Friday, 23 August 2013

Current Obsessions

Recently I have been obsessing over quite a few things. So therefore I thought I'd blog about them! Where to start...ummm...

Topshop Satchel

I received this beauty for my birthday and it hasn't been off my shoulder since. It's a crisp white and fits my junk in it perfectly. It makes an outfit look super cute and well put together. It goes with everything in my wardrobe and I have officially fallen in love with a satchel!

Benefit 'How to look your best at everything!' kit

I also received this for my birthday from some lovely family friends, they had seen me eyeing it up at the benefit counter so they kindly brought it for me. In the set it has the Porefessional, 2 boi-ing concealers (new favourite!), Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation and finally the Hello Flawless powder. All of these products work incredibly well, and they all go together so nicely. They all match my skin tone perfectly, and I never want to run out of it. I would defiantly recommend this if you want to try these products before buying the full sized version!

Company magazine

I have read company magazine for well over a year now, and each month it never disappoints. I love how they always include bloggers, and how each issue has a theme. It's easy to read and I love the layout in general. The way they incorporate different topics without it turning into a boring review magazine will never fail to amaze me. Overall I am a huge fan of Company, and I was lucky enough to receive a subscription for my birthday so I cannot wait for that to start!

Topshop Joni Jeans

I don't know whether these count as I brought them fairly recently but I am in love. I have never owned a pair of jeans before this week *gasp*, I made the plunge and brought the Joni jeans. I have always thought how nice they looked, but always refused to buy them because of the price (£36). When I tried them on I instantly knew they needed to join my wardrobe. They are soo comfy, its just like wearing leggings, they fit like a glove on me and are super flattering. These are well worth the price-tag. I'm getting way to excited over a pair of jeans. *calm yourself Ellie*

High Low skirt

This skirt is stunning. It has the most incredible print on, which doesn't show up but it's beautiful. It has a beautiful tiger on the back and is gorgeous. It's quite short but does come with a little white under-skirt. It's absolutely gorgeous. You can dress it up or down, with heels or converses. Either way would look really nice. This comes from H&M and once again I received it from the same family friends who got me the Benefit set (thank you!!).

Hope you enjoyed that! Yesterday I went out for a meal with my family to celebrate my sisters amazing GCSE results. Apart from doing a spot of shopping today I haven't really done much. As you can tell I have such a busy social life, not. Anyway, I'm off to go and read Company in my bed listening to Gabrielle Aplin. Perfection.

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  1. I'm in love with that bag!! OMG. x


  2. I love the satchel, been after one myself for a while now. I have a Company magazine addiction too, plus they always have half decent freebies!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Awh, definatly look in topshop they're brilliant! + the colour choice is fab-u-lous. I'm so glad someone shares the same addiction! The freebies are great, and they're usually full-sized! What more could you want? Though I don't know whether you still recieve the freebies when you have a subscription!!??
      Ellie xx

  3. I love the satchel!

  4. Hey! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check the link for more information :) xx

  5. Aww bless, your first pair of jeans! I have to say I only buy Topshop jeans - I have multiple pairs of their Leigh jeans in different colours. Will definitely try the Joni :o)

    Lots of love

    Nahid Aley at