Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Getting all proffesional!

So after ready Imogen's post where she talked about her business cards, I instantly knew I needed to get some. She linked a website where they do 50 business cards free and all you have to pay is post and packaging. Which is about £2-£3! It was so simple and the website I used was Moo which I highly recommend. They constantly updated me about what was happening to my order so it was really easy to track. It arrived early so that was a bonus, and overall I will defiantly be using there website again!
Now onto the actual cards...
It was super easy to make and I really enjoyed it. It was quick, simple and as you can tell the outcome is pretty impressive. I am really happy with how they look, and I think they look really professional. I defiantly can't wait to start handing them out and talking all professional about my blog! ahaha!

What do you think of them?

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  1. These look great , really professional! X


  2. Hi guys! Your cards look great. But you might also want to check out Print Peppermint for a more high end custom prints and for premium paper stocks.