Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Getting Bikini ready!

So it feels like it's been months since I wrote a post, but it hasn't! I have been stressed with school and have had a lot of things going on. So now I'm being naughty and 'forgetting to do' my homework and writing a blog post! I will do my homework later, ooopps!
Anyway for about the last month I've been really trying to get fitter and healthier. I ate okay before, it was just me needing to sometimes swap that extra chunk of chocolate at school for something else or just saying no. I've always loved being outdoors, so exercising outdoors wasn't an issue. But I thought I'd update you on my goals, what and how I am exercising and some tips!

Workout at home.
We all have our personal favourites on TV programmes, and makeup and that's just the same for how you want to work out. I like a mixture of everything, and if I can't get outside then these videos are a lifesaver! 'Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.' So as you can tell she knows her stuff. Sometimes when you're working out by yourself it's easy to give up, but not with Cassey. She keeps you going, keeps you distracted from what's actually killing you! Her workouts really work, and I have noticed a difference from when I started to now. I can get through them now without stopping and I can feel and see a difference. She gives you tips and tricks and has numerous video's so it's just finding the one that works for YOU. I personally love the one I have linked, it kills your Ab's yet after you get that satisfying burns which tells you you've done it!

As she says...'Ab's are made in the gym, but shown in the kitchen'. That mean's you can work out all you like, but if you then go and eat a huge unhealthy meal that workout stands for nothing. Think about what you eat!

Another one of Cassey's videos, which if I am about to do cardio I always do this first. It gets me going for my workout, and my muscles are ready. For those of you that don't know what cardio is, it's basically any exercises that gets your heart rate up. For example, running, biking, climbing, jumping, swimming. Cardio burns fat, because in the end you can tone up your muscles and make them stronger but if you have a layer of fat covering them you won't be able to see your amazing abs. Running is a great way to burn fat and calories. You don't  have to go all out and do 10 miles on your first day, work up. Start at say 1-3 miles depending on how much you've worked out previously and go from there.

Cute gym clothes.

Image isn't my own all credit goes to uk.rynzstore.net
 No I am not saying if you don't have nice workout gear you can't work out. Because quite frankly for ages I just worked out in track bottoms and a crop top. But sometimes buying a few new nice gym clothes is nice, and gets you motivated. Also working out in proper trainers especially if you're running is easier, and if you're doing yoga or something which involves a lot of movement or being flexible, it's not that good to be in jeans!

My tips and tricks.
Just get on with it. There is so many nights where I could just sit on the sofa, but if you just get off and get into the video you end up enjoying it and wanting  to do more. Especially when you can feel the burn and think 'My Ab's/Legs/Arms/Bum are changing'.

Go hard or go home. There is no point putting on a video to not do it properly. You will not see any result's like that. Push yourself, although it may burn it won't last forever. I often think of something completely different and in know time its done, simple. You're only kidding yourself if you think you'll see results by doing half the exercises. They do a certain amount of reps or exercises for a reason in a video.

Healthy eating. Why exercise for hours then pig out? Try and maintain a healthy diet, of course having day's off are allowed. Or that odd bit of cake or chocolate here and there. Try and resist though, you feel so much better after saying no!

Vary your exercises. Sometimes running constantly or doing sit-up's for ages is boring. Try different videos, or do a 30 day challenge on a part of your body you'd like it change. For some people running everyday is fine, but if you're like me running can be incredibly boring.

They're just some of my tips. I really recommend looks at Cassey's videos. She's amazing. If you want me to update you on my 'bikini body challenge', I can. I am not quite there but I'm closer than I was!

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And remember a great tip for loosing weight is when food is offered turn your head from left to right. (Get it, I'm hilarious!)


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    1. aww thank you, I will hopefully do the questions soon!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this! I never usually bother with workouts or anything of that sort but this has convinced me to give it a go(: xo

    1. Thant's great, I always need motivation and these sorts of posts really help me! Good luck, make sure to let me know how you get on!

      Ellie x