Saturday, 13 July 2013

Let's get back to reality

Recently I have accumulated a large pile of fashion mags, and when reading them I have discovered how misleading they can be. Don't get me wrong, I love a good fashion magazine but I really don't understand why certain images are allowed in certain magazines.

Fashion magazines give people the opportunity to find out about the latest trends, gossip, and see whats happening in the 'other world' a such. But when flicking through a magazine such as Vogue or Elle you get bombarded with skinny, beautiful and fashionable women. Our mind instantly goes into that mode of 'why don't I look like that?' or 'I need to be like that'. What our mind forgets is one vital part of an advertising campaign, and that is photo shopping. Getting rid of that odd bump here and there, which no one would notice anyway. Taking a inch or two off there thighs or stomach, its ridiculous. It's got to the point where teenage girls starve themselves to look like these models, who don't actually look like that in real life.

Adverts are meant to show people what's out there, and just for people to be a bit nosey, not for people to look at and lust over there 'over edited' bodies. Therefore I believe that companies need to stop photo shopping there advert, it gives a false perception of reality and is unreliable. Why can't they just show what there models figure how it really is, wether thats a size 2 or 22. Do they have something to hide by editting there images?

Like I said before I love fashion magazines, and think they're amazing and could read them forever but I believe editing photos is wrong. Do you agree? Please tell me your opinions, I am so interested in whether I am the only one who thinks this!?

On a lighter more cheery note, I have spent today in the incredible british heat! I think summer has finally kicked in, which means of course that everything goes up from here! Lighter hair, tanning, later nights, sunny, hot... aaaaa, bliss. I also did a spot of shopping and took a trip to starbucks in the morning but got fed up in the heat so went for a dip in the pool! Looovvely! Would you guys like to see a haul!?

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  1. Kind of cute how we both posted the same topic around the same time eheheh! Great post Ellie, models need to be skinny as it's how the clothes sit on thin tall girls that all the designers love, but airbrushing just takes it that step too far and is causing young girls to self harm, make themselves sick and get anorexia all because they're not seemingly perfect like the fake girls they see.

    Imogen <3

    1. Awh, I haven't seen yours yet, I'll look at yours now! What a coincidence! I agree, I know designers like that but I feel they need to show people how it really is, not picking the best looking people a such and still air brushing them. It's getting ridiculous now, something needs to change!!

      Ellie xx

  2. I completely agree, its ridiculous the way photos are edited in magazines. It gives such a bad message out to the readers! And a haul would be great!

  3. I couldn't agree more, The images are so edited the models and celebs look totally different in really live anyway! x


  4. nice