these asap, you may see them in an up and coming haul!
Disco pants - As I talked about in my previous paragraph about them, I think they look amazing. They can be dressed up or down, with Doc Martins or heels. They are so versatile and I need some asap. My wardrobe is craving them.
Statement necklace - I already have a few, but with summer coming up as well as spring I will be wearing just plains tee's a lot so therefore want something to spice up an outfit. Therefore the statement necklaces is a life-saver.
Mac lipstick - Mac lipsticks I think were featured in one of my earliest wish lists, and they'll never be taken off till I get one. I am planning on buying one in the Easter holidays when I go on a big shopping spree, but that's if i haven't blown it all on primark! They colour ranges are incredible and so many bloggers rave about them, it's time I joined in!
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  1. Love the shoes and there only £20! Must have item perfect for summer. Why not have both MAC lipsticks, I know that's what you really want :)

    Which Hazel?

    1. It's insane - £20!!! Ahaha. Well you obviously no me so well! I think both may slip into my bag!!! Ahahah' love Ellie x

  2. I love this look! Im also head over heels in love with disco pants and crop tops at the mo :) x

    1. Ahaha, snap! They're to die for! Love Ellie x