Monday, 29 April 2013

April favourites!

Once again I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I did do my first ootd but then deleted it as I didn't like it. But I'm not going to ramble on about that. I haven't done a 'favourite post' in a while it seems, as last month I didn't have anything that special to go on about but now I seem to have accumulated a pile of things I love.

Simple Moisturiser (day cream)
I have used this for several months now, and have constantly repurchased this. I found when I took days off from using this my skin went flaky, and wasn't a nice texture to apply makeup onto. This moisturiser is such a good product, and is a reasonable price.

Mac blot powder
I have a huge love for this product, its an amazing powder. I did a big review on it and expressed my love for it, so I won't go into too much as you can go and read the review! But basically it just helps me keep my face oil free and shine free, and also gives a lovely finish. It is quite expensive (£20) but totally worth it, as it's far better than any other drugstore powder I have used!

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruitti
I was a bit late on the whole lip butter craze. But now I completely know why there was a huge craze. They're so moisturising and the colour choices are great. They're now my everyday lip product, this colour is a gorgeous coral/orange and I've gotten quite a few compliments!

Rimmel Apolcolips in Celestial
Every single blogger has these and 99% love them. I did a huge rave on them when they first came out, and my love for them hasn't changed one bit. The colour stays on forever, the finish is incredible, the pigmentation is amazing. They're just in general an amazing product, if you do not own one of these then you really should. They're about the £5 mark and worth every single penny!

Maybelline - The falsies mascara
I am in love, I have never been satisfied and impressed with a mascara until I got this. It truly thickens, lengthens and does everything you want a mascara to do. I love the wand, its slightly curved (like the shape of your eye) and applies evenly to all of your lashes. Its easy to do the top and bottom, and really does make a difference to the look of your eyes. I will repurchase this over and over now, it really is an amazing mascara.

Elf Stipple Brush
I brought this brush a long while ago, and I use it everyday so I have no clue why I haven't wrote about this before. It applies my foundation really evenly and gives a nice finish. I don't really know what to say about a brush, but I'll do my best. It never flakes on your skin, and looses the hairs. It's just a great brush.

Garnier summer body
This is a gradual tanning moisturiser, so it basically builds up colour gradually as well as moisturising. I love it, a little goes a long way and it smells amazing. I use this most nights and I'm know longer looking like an alpaca!

Hope you've enjoyed my April favourites! I think I'll be going shopping soon, so a haul may be on its way! Follow, comment and all that jazz!

Monday, 15 April 2013

A weird little haul

Today I took a trip with my nan to a small little town, which has virtually nothing in it. Apart from Boots, superdrug and some odd little shops. Whilst spending forever in superdrug wishing I had money (as I'd left mine at home) my nan was so kind and offered to buy me something of my choice! SCORE. So with that, these sneaky things sneaked into my basket...

Being the amazing sister that I am the nail polishes are actually for my sister as they were on 3 for 2 in superdrug, and I know that she loves Barry M. Top sister over here!

So overall I just got the lip butter, yes I do know I'm a bit late on the lip butter train! But better late than never. I haven't tried it yet, But hopefully I'll love them just as much as everyone else. I got the shade 'tutti fruitti' which is a gorgeous orangy, coral colour. I may even do a little review on them.

The nail polishes my sister received are in (R-L) magnetic blue, mint green and pomegranate! They're all stunning colours, and I think I will be borrowing these ahah!

This is a bit of a weird post but I couldn't think what to post, so I thought I'd just update you with these purchases! School tommorrow, eurgh. I'm not even ready, I should be getting ready and packing my bag all ready for the morning but instead I'm blogging oopps!

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Have you tried the Lip Butters - Do you like them!?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mac Blot powder review.

If you've read my last haul post, then you'll know I went to mac and splurged on the Blot Powder. This happened to be my first mac item, and I was ecstatic. First I really wanted the 'Fix fluid' foundation, but they didn't have my shade (NW13) so to make up for that I went straight to this powder!
I thought as you guys have come along with me since the start of my blogging experience and me always wanting something from mac, I thought it was only right to review it for all you lovelys! Right you're now thinking 'stop rambling and get on with it' so here we go!

I have incredibly oily skin so its hard to find a good powder which keeps my face matt for a long period of time. I have tried the stay matte powder from rimmel which everyone raves about, and yet I don't really like it. I think if you have really oily skin (from my personal experience) it doesn't really help, but if you have maybe combination skin it works a lot better. So by finding this mac powder it was a life-saver.

Mac is well known for the simple, recognisable packaging. Its iconic black packaging whether its a lipstick, powder, eye shadow, it stands out for multiple reasons. That being the simple text stating name, shade and product. Or the font being simple and the Mac logo being written across the product.
I personally love the packaging its chic, effortless and easy to carry around. Just what you want in a product packaging.

The powder it's self is very pigmented. A little goes along way. Thats great because it means *fingers crossed* it won't run out fast. Another factor I love about this powder is that it never gives that 'cakey' or 'heavy' feel. Sometimes powder can leave a bit of a heavy and 'dusty' finish. Where it kind off just settles on the skin. This powder really doesn't leave any trace of it laying on the surface, it just looks natural and matt. I hate powders which look un-natural and heavy.
It lasts quite a reasonable amount of time i'd say 5-6 hours. On a long shopping trip its perfect, no slipping or sliding of your foundation. The blot powder has an amazing finish and keeps my skin matt for i'd say 4/5 hours and after that period my skin starts to look a tiny bit more shiny. But nothing to bad, its bearable. Even after 4/5 hours i'd say it still lasts for another hour or so, it just looses it's 'matt' touch. It also it good for setting concealer and foundation, so it has multiple uses.

This powder is by far worth the £20 price tag, and I think this will be on my reperchase list. If I haven't convinced you that this powder it amazing, then I don't know what else will!

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 Having oily skin can be so annoying especially in summer, do you have any reccomendations?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So you may know if you already read my blog a lot that I have been saving and looking forward to this shopping trip forever. I went with a friend and I had an amazing time, I decided to take some pictures whilst we were there and then a haul at the end, double whammy!
let's just say my bank account was crying after this...
 Just some images now from the day...

Shoes, shoes and more shoes.

At this point I was deciding whether to buy these or not...

American style slush-puppies.

Such a healthy lunch!

Guess where I went?!
 Now onto the main attraction, the haul.

 Frilly socks are everywhere so I thought I'd join in, unfortunately this primark didn't have the best of selection of colours but black and white are basic colours and will go with everything!
 These sunglasses I fell in love with, they were only £2.50 and as soon as I saw them I had to get them. They have this vintage-retro feel.Yesterday was so sunny (for once) so I took full opportunity of that and wore them all day long. They're also great because some sunglasses really change the colours of everything, for example either really washes them out or brightens and these are just lovely and barley change the colour of your surroundings, but still protects your eyes. Don't know whether that made any sense or not!

 Looking back on this necklace, not quite sure why I brought it but I quite like it. I don't really know what it is, its a hand but I don't know whether it's meant to resemble anything! For £2.00 I just thought it would add a bit of a twist on a plain outfit!

 When I saw these bad boys I think apart of me died a little inside, they're beautiful. I don't actually own any converse's, and can never be bothered to pay for them. So when I saw these I just had to get them. The colour selection was really good, apart from those dodgy colours and prints which of course buying these from primark they were bound to have. I really fell in love with a mint green pair, but persuaded my friend to get them and as we're the same size we can swap! They're going to look super cute in the summer with shorts, and skater skirts and in fact i think I'm going to wear them today!

 I have never really thought much of primark makeup brushes, but I overheard someone saying how much they loved them and that they were her favourites. So me being me, I picked up 2. I must say am slightly disappointed with the bronzing brush, it flakes so much and they hairs fall out so easily. I may do a proper review on them!

 This is one of my favourite purchases. I am obsessed with Disney and when I saw this I literally ran (embarrassing, I know) to it. Unfortunately they didn't have my size but I had to get it so I went a few sizes up. When I tried it on it looks quite nice and it's over sized and slouchy! If you own disco pants, this would look incredible. If not, I wear this with some high-waisted topshop thick leggings, and skater skits, oh and shorts would look cute with this. I think we call all just agree this is perfection in a top.

 I had actually put this top back, but decided to pick it back up because I just think it fits in with the whole monochrome theme, and is really cute. It also reminds me of the whole collection which topshop did with all the wording and prints. It was something crazy like £4-£6 and I just thought why not!? I wore this last night for a meal with some high-waisted trousers and my hair up in a bun, and it looked quite 'sophisticated' if I do say so myself!

I did it. I got something from mac. I was/am so happy with this. First of all the lady's in mac (the shop, not the counter) were so helpful and lovely, sometimes being young and asking for makeup or help they can sometimes look down on you. But the girls in mac were so helpful, I got my whole makeup done for free and all I asked for was to get my skin matched! I really wanted to get the foundation that they used on me, which I think was something like 'fix fluid', I have it on a piece of paper somewhere. But me being me wanted to see whether my sensitive skin would react, so I went for lunch and did a bit more retail therapy then headed back to mac. When I eventually got back to mac I looked in the huge mirror and saw no oils and my face was matt. A huge shock for me considering my skins is super oily, I went to the till and immediately asked for the foundation and unfortunately didn't have my shade (which is NW13!), they had just ran out. I was so upset, so to make myself happy again, I had to buy something. This was the powder that she used on me and I love it. I am going to do a full review on it at some point when I've worked with it a bit more.
I got the shade medium and its a perfect match. Well done mac, great customer service. Of course I'll be back!

Overall I had a great shopping trip, I must say all the things apart from mac were from primark! I hope you've enjoyed this haul, it's taken me forever! Follow, comment and all that jazz. I'm aiming for 40-50 followers, please?!