Saturday, 27 July 2013

Seven deadly sins of beauty

One week of the summer holidays gone, would someone please like to explain to me where that went!? I spent this week being lazy (of course), meeting up with old friends and messing about really! In my opinion that's what summer is all about.
Anyway I have been tagged by the beautiful Alice to do this tag (, who you should defiantly check out and follow because her blog is sheer perfection.
I have seen this tag floating around the blogging world but never got tagged nor got around to doing it, so lets get on with it as I think I've rambled on enough!

I just thought this image went with the tag quite well to be fair. Not my own photography - source

1. Greed: What is your most expensive beauty item?
My Mac Blot Power, which was a mighty £20, which I believe has now gone up! But I love it so much, so it was worth the price tag but not sure whether I will repurchase it or not as you never know with makeup there could be a new incredible powder!

2. Gluttony: Which brand makes up the most of your collection?
I don't have one particular brand really that I tend to stick with, though I don't think you can do wrong with a bit of Rimmel or Maybelline. But I must say a lot of Bourjois and MUA have snuck into my collection! That's a hard one!
3. Wraith: Which beauty item do you have the biggest love hate relationship with?
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. That is the one. I love it, then I hate it. End of. I used to understand the hype, then about 2 months ago I went completely off it, now I'm in love again. Make your mind up Ellie.
4. Sloth: Which beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?
Lip balm, I just can never be bothered by the time I've done my long beauty regime for bed I can never be bothered. I know its virtually nothing to do but, I'm just lazy! I've never ever had chapped or dry lips, so I never really bothered *bad blogger*.
Oh my gosh on the subject of lip balm, BABY LIPS ARE COMING TO THE UK INCREDIBLY SOON. In fact I think some Boot's already have them, okay my world is complete. I don't think anyone will ever understand how much I have wanted to try Baby Lips. I probably sound incredibly stupid, but oh well. If some of you guys have seen Baby Lips in your boots, please tell me so I can literally go into town asap and buy ALL of them.
Oh and that will probably make me moisturise my lips even more then!
5. Pride: Which beauty item gives you the most self-confidence?
Lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss. Anything that puts colour on my lips. It's my addiction, I always wear lipstick if I go out without lipstick I don't feel complete with my makeup. Lipstick just finishes a look of completely!
6. Lust: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
Well it's my birthday incredibly soon so most of my wish list is on my birthday list, so fingers crossed I may be super lucky and get some things off it   anyway... the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Yes... I know I'm a bit late on the whole bandwagon... but one day I shall get it whether thats my birthday or not! There are also a lot of other beauty items I am lusting after, but I did a whole post on that a few days ago so check that out if you interested!

7. Envy: Which make up product or look do you think looks great on others but not on yourself?
Blush. I just can't pull it off. I love certain ones but throughout the day they just look awful. I have naturally really red cheeks, so its hard to find a blush which doesn't emphasise it. So if you can wear blush without looking like you've just been on a 10 mile run, or as my mum would say a 'beetroot!', then I applaud you. I will get there one day!
I hope you've enjoyed this tag, I have some very exciting posts coming up for you! So look out for them, and I am going on Holiday on Friday to France for 2 and a bit weeks so there wont be any posts over that period, but i think i'm going to do some ootd's out there! You have been warned, you'll be bombarded with tons of OOTD's and other exciting things!
Right I'm off to go and soak up this incredible weather, and hopefully not look like an alpaca for when I go on Holiday! I'll update you on how the tanning goes!
Wow, I have rambled on a lot in this post...
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  1. I can't wait to get my hands on some baby lips either! + a naked palette is top of my list as well :) + Thats for the lovely words about my blog! x


  2. Completely agree about the blush! sucks :( bronzer's my go to replacement haha X