Monday, 15 July 2013

Check me out, not.

So if you have read my blog for a long time then you'll know that I am not that confident when doing ootd's (though I have done a few!) therefore a reader once commented saying you don't have to photograph yourself, just the clothes. Thank you commenter/follower/reader! So put it this way, there will be a lot more ootds! + also I am getting there with the whole photographing myself confidence thing!

 Top - Newlook generation
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Mr Shoes, Truffle
Bracelet - Topshop
Sunnies - Matalan (Matt Alan)

Sorry for the first blurry image, does anyone else have that problem of that it looks fine in the camera but comes out dodgy?!! But anyway today I was at school then just was chilling at home but somehow got properly dressed, don't ask me why or how! ahah! So I thought i'd show you what I wore!

This weather is weird. Thats all I can say. For once its 'too' hot, throughout winter I was saying 'come on summer, hurry up', yet now its here I just would like it a few degrees cooler. I usually would be tanning now in my garden with my music in but a) its too hot, nooo b) im too lazy to get up and c) im blogging, dedication right here!

Anyway, I have now been sat here for over an hour now flicking back and forth between blogger, facebook, youtube and texting. Bad blogger over here!! So by now its probably dropped a few degrees so I shall go and sample some sun!

Comment, follow and all that jazz!

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  1. I'm glad you took my advice ^.^ I love this outfit, it's exactly the same as something i'd wear/do wear. Although i'd probably just chuck some Vans on rather than the soft shoes you have :) Which look amazing for Summer I must say. Can't wait for more OOTD posts, I like your style! x