Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Worldwide fashion - London

Today will most likely be my last post before I head off on holiday on Friday, as I have to pack tomorrow and do all those sorts of 'pre holiday' jobs! So I have been planning this post for an incredibly long time now, and it is a series of 'worldwide fashion'.
Basically I know I feature A LOT of beauty on my blog but the thing is fashion is a big part of my life as well as beauty. Therefore this series I have come up with will give me the chance to write about fashion in a different way. This series is going to involve me rambling on about the different fashions all over the world. So to kick it off, I am going to start with my home country, England. But more specifically London!

This is not my own image, all credit goes to

Whenever I go to London I am just simply in awe of the fashion.Whether you go to Oxford Street, or the back streets and sneaky alleyways the fashion is always outstanding, but never the same.
Fashion isn't just following what a magazine tells you is the latest trend then buying that particular 'trendy' item. It's expressing yourself through clothing, which suits you and you love to wear. Whether that's sticking to monochrome or mixing it up with different colours and patterns. To me that's why I love London, because you never get boring fashion. No samey 'leggings, uggs and hoodies, 24/7'!
This photo truly represents London, because if you've ever been you'll know that no one just wears one colour, or one trend. You can get away with wearing anything you like in London as everyone accepts your style.
Most people think you have to go to Oxford street or streets like that to see fashion as it's best but you really don't. Going to the back streets of London with those quirky vintage shops in and unique little coffee shops is where you'll often find those people with that fashion which makes you go 'oooo where did you get that?'! Dressed in structured well-fitted clothing, to edgy punk rocker vibe, whatever it is, it will be perfection.
Fashion isn't just given to you, as a natural gift or a talent necessarily. Some people are told 'wow, you have a natural talent', but that doesn't mean they just sit there. You have to work for it, whether you've supposedly got it or not. People in London certainly aren't afraid to work hard for it. Whenever I go to London I always come back inspired, with new outfit combinations buzzing in my head or just simply admiring and rethinking who and what they were wearing.

To sum up London in a few words, well that would be hard but I'll give it a go... Never the same.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my first post of this series, and believe me I loved writing it. After writing this I feel very proud to be British for some reason and also feeling very inspired. I am now off to relax and make the most of the UK for my last days here. As I mentioned at the start I am going to France for just over 2 weeks, so I will also be away for my birthday! So expect a french haul maybe, lots of holiday ootd's and other exciting posts.
What french beauty products would you recommend I should buy when I am over in France??!!

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Seven deadly sins of beauty

One week of the summer holidays gone, would someone please like to explain to me where that went!? I spent this week being lazy (of course), meeting up with old friends and messing about really! In my opinion that's what summer is all about.
Anyway I have been tagged by the beautiful Alice to do this tag (, who you should defiantly check out and follow because her blog is sheer perfection.
I have seen this tag floating around the blogging world but never got tagged nor got around to doing it, so lets get on with it as I think I've rambled on enough!

I just thought this image went with the tag quite well to be fair. Not my own photography - source

1. Greed: What is your most expensive beauty item?
My Mac Blot Power, which was a mighty £20, which I believe has now gone up! But I love it so much, so it was worth the price tag but not sure whether I will repurchase it or not as you never know with makeup there could be a new incredible powder!

2. Gluttony: Which brand makes up the most of your collection?
I don't have one particular brand really that I tend to stick with, though I don't think you can do wrong with a bit of Rimmel or Maybelline. But I must say a lot of Bourjois and MUA have snuck into my collection! That's a hard one!
3. Wraith: Which beauty item do you have the biggest love hate relationship with?
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. That is the one. I love it, then I hate it. End of. I used to understand the hype, then about 2 months ago I went completely off it, now I'm in love again. Make your mind up Ellie.
4. Sloth: Which beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?
Lip balm, I just can never be bothered by the time I've done my long beauty regime for bed I can never be bothered. I know its virtually nothing to do but, I'm just lazy! I've never ever had chapped or dry lips, so I never really bothered *bad blogger*.
Oh my gosh on the subject of lip balm, BABY LIPS ARE COMING TO THE UK INCREDIBLY SOON. In fact I think some Boot's already have them, okay my world is complete. I don't think anyone will ever understand how much I have wanted to try Baby Lips. I probably sound incredibly stupid, but oh well. If some of you guys have seen Baby Lips in your boots, please tell me so I can literally go into town asap and buy ALL of them.
Oh and that will probably make me moisturise my lips even more then!
5. Pride: Which beauty item gives you the most self-confidence?
Lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss. Anything that puts colour on my lips. It's my addiction, I always wear lipstick if I go out without lipstick I don't feel complete with my makeup. Lipstick just finishes a look of completely!
6. Lust: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
Well it's my birthday incredibly soon so most of my wish list is on my birthday list, so fingers crossed I may be super lucky and get some things off it   anyway... the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Yes... I know I'm a bit late on the whole bandwagon... but one day I shall get it whether thats my birthday or not! There are also a lot of other beauty items I am lusting after, but I did a whole post on that a few days ago so check that out if you interested!

7. Envy: Which make up product or look do you think looks great on others but not on yourself?
Blush. I just can't pull it off. I love certain ones but throughout the day they just look awful. I have naturally really red cheeks, so its hard to find a blush which doesn't emphasise it. So if you can wear blush without looking like you've just been on a 10 mile run, or as my mum would say a 'beetroot!', then I applaud you. I will get there one day!
I hope you've enjoyed this tag, I have some very exciting posts coming up for you! So look out for them, and I am going on Holiday on Friday to France for 2 and a bit weeks so there wont be any posts over that period, but i think i'm going to do some ootd's out there! You have been warned, you'll be bombarded with tons of OOTD's and other exciting things!
Right I'm off to go and soak up this incredible weather, and hopefully not look like an alpaca for when I go on Holiday! I'll update you on how the tanning goes!
Wow, I have rambled on a lot in this post...
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday wishlist

Its my birthday in less than a month. I cannot contain my excitement, oh jee. Basically realising my birthday was in under a month it seemed appropriate to do one of these bad boys, aka birthday wish list. Yes I know I need to stop saying 'bad boy' in virtually every post, but I just can't help it...
my birthday wishlist

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Let's kick it off with this bad boy fella'. The holy grail of most beauty bloggers, apart from me. I have wanted the original, the basics, and this one forever. Yet couldn't justify, and couldn't be bothered to spend £40 on a palette. So for my birthday I would loooove to recieve this. Just look at the colours? Imagine the different eye looks you would get with that? I can't... saoudhsaoudas, it's too perfect.
Mac 217 blending brush - Tanya Burr always talks about this brush, she says how incredible it is and I basically am in love with it. Yes I know I should probably stop being in love with a brush and move onto boys, but I think this would be so much better to apply my eyeshadow with and overall would be lovely to use. But at a over-priced £18 I couldn't do that to my own bank account therefore birthdays are what these luxury things are for.
Wreck this journal - I never read. At all. Never. No. It bores me. But when I took a odd miraculous trip into waterstone this caught my eye after seeing loads of people at school with it and all across social networking sites. When I opened it up, I instantly thought I had to get it, but then my mum came across and was like 'Ellie, put it on your birthday list!!', so voila here we are!
The Teen Vogue Handbook - After speaking to my gorgeous friend Imogen ( about this book she instantly got me interested in it and I thought wow. I read several reviews about this book, in which all were positive, so what could be not to like about it!?
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Britt from JustLovesFashion (an amazing beauty/fashion guru on YouTube) always talks about this products and always has immaculately sculpted cheekbones. This would be perfect, and a nice little brucey bonus on my birthday!
Mac Creme D' Nude Lipstick - Let's all just take  a moment to appreciate the beauty of this lipstick, ok. All good. This colour I can assure you would be my everyday staple. Look at it, its perfect. A gorgeous nude. 
A subscription to Company Magazine for a year - Company magazine is easily my favourite magazine ever. Literally I get so excited when I buy it, I love the writing style, the fashion, the way it all it so put together. I mean I know its peoples jobs to write it but come on its seriously good stuff. I love how they always include bloggers and for the usual price of £2.50 a month its well worth it. But seems as I buy this incredible magazine every month it seems appropriate to go ahead and get a subscription! So fingers crossed this may appear on my birthday
CK shock one - This smells divine. Oh wow. Every time I enter boots apart from the obsessive i-must-look-at-everything-in-here look, I also have to spray this on me at least 10 times. It smells like heaven. Believe it or not I have never actually owned a 'proper' perfume *blogger shock*!  
Anywho, today I have spent in the over-whelming heat at school which is just awful. One more day to go before summer then  my Holiday will begin along with my birthday, seeing old friends, going to the beach and A LOT OF BLOGGING. I think i'm not the only blogger who loves the sun and spending time with friends and the famala but when blogging is my passion I sometimes find it hard to balance the two. But believe me be prepared to be bombarded with posts in the summer! I'm now off to workout, eurgh. Someone save me right now... 
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Monday, 15 July 2013

Check me out, not.

So if you have read my blog for a long time then you'll know that I am not that confident when doing ootd's (though I have done a few!) therefore a reader once commented saying you don't have to photograph yourself, just the clothes. Thank you commenter/follower/reader! So put it this way, there will be a lot more ootds! + also I am getting there with the whole photographing myself confidence thing!

 Top - Newlook generation
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Mr Shoes, Truffle
Bracelet - Topshop
Sunnies - Matalan (Matt Alan)

Sorry for the first blurry image, does anyone else have that problem of that it looks fine in the camera but comes out dodgy?!! But anyway today I was at school then just was chilling at home but somehow got properly dressed, don't ask me why or how! ahah! So I thought i'd show you what I wore!

This weather is weird. Thats all I can say. For once its 'too' hot, throughout winter I was saying 'come on summer, hurry up', yet now its here I just would like it a few degrees cooler. I usually would be tanning now in my garden with my music in but a) its too hot, nooo b) im too lazy to get up and c) im blogging, dedication right here!

Anyway, I have now been sat here for over an hour now flicking back and forth between blogger, facebook, youtube and texting. Bad blogger over here!! So by now its probably dropped a few degrees so I shall go and sample some sun!

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Let's get back to reality

Recently I have accumulated a large pile of fashion mags, and when reading them I have discovered how misleading they can be. Don't get me wrong, I love a good fashion magazine but I really don't understand why certain images are allowed in certain magazines.

Fashion magazines give people the opportunity to find out about the latest trends, gossip, and see whats happening in the 'other world' a such. But when flicking through a magazine such as Vogue or Elle you get bombarded with skinny, beautiful and fashionable women. Our mind instantly goes into that mode of 'why don't I look like that?' or 'I need to be like that'. What our mind forgets is one vital part of an advertising campaign, and that is photo shopping. Getting rid of that odd bump here and there, which no one would notice anyway. Taking a inch or two off there thighs or stomach, its ridiculous. It's got to the point where teenage girls starve themselves to look like these models, who don't actually look like that in real life.

Adverts are meant to show people what's out there, and just for people to be a bit nosey, not for people to look at and lust over there 'over edited' bodies. Therefore I believe that companies need to stop photo shopping there advert, it gives a false perception of reality and is unreliable. Why can't they just show what there models figure how it really is, wether thats a size 2 or 22. Do they have something to hide by editting there images?

Like I said before I love fashion magazines, and think they're amazing and could read them forever but I believe editing photos is wrong. Do you agree? Please tell me your opinions, I am so interested in whether I am the only one who thinks this!?

On a lighter more cheery note, I have spent today in the incredible british heat! I think summer has finally kicked in, which means of course that everything goes up from here! Lighter hair, tanning, later nights, sunny, hot... aaaaa, bliss. I also did a spot of shopping and took a trip to starbucks in the morning but got fed up in the heat so went for a dip in the pool! Looovvely! Would you guys like to see a haul!?

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Long time loves

We all have those products we go back to over and over again and have those stupid moments when we're just like 'aaaa, I forgot how much I loved you'! That's what this post is going to be about, my must-have's  and products i've loved forever.

 MUA lipsticks - I think every beauty blogger must own at least one of these bad boys. They're £1, yes that is right, £1. They last all day, the pigmentation is amazing and the colour choice is super. I own about 3-5 I think ranging from corals to reds. I always go back to these, as they're truly amazing.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable - I have talked about this so much its unreal. Its amazing, omg. I wear this most days to school as it gives a gorgeous colour but it isn't over-powering. Love love love love. It also lasts all day, no exaggeration. They're perfecto.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - Wow, wow, wow. I have owned and repurchased this a lot, and I mean a lot. This is the perfect coverage, colour, consistency and I truly think its one of the best foundations on the high street. If you haven't tried this, you need to try this.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer -First of all can somewhere please tell me why they got rid of the '2000' bit on the end of collection?! Anyway, this concealer is mind-blowing-ly good. The coverage, staying power, colour, wowowowowow. For me I can cover both dark circles and spots with this, and sometime you won't even know I have blemishes because of this cheeky fella! Score! Love it.

Rimmel Stay Matte - This had to be included, I have had a 'love hate' relationship with this forever now. But I always go back to it. My powder is either this or my Mac Blot Powder, but in price comparison this is incredible. As you can tell I am running out very badly, so I need to pick up a new one and I know in Savers you can buy this for £3 something! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, and I will be getting into the fashion posts again as fashion is a big part of my life, yet I never feel 100% comfortable with OOTD's, but I am getting there! ahah! What posts would you like to see to do with fashion!? I have spent this week like most schools with the dreaded 'non school uniform all week', which is wonderful for the first day and then you panic about what to wear for the next days. I've already had the awkward experience of wearing the same top as someone else, great! Oh well, I'm off to do my workout! I still haven't given up with my 'Bikini body ready challenge'!!!

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

You want a tumblr room?

So we all want something that we can't have, right? For me its a bedroom similar to the ones you see all over tumblr and Pinterest. Eurgh. There gorgeous, and no matter how much I move my room around and add little things I can never seem to make it match the picture??
But recently I have been finding a few ways to make my room that little bit more 'fashionable, edgy, tumblr...' If you get my drift...
So i thought I'd share them with my favourite people a.k.a you.

1 - Get ya' vogue on show
Having a stack of magazines or one or two on the side of your desk or on a shelf can change your vibe of your room. Don't get me wrong, it's not the factor of 'check me out I read vogue', it's the whole thing of being able to pick up a mag or just chilling. It also shows your passion for fashion!!

2 - collage queen
I have a huge fashion collage in my beauty area, which I all the beauty cave... Hence the name!!! It covers my walls and is filled with models with amazing makeup to my favourite designers etc! It's so easy to do and as long as you're patient or are able to take your time it'll look FAB-U-LOUS.

3 - cute containers all to way
Having nail polishes, a few lippies, flowers, rings, necklaces on show can look super cute. Put them I'm small cute containers and they look adorable. You can often find stands and containers at charity shops, so go and have a look!! I store my cotton buds in a small jam jar and it looks really cute.

4 - messy but chic
There's a boundary between messy and a 'bomb just hit my room'. Usually I cross that line, but lets be honest having a few favourite things on show can look really nice. For example if you love a new shirt or outfit combo put it on a rack or manikin and it's looks really nice and fashionable. And there you go, messy but chic.

5 - fairy lights for the win
We have all seen at least one amazing bedroom online, where they have the fairy lights, and MacBook and crips and YouTube on the screen. It all looks so perfect. Until you realise you don't have half of that stuff. But getting back on track... I love my fairy lights, they are around my beauty cave and light it up in the winter. I cannot express my love for them.

These are just a few ideas but if you have any more please let me know as I'm all up for making my bedroom look all tumbly!! Ahahaha!

Right now I'm watching an episode of the original Waterloo road, do you remember the original cast? They're so much better aha! Anyway, I'm blogging on the ipad which to be fair isn't working well, but I really want to post tonight so... YOLO. I can't believe I just typed/said that...

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