Sunday, 12 May 2013

Haul with the sister!

So today I took a quick trip into town, and me and my sister both picked up some things so together we thought we'd combine them to make a haul! I have £0 now, and of course just as I have no money all the shops bring out the best clothes, typical. But for now here's what we got!

This is a bit odd for me to buy books, but I did! Recently I have been thinking that I need to get into reading more, of course I read magazines but I wanted a good old book to read! I'm constantly reading fashions mag's so my vocabulary tends to consist of words featured in 'Elle' or 'Vogue' not the dictionary (if you get me!). I headed into Waterstones and ended up coming out with two, the book 'Skinny' really intrigued me because it seems to be all about a girl with weight issues who has a little voice on her shoulder called 'skinny', how is constantly abusing her with words about her weight. I think this is a issue which most girls including me, go through. The next book is written by one of my favourite authors and it just pulled me in. It seems to be set in the war time and is about some boy and an elephant, as you can tell I don't know as much about this one! If you guys want an update or review on these books just let me know!

The main reason we went to superdrug was because I am doing my sister's prom makeup (I'm quite scared to be honest!), therefore I wanted to pick up some new products to try out on her! I have heard so much about the sleek palette's and the palette in the shade 'storm' was a must have. I've heard these colours stay on for ages, have great pigmentation, are easy to work with, and someone said they were as good as mac (wow!). So for £7.99 that was coming home with me!
Next on my list was lips, me and my sister decided to go for really subtle lips so we found this Maybelline Colour Sensation in shade '132' (sweet pink). We tried it on when we get home and its gorgeous. The colour is lovely!
After a long chat with my sister she decided she didn't want huge fake lashes, so I thought we could just use these individual lashes at the outer corners to make the eyes 'pop' and the lashes to look incredible. Hopefully it'll look lovely! I think these were about £3.49?!
We still have a few more items to get, foundation, bronzer, etc... but I'm really happy so far and so is my sister!

Ok, So it's Ellie's sister here, i've taken over her blog for a little bit. MWAHAHAHA!! I'm just gonna show you what I brought in town...
So, I was wandering around in Boots, not really knowing what to do when I came across the Maybelline display, and what did i notice - my absolute favourite mascara was on offer (WOOP!!!) Of coourse, being the planner I am, I decided to buy one. The mascara is called Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof. It's just like amazing - and it had £2.00 off, so it was £5.99. I'm very excited. I will be honest with you guys, I am not the best moisturiser in the entire world - I always forget to moisturise etc. So, in order to change it (Ellie always gets on at me to moisturise) I brought some Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I've used some of ellie's before (Sssh) and loved how quickly my skin becomes beautifully moist again. It was only £3.79 as well, which I thought was cheap compared to others so I snapped it up (In case you haven't noticed I'm a little bit of a bargain hunter) I love Simple products, as the feeling that you are not putting chemicals that are bad for you and are being kind to your skin just makes me feel insanely good!
So, there I was on my way to the till and I noticed this nail polish display. I have never heard of the brand before - but having googled them since they seem quite good. The polish was only £1.99 and I was like I have to buy one and try it out. Having looked at some reviews since, I get the impression that this may have been quite a good buy. A lot of them are 5 stars. The shape of the bottle makes it seem really professional, and I think i may buy a few more colours. I have not tried it out that because I would only have to take it off because of school. But when I do, I may try and persuade Ellie to let me do a review post on them. I brought the glitter one because not only if mine getting a bit old, but also because I want to try this gradual glitter effect on my nails. Fingers crossed this was a great purchase!
And now, onto a favourite of mine.... Tresemme Touchable Finish Ultimate Hold and Platinum Shine. I have brought this quite a few times before, and absolutely love it to bits. Sadly, my last one was used up far too quickly due to someone (Ellie) using it a lot. But this one will be hidden somewhere secret... It is so good, an it keeps in all day, and comes out easily. I definitely recommend it. I brought it from Savers (I know, but it is so much cheaper than anywhere else) And it was only £3.99 which is really cheap. Whilst I was in Savers, I also brought a packet of Tangfastics for £1, and ate them all watching a film, (I've been in one of those pig out moods for a couple of days...) Well yeah, It was nice doing this blogpost (if you wanna check out my Blog, although it's not really anything to do with beauty, fashion etc though I may do a few posts on hauls etc and I only set it up yesterday its: See ya, Katie xxx

Ellie back now! I hope you've enjoyed reading and if you like my sister's little segment then make sure to go over to her blog and follow. Please do, she's just started and I think you guys will love it! Hope you've all had a good weekend!


  1. Great haul! + love the new banner :) x

    1. Thank you - Thank you again ahahh! Check out my design page if you want to know about the people who made it!

      Ellie x

  2. Hi Ellie, today is international M.E awareness day, I have a post up trying to raise awareness of such a devastating illness that I unfortunately suffer with. I'm asking you blogger to blogger, woman to woman, to take a few minutes to have a read and help me raise awareness, I would really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy the books :)
    Xxx Hayley-Eszti

    1. Hi, of course I will take a look! ank you for the comment and making me aware, Ellie x