Monday, 20 May 2013

Avon review!

So the lovely people at Avon recently sent me some goodies, and I said I would review them! So for the last week I have been testing them out and experimenting with them! It's fair to say I love them! So here go's my rave...

Furthest one away - 'Silver'
One closest - 'flash'

To start with I'll talk about the eyeliners! These are called the 'Super shock, gel eyeliner'. I got mine in the colours silver and flash. When I first received these I was super impressed with the pigmentation, literally you need a light hand! I tried out a look using these eyeliners, and when it came to washing it off it was so hard. I used makeup remover, water, makeup wipes. They eventually did come off but I was impressed, they weren't going anywhere so a while! These are a big love of mine at the moment!

Blush blush blush. Let's all just take a moment of appreciation for this colour, oh my. This is one of my all time favourite blushes. Just like the eyeliners it's super pigmented and stays on all day. I got a lot of compliments at the weekend on how it looked, score!! I will be repurchasing this over and over again, for sure!

This nail polish is an amazing colour, its called 'turqouise pop' and is a gorgeous mint green. After testing this out over the weekend, it is super fast to dry which is great and it doesn't chip for ages. This is a all around amazing nail polish! I will be looking to get some more colours!

I hope you all now feel inspired to go onto Avon and start to take a look on there website, they do have some amazing products! Now I've got an announcement.... I won a competition on the website 'Punky Princess' to be there guest editor from 1-30th of June! Wow, I'm super excited! I will be taking over the beauty section and writing over there! I will still be posting on this blog, but a little less frequently! Don't panic though, I will be posting and if you're really missing me that much you can go and read my posts over on Punky Princess! I am also doing a giveaway for hitting 50 followers!! Everyone loves a giveaway, I have brought the things and have almost finished the post so hopefully that should be up some time this week! It includes some favourites, but it's not huge so don't get too excited!

Follow, comment and all that jazz! + look out for that giveaway!


  1. Never really been into Avon before but this has really made me want to try their products, that blush looks amazing!

    Imogen <3

  2. I've never actually bought anything from Avon, but that blush is tempting! + congrats on winning the competition :) x