Thursday, 20 June 2013

Prom makeup!

Today has been a weird day, all I've wanted to do is blog blog blog and blog a bit more. Literally from the moment I woke up to now, I thought it was a Saturday so my heart sank when I heard that it was Thursday and time to get ready for school. So all day I have been thinking 'what could I post?', and of course when I have time after-school I can't think of anything to post, typical! Then all of a sudden Prom Essentials came into my head!
Also you may notice a difference in the quality of the pictures because I brought a amazing dslr camera borrowed my dad's. I must say his camera is a beast, literally. It's huge, has way to many buttons on and is perfect for focusing on small things. One day it'll be mine...
I may have mentioned before that I am doing my sisters makeup for prom before, but I can't remember! Basically she wants a really natural look, with a brown smokey eye, and natural pink lips. Easy... I think!
 For eyes I am using the Storm Palette from Sleek, for a lovely brown smokey eye. This palette is amazing, as the colours never crease and they're super pigmented. I am also going to be using Benefit They're Real and Maybelline the Falsies, for extra volume and length. If you've tried both of these mascara's you'll know how amazing they're on there own. Imagine them together...
Of course I'm going to be using and eyelid primer, and eyelash curler as no one wants creased eyeshadow or floppy eyelashes, especially on prom!
For face like I said before, she wanted something natural but a bit more than usual. I picked the Rimmel wake me up foundation, as it matched her skin exactly and look amazing on her. I am then going to be using my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which is coming into my good books again. It's perfect for prom as it'll keep your face matte for a long time! Then Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, is the best concealer ever made, hands down. It's amazing coverage, stays on forever and matches her skin as well as mine perfectly. I chose a natural looking blush from Natural Collection, as it gives a natural look and really compliments her skin tone. Finally I'm going to be using a NYC bronzer for a subtle contour and little colour. Overall she is going to look GORGEOUS.

For lips as I said before she wanted really natural looking lips, so I went for the Maybelline Colour Sensational in 132 Sweet pink. It's just a lovely colour with a little bit of shimmer. This will be used A LOT by me after prom!

That's it for her prom makeup, and when I do it I may even take a few snaps for you guys! Today I've literally come home and blogged, and done blogger type things. I ordered something very exciting which I will be blogging about!

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  1. Sounds like her makeup will look lovely! X

  2. Love that Rimmel shade, it looks pretty. Good luck - I'm sure she will look beautiful.



    1. I love it as well, and aww thank you! I'm sure she will! Thank you xxx

  3. really cute! i love makeup and this looks great! just followed too! would you mind following mine (with bloglovin) x

    1. thank you very much! Will check your blog out!xxx