Saturday, 29 June 2013

Another giveaway!

So as some of you may know I write for the company 'Punky Princess' and they sent me a bundle of gifts for both myself and you guys for a giveaway! But at that point I was running my 50 follower giveaway, so I thought I'd wait! So here it is! For some of you reading this, it may not be your 'sort of thing' to win these prises, but if you have a younger sister, niece, cousin, etc... this is perfect! Or if you love the stuff then go ahead and enter!

You will win...
An ipad case
A iphone 5 case
A charm bracelet
A rose charm
A badge

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway isn't international, so you can only enter if you live in the UK, sorry!!

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Inspiration!

Today I have been in a very summery mood, but to be honest England never does summer justice. You get the odd days where its super hot, then the rest of the time it might as well be January! But even though it's not sunny what so ever, I just can't stop thinking/dreaming about the hot weather!
I also love being able to go out without having tons of jumpers and coats on covering your outfit! Therefore summer is just generally perfect, and by the time you've read this post I guarantee you'll be lusting for hot weather!

 How can you say this picture doesn't get you excited for summer? LOOK AT THAT BEACH.
 This is just too cool, if I did this I can certainly say it would not work. I am in love with this...
 This is going to be my motto for summer, I am in the sea all the time on Holiday and do not care about salt water what so ever. Which I should being a beauty/fashion blogger... sorry, not sorry...
 How? I don't understand how this pictures works, but I love it. I think it looks amazing, and theres a lolly at the front, and I like lollys. Perfect picture!
 Wow. One word just sums that up.
 How cute is this outfit? A white playsuit, denim jacket, head wrap, and pink heels/wedges. Easy to recreate... I shall be wearing this outfit asap!

All photos from Pinterest - no sources to link
Of course this is not England, much like all of these pictures but I think the colours in this are lovely and that it all looks so peaceful. I want to be here now. Someone take me?!

I think I'm going to do a separate post on my fashion ideas, as believe me I have plenty of visions for summer! Also I'm going to be doing a street style post soon, so look out for that!

Are you excited for summer now? Thought so.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Getting all proffesional!

So after ready Imogen's post where she talked about her business cards, I instantly knew I needed to get some. She linked a website where they do 50 business cards free and all you have to pay is post and packaging. Which is about £2-£3! It was so simple and the website I used was Moo which I highly recommend. They constantly updated me about what was happening to my order so it was really easy to track. It arrived early so that was a bonus, and overall I will defiantly be using there website again!
Now onto the actual cards...
It was super easy to make and I really enjoyed it. It was quick, simple and as you can tell the outcome is pretty impressive. I am really happy with how they look, and I think they look really professional. I defiantly can't wait to start handing them out and talking all professional about my blog! ahaha!

What do you think of them?

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Haul - Primark & Mac!

So today me and my whole family took a trip out to town and I managed to do a bit of shopping! After coming home then looking in my purse (which was once full), I only had a bit left and seemed to then realise how much of an impact I have left on my bank account. Oh well, I love everything I got so I have no regrets... yet.

If you've read my wish list post, you will know I fell in love with it instantly. So when I was with my sister and spotted it, I sprinted straight to it *social suicide* and grabbed it. Unfortunately they didn't have my size so I'm now sporting the over sized look! I  think this is going to look a-ma-zing with high waisted shorts and trousers, skirts... everything. I could also unbutton the buttons at the bottom and knot the excess material to make a crop top style blouse! oohh the possibilities... and to make it better it was only £12. Result.

 Another item which appeared in my wish list. I have a huge slight obsession with crop tops, and love basic ones. This was a must have. This will go with literally everything, and its a necessity in my wardrobe. Defiantly a staple for me, and for £3 yes that is right £3, I need some more asap.
 These shorts aren't the most fashionable but for working out and chilling by the pool or around the home they're perfect. They come in a bunch of colours, and for £3 they were in my basket instantly.
 Nothing special really, I just think these wipes are perfect for removing makeup and mistakes when applying makeup. For £1 you get 50 wipes, which is an amazing deal. They do them in all sorts of combinations (if that's the right word, I don't think it is!), like tea tree ones, gentle ones, pore cleansing ones. All sorts, they tend to be by the tills and of course I can never resist things by the tills.
 As stated before that I can't resist things by the till, these just happened to be there. Staring at me saying 'Ellie, buy me... you need me'. How could I leave them? They're virtually identical to the topshop ones and once again absolute bargain at £1.50.
 Unfortunately the other day my beloved sunglasses broke, so I was left being blinded by the sun. Joking, it's England, we never seem to have sunshine. Anywho onto the sunnies, these are almost a replica of my old pair, apart from mine where a tortoise shell border, not a black border. Oh well, I still love the shape and they look really vintage and cute on. I've also seen fellow blogger friends wearing the exact ones!
 Say hello to my favourite purchase of today. My first mac lipstick. Of course as I walked into the shop I was completely thrown by the amount of colour choice. I was going to go for 'Girl about town' as that colour is incredible, but I thought for my first mac lipstick I want to play it safe and get ALL my moneys worth out of it, every penny of my £14 which was once sitting in my purse.
 So I then decided on Pink Nouveau (it's a satin finish, if you were interested!)...
A gorgeous pink. It's super pigmented and it comes out actually really vibrant. I can't wait to wear this, yet I'm not sure whether to brave it and wear it to school? Overall I think we can all agree as fellow beauty lovers, this colour is puuuurrfect.

Sorry that this haul isn't the most 'fashionable' but I will be going back to Primark to pick up more summer clothing, as there stuff at the moment is really nice!
So today I've spent mooching around town with the famala and enjoying Sunday really. With of course that dreaded thought of monday is tomorrow. ew, that word... Monday. Anyway, hope you've had a nice evening!

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Colourful online + giveaway winner!!

So the amazing people at Colourful online sent me some lovely things to try out and review for you guys! Colourful online are a wholesale makeup company based in China which sell online, and stock so many amazing products and brushes. A little disclaimer as well though, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest!
Now onto what they sent me...

 I received a brush trio which you can purchase by clicking on this link -

Onto the review... These brushes are the softest things I have ever felt in my life. Literally I could stroke these on my face for hours and still be happy. The trio is made up out of a flat top brush, round top brush and a angled top brush. They're all going to be perfect for my face makeup such as contouring (angled brush), foundation (flat top brush) and concealer (round top brush). These brushes are now my all-time favourite brushes I have in my collection. Love love love love them. The SixPlus brand stock a lot, and I mean a lot of  different brushes do defiantly take a look! I will be buying many more!

The last product/brush I received is this Gel Eyeliner/base/primer/cream eyeshadow/paint pot type thing. It says its and Eyeliner Gel but I think this can be used in many different ways, as stated before. These look pretty similar to the Mac Paint pots, and so far I'm loving it. They come in a HUGE variety of colours, and the pigmentation is great as well as there staying power is fab-u-lous. Once again I will be buying many more!
Giveaway winner!
That's my review, but I have another announcement... my giveaway has ended which can only mean one thing, theres a winner...
Lillie, it doesn't say your last name but it's you ahah! I have emailed her/you, so if your name is Lillie and you entered, go and check your emails! You have 48 hours to reply before I pick at random another winner! Thank you so much for everyone who entered and got me to 50+ followers. You guys mean the world to me!

Thanks for reading the post and make sure to go and check out They're a super amazing affordable brand, with great shipping and you don't have to wait forever for them to arrive!

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Prom makeup!

Today has been a weird day, all I've wanted to do is blog blog blog and blog a bit more. Literally from the moment I woke up to now, I thought it was a Saturday so my heart sank when I heard that it was Thursday and time to get ready for school. So all day I have been thinking 'what could I post?', and of course when I have time after-school I can't think of anything to post, typical! Then all of a sudden Prom Essentials came into my head!
Also you may notice a difference in the quality of the pictures because I brought a amazing dslr camera borrowed my dad's. I must say his camera is a beast, literally. It's huge, has way to many buttons on and is perfect for focusing on small things. One day it'll be mine...
I may have mentioned before that I am doing my sisters makeup for prom before, but I can't remember! Basically she wants a really natural look, with a brown smokey eye, and natural pink lips. Easy... I think!
 For eyes I am using the Storm Palette from Sleek, for a lovely brown smokey eye. This palette is amazing, as the colours never crease and they're super pigmented. I am also going to be using Benefit They're Real and Maybelline the Falsies, for extra volume and length. If you've tried both of these mascara's you'll know how amazing they're on there own. Imagine them together...
Of course I'm going to be using and eyelid primer, and eyelash curler as no one wants creased eyeshadow or floppy eyelashes, especially on prom!
For face like I said before, she wanted something natural but a bit more than usual. I picked the Rimmel wake me up foundation, as it matched her skin exactly and look amazing on her. I am then going to be using my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which is coming into my good books again. It's perfect for prom as it'll keep your face matte for a long time! Then Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, is the best concealer ever made, hands down. It's amazing coverage, stays on forever and matches her skin as well as mine perfectly. I chose a natural looking blush from Natural Collection, as it gives a natural look and really compliments her skin tone. Finally I'm going to be using a NYC bronzer for a subtle contour and little colour. Overall she is going to look GORGEOUS.

For lips as I said before she wanted really natural looking lips, so I went for the Maybelline Colour Sensational in 132 Sweet pink. It's just a lovely colour with a little bit of shimmer. This will be used A LOT by me after prom!

That's it for her prom makeup, and when I do it I may even take a few snaps for you guys! Today I've literally come home and blogged, and done blogger type things. I ordered something very exciting which I will be blogging about!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Goodbye GFC.

So today I have a post about the whole GFC situation. I have read so many of posts about how nothing's happening, but I think something is happening and I think it's better to be prepared!
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Wish list.

So today I'm here with my summer wish list, it isn't huge but I thought I'd only include what I really really really need want!
Acid washed dungarees - I am in love with the whole dungaree/pinafore trend, and recently purchased the most amazing denim pinafore from ebay which I'm in love with. So when I saw these my heart stopped momentarily, denim, acid washed, ombre... what more could you want? These are perfection but at £40 from River Island my bank account won't allow them yet!

Floral Sunglasses - These bad boys are gorgeous. Floral is always a big trend in spring and summer and that's no different this year. Floral sunnies are huge this year, from subtle floral prints to 3D flowers on them! These are from asos and I love them, and may just slip into my sunglasses collection...

Crop top - Crop tops are my obsession. They are my must-have this summer. I wear them all the time, and am currently wearing one now. I love just the basic ones as I think you can play around with them and make so many different looks out of one top. I own quite a few patterned and statement ones though from Primark which are equally as good, but to be honest all crop tops are beautiful. I desperately would love to add this grey one to my collection!

Flower Statement necklace - Don't you think this necklace would go perfectly with ALL the tops included on my wish list!? I think this necklace would go with at least 75% of my wardrobe and I just am in love. I think I've said the word 'love' too many times now! 

Blue ombre blouse - Primark have done it again. Look at it? I would pay for this in topshop for probably 3X it's price. I think it's a lovely blouse and the colours are perfect for summer, it's over sized so you wouldn't get hot and stuffy in it, the rolled up sleeves are a cute twist and the collar could be worn over a  jumper when it gets colder. This is perfection and on my next trip to Primark this shall be in my basket and soon in my wardrobe.

Crotchet crop top - Another crop top, what a surprise!? This has to be one of the cutest crop tops ever made! Imagine this crop top, a coral maxi skirt, wedges, floral necklace... I need that outfit in my life. This is £13 from H&M which when you think about it for a little piece of material like that it's a bit overpriced, but when I think about what it would go with, then it's worth every penny. I love this, and will defiantly be looking for this in my local H&M!

I hope you've enjoyed that, I haven't done a post like that in ageeeeeeeees! I really enjoyed writing that, what did you think!?

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Getting Bikini ready!

So it feels like it's been months since I wrote a post, but it hasn't! I have been stressed with school and have had a lot of things going on. So now I'm being naughty and 'forgetting to do' my homework and writing a blog post! I will do my homework later, ooopps!
Anyway for about the last month I've been really trying to get fitter and healthier. I ate okay before, it was just me needing to sometimes swap that extra chunk of chocolate at school for something else or just saying no. I've always loved being outdoors, so exercising outdoors wasn't an issue. But I thought I'd update you on my goals, what and how I am exercising and some tips!

Workout at home.
We all have our personal favourites on TV programmes, and makeup and that's just the same for how you want to work out. I like a mixture of everything, and if I can't get outside then these videos are a lifesaver! 'Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.' So as you can tell she knows her stuff. Sometimes when you're working out by yourself it's easy to give up, but not with Cassey. She keeps you going, keeps you distracted from what's actually killing you! Her workouts really work, and I have noticed a difference from when I started to now. I can get through them now without stopping and I can feel and see a difference. She gives you tips and tricks and has numerous video's so it's just finding the one that works for YOU. I personally love the one I have linked, it kills your Ab's yet after you get that satisfying burns which tells you you've done it!

As she says...'Ab's are made in the gym, but shown in the kitchen'. That mean's you can work out all you like, but if you then go and eat a huge unhealthy meal that workout stands for nothing. Think about what you eat!

Another one of Cassey's videos, which if I am about to do cardio I always do this first. It gets me going for my workout, and my muscles are ready. For those of you that don't know what cardio is, it's basically any exercises that gets your heart rate up. For example, running, biking, climbing, jumping, swimming. Cardio burns fat, because in the end you can tone up your muscles and make them stronger but if you have a layer of fat covering them you won't be able to see your amazing abs. Running is a great way to burn fat and calories. You don't  have to go all out and do 10 miles on your first day, work up. Start at say 1-3 miles depending on how much you've worked out previously and go from there.

Cute gym clothes.

Image isn't my own all credit goes to
 No I am not saying if you don't have nice workout gear you can't work out. Because quite frankly for ages I just worked out in track bottoms and a crop top. But sometimes buying a few new nice gym clothes is nice, and gets you motivated. Also working out in proper trainers especially if you're running is easier, and if you're doing yoga or something which involves a lot of movement or being flexible, it's not that good to be in jeans!

My tips and tricks.
Just get on with it. There is so many nights where I could just sit on the sofa, but if you just get off and get into the video you end up enjoying it and wanting  to do more. Especially when you can feel the burn and think 'My Ab's/Legs/Arms/Bum are changing'.

Go hard or go home. There is no point putting on a video to not do it properly. You will not see any result's like that. Push yourself, although it may burn it won't last forever. I often think of something completely different and in know time its done, simple. You're only kidding yourself if you think you'll see results by doing half the exercises. They do a certain amount of reps or exercises for a reason in a video.

Healthy eating. Why exercise for hours then pig out? Try and maintain a healthy diet, of course having day's off are allowed. Or that odd bit of cake or chocolate here and there. Try and resist though, you feel so much better after saying no!

Vary your exercises. Sometimes running constantly or doing sit-up's for ages is boring. Try different videos, or do a 30 day challenge on a part of your body you'd like it change. For some people running everyday is fine, but if you're like me running can be incredibly boring.

They're just some of my tips. I really recommend looks at Cassey's videos. She's amazing. If you want me to update you on my 'bikini body challenge', I can. I am not quite there but I'm closer than I was!

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And remember a great tip for loosing weight is when food is offered turn your head from left to right. (Get it, I'm hilarious!)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

OOTD - Floral trouser time

I'm getting into the swing of these OOTD's now, still a bit camera shy but I thought hayho it'lll come with time! I stepped away from the old wendy house and went to the fence, I don't really know why I told you that but oh well! We shall continue... today has been so sunny and a reasonable tempreture. It's not overly hot, but I could still go out without a cardigan and coat which is an achievment.

Wind was blowing the trousers so much, my legs look HUGE I can asure you they're a little bit smaller than that! Sorry!

Everything I'm wearing is from New Look!

I was just spending a day with the family and we went to a local small town and had a wonder. It wasn't quite short weather in my opinion (which is something as i'm usually in my shorts in April!) but I thought these floral trousers were the perfect inbetweeny stage! They look really nice with simple plain t-shirts, and they fit and compliment my figure quite nicely! The top is one from Generation which was quite a find as I never find anything or bother to look there but this was in the sale I remeber (it was brought last year)! The wedges are a great invention for when you want a bit of height and look a bit more classy or just want a different look I guess! Mine were reduced to £12 which is incredible for a well-made pair of wedges, they're not the biggest heel but that means you can wear them more casually.

A blogger award is going on now, its the Tolly Dolly Posh Awards and you can get nominated for anything! I would absolutely looooooveeee if you would take 2 seconds out of your day to enter me!! It takes 2 seconds and would make me really happy! Just click on the link if you'd like to enter me

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