Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday wishlist

Its my birthday in less than a month. I cannot contain my excitement, oh jee. Basically realising my birthday was in under a month it seemed appropriate to do one of these bad boys, aka birthday wish list. Yes I know I need to stop saying 'bad boy' in virtually every post, but I just can't help it...
my birthday wishlist

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Let's kick it off with this bad boy fella'. The holy grail of most beauty bloggers, apart from me. I have wanted the original, the basics, and this one forever. Yet couldn't justify, and couldn't be bothered to spend £40 on a palette. So for my birthday I would loooove to recieve this. Just look at the colours? Imagine the different eye looks you would get with that? I can't... saoudhsaoudas, it's too perfect.
Mac 217 blending brush - Tanya Burr always talks about this brush, she says how incredible it is and I basically am in love with it. Yes I know I should probably stop being in love with a brush and move onto boys, but I think this would be so much better to apply my eyeshadow with and overall would be lovely to use. But at a over-priced £18 I couldn't do that to my own bank account therefore birthdays are what these luxury things are for.
Wreck this journal - I never read. At all. Never. No. It bores me. But when I took a odd miraculous trip into waterstone this caught my eye after seeing loads of people at school with it and all across social networking sites. When I opened it up, I instantly thought I had to get it, but then my mum came across and was like 'Ellie, put it on your birthday list!!', so voila here we are!
The Teen Vogue Handbook - After speaking to my gorgeous friend Imogen ( about this book she instantly got me interested in it and I thought wow. I read several reviews about this book, in which all were positive, so what could be not to like about it!?
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Britt from JustLovesFashion (an amazing beauty/fashion guru on YouTube) always talks about this products and always has immaculately sculpted cheekbones. This would be perfect, and a nice little brucey bonus on my birthday!
Mac Creme D' Nude Lipstick - Let's all just take  a moment to appreciate the beauty of this lipstick, ok. All good. This colour I can assure you would be my everyday staple. Look at it, its perfect. A gorgeous nude. 
A subscription to Company Magazine for a year - Company magazine is easily my favourite magazine ever. Literally I get so excited when I buy it, I love the writing style, the fashion, the way it all it so put together. I mean I know its peoples jobs to write it but come on its seriously good stuff. I love how they always include bloggers and for the usual price of £2.50 a month its well worth it. But seems as I buy this incredible magazine every month it seems appropriate to go ahead and get a subscription! So fingers crossed this may appear on my birthday
CK shock one - This smells divine. Oh wow. Every time I enter boots apart from the obsessive i-must-look-at-everything-in-here look, I also have to spray this on me at least 10 times. It smells like heaven. Believe it or not I have never actually owned a 'proper' perfume *blogger shock*!  
Anywho, today I have spent in the over-whelming heat at school which is just awful. One more day to go before summer then  my Holiday will begin along with my birthday, seeing old friends, going to the beach and A LOT OF BLOGGING. I think i'm not the only blogger who loves the sun and spending time with friends and the famala but when blogging is my passion I sometimes find it hard to balance the two. But believe me be prepared to be bombarded with posts in the summer! I'm now off to workout, eurgh. Someone save me right now... 
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  1. I've got that MAC lipstick and I love it!! Literally goes with everything and I wear mine every day. I've just brought the Urban Decay palette too and can't wait to try it. Fab list!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Awesome wishlist and i also want most of the stuff here and if you happen to have a minute, could you please link me a review of the Teen Vouge Handbook, it sounds pretty cool xx

  3. Great wish list :) x

  4. I actually want everything on this wishlist! I have the contour kit and it's fab :) x


    1. I've just tagged you to do the `7 deadly sins of beauty tag` hop over to my blog for the details :) x