Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Inspiration!

Today I have been in a very summery mood, but to be honest England never does summer justice. You get the odd days where its super hot, then the rest of the time it might as well be January! But even though it's not sunny what so ever, I just can't stop thinking/dreaming about the hot weather!
I also love being able to go out without having tons of jumpers and coats on covering your outfit! Therefore summer is just generally perfect, and by the time you've read this post I guarantee you'll be lusting for hot weather!

 How can you say this picture doesn't get you excited for summer? LOOK AT THAT BEACH.
 This is just too cool, if I did this I can certainly say it would not work. I am in love with this...
 This is going to be my motto for summer, I am in the sea all the time on Holiday and do not care about salt water what so ever. Which I should being a beauty/fashion blogger... sorry, not sorry...
 How? I don't understand how this pictures works, but I love it. I think it looks amazing, and theres a lolly at the front, and I like lollys. Perfect picture!
 Wow. One word just sums that up.
 How cute is this outfit? A white playsuit, denim jacket, head wrap, and pink heels/wedges. Easy to recreate... I shall be wearing this outfit asap!

All photos from Pinterest - no sources to link
Of course this is not England, much like all of these pictures but I think the colours in this are lovely and that it all looks so peaceful. I want to be here now. Someone take me?!

I think I'm going to do a separate post on my fashion ideas, as believe me I have plenty of visions for summer! Also I'm going to be doing a street style post soon, so look out for that!

Are you excited for summer now? Thought so.

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