Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Wish list.

So today I'm here with my summer wish list, it isn't huge but I thought I'd only include what I really really really need want!
Acid washed dungarees - I am in love with the whole dungaree/pinafore trend, and recently purchased the most amazing denim pinafore from ebay which I'm in love with. So when I saw these my heart stopped momentarily, denim, acid washed, ombre... what more could you want? These are perfection but at £40 from River Island my bank account won't allow them yet!

Floral Sunglasses - These bad boys are gorgeous. Floral is always a big trend in spring and summer and that's no different this year. Floral sunnies are huge this year, from subtle floral prints to 3D flowers on them! These are from asos and I love them, and may just slip into my sunglasses collection...

Crop top - Crop tops are my obsession. They are my must-have this summer. I wear them all the time, and am currently wearing one now. I love just the basic ones as I think you can play around with them and make so many different looks out of one top. I own quite a few patterned and statement ones though from Primark which are equally as good, but to be honest all crop tops are beautiful. I desperately would love to add this grey one to my collection!

Flower Statement necklace - Don't you think this necklace would go perfectly with ALL the tops included on my wish list!? I think this necklace would go with at least 75% of my wardrobe and I just am in love. I think I've said the word 'love' too many times now! 

Blue ombre blouse - Primark have done it again. Look at it? I would pay for this in topshop for probably 3X it's price. I think it's a lovely blouse and the colours are perfect for summer, it's over sized so you wouldn't get hot and stuffy in it, the rolled up sleeves are a cute twist and the collar could be worn over a  jumper when it gets colder. This is perfection and on my next trip to Primark this shall be in my basket and soon in my wardrobe.

Crotchet crop top - Another crop top, what a surprise!? This has to be one of the cutest crop tops ever made! Imagine this crop top, a coral maxi skirt, wedges, floral necklace... I need that outfit in my life. This is £13 from H&M which when you think about it for a little piece of material like that it's a bit overpriced, but when I think about what it would go with, then it's worth every penny. I love this, and will defiantly be looking for this in my local H&M!

I hope you've enjoyed that, I haven't done a post like that in ageeeeeeeees! I really enjoyed writing that, what did you think!?

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  1. I love that crochet crop top! I'm also addicted :p x

  2. Loving crop tops, they used to have such a bad name but they've definitely come back this season and i'm glad ehe!

    Imogen <3

    1. Same, I have no clue why they used to have a bad name they're gorgeous xxx

  3. love this wishlist ellie! the dungarees are gorgeous, but the necklace is beautiful, i. need. it. now. xxxxx

  4. I love everything on here! Ive had my eye on a plain grey crop top for a while and those dungarees are sooo cute! :)
    Sofia x