Wednesday, 3 July 2013

You want a tumblr room?

So we all want something that we can't have, right? For me its a bedroom similar to the ones you see all over tumblr and Pinterest. Eurgh. There gorgeous, and no matter how much I move my room around and add little things I can never seem to make it match the picture??
But recently I have been finding a few ways to make my room that little bit more 'fashionable, edgy, tumblr...' If you get my drift...
So i thought I'd share them with my favourite people a.k.a you.

1 - Get ya' vogue on show
Having a stack of magazines or one or two on the side of your desk or on a shelf can change your vibe of your room. Don't get me wrong, it's not the factor of 'check me out I read vogue', it's the whole thing of being able to pick up a mag or just chilling. It also shows your passion for fashion!!

2 - collage queen
I have a huge fashion collage in my beauty area, which I all the beauty cave... Hence the name!!! It covers my walls and is filled with models with amazing makeup to my favourite designers etc! It's so easy to do and as long as you're patient or are able to take your time it'll look FAB-U-LOUS.

3 - cute containers all to way
Having nail polishes, a few lippies, flowers, rings, necklaces on show can look super cute. Put them I'm small cute containers and they look adorable. You can often find stands and containers at charity shops, so go and have a look!! I store my cotton buds in a small jam jar and it looks really cute.

4 - messy but chic
There's a boundary between messy and a 'bomb just hit my room'. Usually I cross that line, but lets be honest having a few favourite things on show can look really nice. For example if you love a new shirt or outfit combo put it on a rack or manikin and it's looks really nice and fashionable. And there you go, messy but chic.

5 - fairy lights for the win
We have all seen at least one amazing bedroom online, where they have the fairy lights, and MacBook and crips and YouTube on the screen. It all looks so perfect. Until you realise you don't have half of that stuff. But getting back on track... I love my fairy lights, they are around my beauty cave and light it up in the winter. I cannot express my love for them.

These are just a few ideas but if you have any more please let me know as I'm all up for making my bedroom look all tumbly!! Ahahaha!

Right now I'm watching an episode of the original Waterloo road, do you remember the original cast? They're so much better aha! Anyway, I'm blogging on the ipad which to be fair isn't working well, but I really want to post tonight so... YOLO. I can't believe I just typed/said that...

Comment, follow and all that jazz,


  1. great post, i always want my bedroom to look a bit more tumblr-esque haha! &the old waterloo road was the best, im re-watching it all back from when jack rimmer then reachel mason were the heads!xxxxx

    1. Awh thank you. Same here, who doesn't?? That's a great idea ahah, they were the good old days!!

      Ellie x

  2. my bedroom is very cath kidston/vintage floral inspired which i absolutely love but sometimes i feel like i just want a blank space to turn into a cute little tumblr bedroom!

    India xx

    velvet ghost| fashion blog ♥

    1. That sounds amazing, yeah same here I just want to start over sometimes ahah!!

      Ellie x

  3. I feel exactly the same way, it's so hard to get the right balance between slightly messy in a nice way and the bomb thing you mentioned!

  4. beautiful blog :D mines similar to yours, you should check it out :D

  5. great post

  6. this is such a lovely post!
    i'm re decorating my room this summer and i'm so excited :)

    i just started following you! xxx

    1. Awh thank you, ooo have fun! Sorry for the late reply x

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