Sunday, 23 June 2013

Haul - Primark & Mac!

So today me and my whole family took a trip out to town and I managed to do a bit of shopping! After coming home then looking in my purse (which was once full), I only had a bit left and seemed to then realise how much of an impact I have left on my bank account. Oh well, I love everything I got so I have no regrets... yet.

If you've read my wish list post, you will know I fell in love with it instantly. So when I was with my sister and spotted it, I sprinted straight to it *social suicide* and grabbed it. Unfortunately they didn't have my size so I'm now sporting the over sized look! I  think this is going to look a-ma-zing with high waisted shorts and trousers, skirts... everything. I could also unbutton the buttons at the bottom and knot the excess material to make a crop top style blouse! oohh the possibilities... and to make it better it was only £12. Result.

 Another item which appeared in my wish list. I have a huge slight obsession with crop tops, and love basic ones. This was a must have. This will go with literally everything, and its a necessity in my wardrobe. Defiantly a staple for me, and for £3 yes that is right £3, I need some more asap.
 These shorts aren't the most fashionable but for working out and chilling by the pool or around the home they're perfect. They come in a bunch of colours, and for £3 they were in my basket instantly.
 Nothing special really, I just think these wipes are perfect for removing makeup and mistakes when applying makeup. For £1 you get 50 wipes, which is an amazing deal. They do them in all sorts of combinations (if that's the right word, I don't think it is!), like tea tree ones, gentle ones, pore cleansing ones. All sorts, they tend to be by the tills and of course I can never resist things by the tills.
 As stated before that I can't resist things by the till, these just happened to be there. Staring at me saying 'Ellie, buy me... you need me'. How could I leave them? They're virtually identical to the topshop ones and once again absolute bargain at £1.50.
 Unfortunately the other day my beloved sunglasses broke, so I was left being blinded by the sun. Joking, it's England, we never seem to have sunshine. Anywho onto the sunnies, these are almost a replica of my old pair, apart from mine where a tortoise shell border, not a black border. Oh well, I still love the shape and they look really vintage and cute on. I've also seen fellow blogger friends wearing the exact ones!
 Say hello to my favourite purchase of today. My first mac lipstick. Of course as I walked into the shop I was completely thrown by the amount of colour choice. I was going to go for 'Girl about town' as that colour is incredible, but I thought for my first mac lipstick I want to play it safe and get ALL my moneys worth out of it, every penny of my £14 which was once sitting in my purse.
 So I then decided on Pink Nouveau (it's a satin finish, if you were interested!)...
A gorgeous pink. It's super pigmented and it comes out actually really vibrant. I can't wait to wear this, yet I'm not sure whether to brave it and wear it to school? Overall I think we can all agree as fellow beauty lovers, this colour is puuuurrfect.

Sorry that this haul isn't the most 'fashionable' but I will be going back to Primark to pick up more summer clothing, as there stuff at the moment is really nice!
So today I've spent mooching around town with the famala and enjoying Sunday really. With of course that dreaded thought of monday is tomorrow. ew, that word... Monday. Anyway, hope you've had a nice evening!

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  1. Pink Nouveau was my first (and still only!) Mac lippie, nicest colour ever :) x

    1. Aww, I swear we're like twins in everything we buy ahah! I am obsessed xxx

  2. I instantly love the shorts, crop top and sunglasses. I really need some shorts like this so Primark will be where I head to first! And yes, that lipstick colour IS perfect. You should totally wear it to school, see how much more attention you get ;) You only live once. You can always take a pack of wipes with you in case you want to take it off. x


    1. Aww thank you, yeah definatley before you splash out loads! I agree, I am in love. Yeah I think i'll give it ago! ahah #yolo! oh dear... anyway yeah thank you that's a great idea!!
      Ellie xx

  3. i can never find those frilly socks but i love them:( really like the blue shirt too.

    i have the shorts in a different colour and the crop top, primark is getting so good!

    i followed your blog, follow mine at xxx

  4. love a haul haha :), i really like your blog and was wondering whether you could take a look at mine as i've just started blogging and would love some feedback/comments :)

    thanks x

    letitia x