Monday, 15 April 2013

A weird little haul

Today I took a trip with my nan to a small little town, which has virtually nothing in it. Apart from Boots, superdrug and some odd little shops. Whilst spending forever in superdrug wishing I had money (as I'd left mine at home) my nan was so kind and offered to buy me something of my choice! SCORE. So with that, these sneaky things sneaked into my basket...

Being the amazing sister that I am the nail polishes are actually for my sister as they were on 3 for 2 in superdrug, and I know that she loves Barry M. Top sister over here!

So overall I just got the lip butter, yes I do know I'm a bit late on the lip butter train! But better late than never. I haven't tried it yet, But hopefully I'll love them just as much as everyone else. I got the shade 'tutti fruitti' which is a gorgeous orangy, coral colour. I may even do a little review on them.

The nail polishes my sister received are in (R-L) magnetic blue, mint green and pomegranate! They're all stunning colours, and I think I will be borrowing these ahah!

This is a bit of a weird post but I couldn't think what to post, so I thought I'd just update you with these purchases! School tommorrow, eurgh. I'm not even ready, I should be getting ready and packing my bag all ready for the morning but instead I'm blogging oopps!

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Have you tried the Lip Butters - Do you like them!?


  1. I love the lip butters :)+ not looking forward to school either! X

  2. i really want to try a lip butter, just havent got round to buying one! Great little haul, love barry m nail polish - think im a tad jealous of your sister now;)
    Joni X

    1. I know, it was one of those things I just wasn't that interested in, but now I'm in love!

  3. I love the lip butter, such a lovely colour! x