Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Spring 50 follower giveaway!

A bit more of a exciting post today, a giveaway! Everyone loves a freebie or two! I recently hit 50+ followers (*fan girls), so to celebrate and say thank you I thought I'd pop into town and pick up a few cheeky things! I still remember when I got my first follower (and what her name was, which I won't say - you know who you are!), I was so excited. Now to think that 50 people read my blog is insane. Now onto the prizes, which of course are what everyone is interested in!

You will be winning...
  • Travel sized simple face wash. This has been my holy grail face product, I use this morning and night and swear by it. Its gentle, doesn't smell bad and doesn't make my face breakout and keeps blemishes away! What more could you want?
  • A travel sized Aussie 3 minute miracle hair treatment. I love this, it makes your hair feel incredible and it smells... AMAZING.
  •  A travel sized pack of simple wipes. These are my absolute favourite makeup wipe, they're so gentle on your skin and are perfect for removing makeup and dirt from your face!
  • Nail Polish remover pads. These are an essential for me, I cannot stand the strong smell of liquid remover. Therefore these are quicker and smell less strong, and are perfect for when you're in a rush!
You may be wondering 'Why are they all travel sized?', well my thinking was summer is coming up which means the holiday season is coming. These items are perfect for slipping in your travel bag, so I thought instead of buying full sizes and big makeup things, these would be more suitable!

I know this is a small giveaway, but I really just wanted to say thank you for everything! I have been given some amazing opportunities through blogging! Next stop is 100 followers, then I'm sure it'll be a bigger giveaway!

Rule's will all be in the actual 'entering process', but unfortunately this giveaway is not international. So only people who live in the UK will be able to enter! Sorry!

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  1. Congrats and reaching 50 followers! Hopefully I will at some point! + my favorite thing about your posts is that I feel like they really convey your personality, and I would love to see some OOTD's :) x


    1. Aw thank you, I'm sure you will! You're blog is amazing, your style is fab! Thank you *huge smile! I have some OOTD's planned, i'm just a bit 'camera shy'!

      Thanks alice! Good luck! xx

  2. I love your blog posts! Your style is amazing, thanks for this give-away! would love to see some DIY's ?!


    parie X

  3. Congrats on the 50 followers! It's such a good feeling:) I love Aussie stuff! xxx :)

    Hannah Briggs

  4. Congratulations on the followers!! :D you deserve it x

  5. Well done on 50 followers! A lovely giveaway to celebrate this milestone :')
    I would love to see more outfit posts and maybe even a post on 'How I style Doc Martens' because I know you're a big fan and so am I!

    Kathryn x


    1. Aww thank you - great ideas, AWWW another doc Martin lover! Will do!

      Ellie x