Friday, 29 March 2013

Will we ever get spring?

Once again I'm apologising for the lack of posts, I have had so much work and I just haven't been in the mood recently! I was going to build the suspense for my haul (hopefully) when I go shopping on Tuesday but couldn't resist! These are just some images I got off the amazing website 'We heart it' which is one of my personal favourites. Whilst wasting my time scrolling through many pages productively looking for my spring inspiration I came across these and thought I'd share them with you, so here we go!

 My computer never likes to make the weheartit images that big, so we'll have to deal with that one! Anyway, all of these pictures I instantly fell in love with! I know its wish-full thinking here in the UK for hot weather and sunshine, but I am thinking it may start to come *looks out the window to see snow*.

-The first image is just a typical 'me' outfit for spring/summer on those hot days. Its chilled and fashionable and that necklace... I just went to heaven, If anyone knows where to get that or a dupe leave it in the comments!

-The second one is just cute, for days where its colder you can just chuck on this with maybe a pair of tights and your ready. This is just perfection.

-These short, wow. I would live in these, when I was younger I had a similar pair in lime green and I wore them to death, and I refused to get rid of them. Now they're sitting in my wardrobe in the hope that I'll be able to fit in them again, which I highly doubt due to the fact that they're size 7-8 in kids.

-Messy buns are my lifesaver, I'm wearing one now and I'm usually wearing them all the time in spring and summer. They keep the heat off your neck and they look so cute. I have medium/short hair and have figured out how to do a big messy bun so if you want a tutorial via pictures leave it in the comments and I'll be more that happy to do so!

These are just some uber-cute images I found, I hope you've enjoyed it, expect a haul hopefully sometime in this up and coming week as I'm finally going shopping, I don't have that much money but enough for primark, and may even be cheeky and head to mac. I haven't decided, what do you think save and buy more in primark, or go to mac? Tough choice!

Thanks for reading, make sure to follow and all that jazz...


  1. Aw, such cute little pics, love all of these outfits!

    Imogen <3

  2. hey ellie, i did a post like this but with image of pinterest just the other day haha:) i really wanna make a we heart it account now, oh and i emailed you about what posts i like to see xxxxx

    1. Hey, oh great i'll check it out! You should its great, just replied as well x

  3. These images are all so lovely :) I just wish it would start feeling like spring! X