Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mac Blot powder review.

If you've read my last haul post, then you'll know I went to mac and splurged on the Blot Powder. This happened to be my first mac item, and I was ecstatic. First I really wanted the 'Fix fluid' foundation, but they didn't have my shade (NW13) so to make up for that I went straight to this powder!
I thought as you guys have come along with me since the start of my blogging experience and me always wanting something from mac, I thought it was only right to review it for all you lovelys! Right you're now thinking 'stop rambling and get on with it' so here we go!

I have incredibly oily skin so its hard to find a good powder which keeps my face matt for a long period of time. I have tried the stay matte powder from rimmel which everyone raves about, and yet I don't really like it. I think if you have really oily skin (from my personal experience) it doesn't really help, but if you have maybe combination skin it works a lot better. So by finding this mac powder it was a life-saver.

Mac is well known for the simple, recognisable packaging. Its iconic black packaging whether its a lipstick, powder, eye shadow, it stands out for multiple reasons. That being the simple text stating name, shade and product. Or the font being simple and the Mac logo being written across the product.
I personally love the packaging its chic, effortless and easy to carry around. Just what you want in a product packaging.

The powder it's self is very pigmented. A little goes along way. Thats great because it means *fingers crossed* it won't run out fast. Another factor I love about this powder is that it never gives that 'cakey' or 'heavy' feel. Sometimes powder can leave a bit of a heavy and 'dusty' finish. Where it kind off just settles on the skin. This powder really doesn't leave any trace of it laying on the surface, it just looks natural and matt. I hate powders which look un-natural and heavy.
It lasts quite a reasonable amount of time i'd say 5-6 hours. On a long shopping trip its perfect, no slipping or sliding of your foundation. The blot powder has an amazing finish and keeps my skin matt for i'd say 4/5 hours and after that period my skin starts to look a tiny bit more shiny. But nothing to bad, its bearable. Even after 4/5 hours i'd say it still lasts for another hour or so, it just looses it's 'matt' touch. It also it good for setting concealer and foundation, so it has multiple uses.

This powder is by far worth the £20 price tag, and I think this will be on my reperchase list. If I haven't convinced you that this powder it amazing, then I don't know what else will!

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 Having oily skin can be so annoying especially in summer, do you have any reccomendations?


  1. I just purchased my first Mac item recently as well! X

  2. I love mac products! Looks like you got on well with it!

  3. i just got my first mac product too, a lippy:) i have added your button to my blog btw xo

  4. I really want to buy my first MAC product but I'm waiting until I can actually go to a shop to see the product in real life before I buy it. There's so much i want! I love you blog btw!
    ps could you check out my blog? :)

    1. yeah definatley, I was suprised at what colour I needed in my powder! Same, why can't it just be cheaper? waah! Aww thank you, I will as well!!

      Ellie xx