Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Competition time!

So today I thought I'd make you aware of a great competition that is currently going on. Punky Princess is a website which involves fashion, baking, hair, nails, celebs, gossip. Literally anything! It's an amazing website! They emailed me and made me aware of a competition that they're hosting to find a guest editor! They say:

'We are looking for three guest editors to take over a section of the Punky Princess website, writing and editing the stuff you want to see on the site.'

I have entered myself in the competition as I think as it's great to get my writing skills up and also be dedicated to something and say 'I am part of that'. I would love to win just as much as anyone else who has entered, but I know they're so many amazing bloggers who would be great at the role. Therefore I would love for maybe some of you guys to get involved.

If you're interested, click on this link http://www.punkyprincess.com/fun/competition-search-for-punky-princess-guest-editors/ and it'll take you to the rules of the competition.

Please get going as I'm pretty sure the competition end's really soon!

(I forgot I wrote this post ages ago, and found this in my drafts and completely forgot to post this! silly me, but still get entering!)

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