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Worldwide fashion - London

Today will most likely be my last post before I head off on holiday on Friday, as I have to pack tomorrow and do all those sorts of 'pre holiday' jobs! So I have been planning this post for an incredibly long time now, and it is a series of 'worldwide fashion'.
Basically I know I feature A LOT of beauty on my blog but the thing is fashion is a big part of my life as well as beauty. Therefore this series I have come up with will give me the chance to write about fashion in a different way. This series is going to involve me rambling on about the different fashions all over the world. So to kick it off, I am going to start with my home country, England. But more specifically London!

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Whenever I go to London I am just simply in awe of the fashion.Whether you go to Oxford Street, or the back streets and sneaky alleyways the fashion is always outstanding, but never the same.
Fashion isn't just following what a magazine tells you is the latest trend then buying that particular 'trendy' item. It's expressing yourself through clothing, which suits you and you love to wear. Whether that's sticking to monochrome or mixing it up with different colours and patterns. To me that's why I love London, because you never get boring fashion. No samey 'leggings, uggs and hoodies, 24/7'!
This photo truly represents London, because if you've ever been you'll know that no one just wears one colour, or one trend. You can get away with wearing anything you like in London as everyone accepts your style.
Most people think you have to go to Oxford street or streets like that to see fashion as it's best but you really don't. Going to the back streets of London with those quirky vintage shops in and unique little coffee shops is where you'll often find those people with that fashion which makes you go 'oooo where did you get that?'! Dressed in structured well-fitted clothing, to edgy punk rocker vibe, whatever it is, it will be perfection.
Fashion isn't just given to you, as a natural gift or a talent necessarily. Some people are told 'wow, you have a natural talent', but that doesn't mean they just sit there. You have to work for it, whether you've supposedly got it or not. People in London certainly aren't afraid to work hard for it. Whenever I go to London I always come back inspired, with new outfit combinations buzzing in my head or just simply admiring and rethinking who and what they were wearing.

To sum up London in a few words, well that would be hard but I'll give it a go... Never the same.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my first post of this series, and believe me I loved writing it. After writing this I feel very proud to be British for some reason and also feeling very inspired. I am now off to relax and make the most of the UK for my last days here. As I mentioned at the start I am going to France for just over 2 weeks, so I will also be away for my birthday! So expect a french haul maybe, lots of holiday ootd's and other exciting posts.
What french beauty products would you recommend I should buy when I am over in France??!!

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  1. I'm always admiring Londers fashion as well! x